May 26th, 2008

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Seacret Spa

Dear Seacret Spa Kiosk Lady,

When you accost my husband and I on our mall wander to try to put stuff on me, and I tell you I'm allergic, this means to leave us alone.  This does not mean to chase us down insisting I can't be allergic to it because it's "minerals".  Allergic means Allergic. 

Your products contain ingredients such as Magnesium, Bromine, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Zinc, Sulfur, Iodine, Strontium, Boron, and Iron.  Many of these are metals that I am allergic to. (see Zinc, Iron... etc).  In fact I am allergic to MOST metals.  I even projectile vomit if my vitamin has iron in it.  Metals = BAD.



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This post reminded me to post what happened to me at Lowe's the other night.

Friday night I got service at Lowe's that pretty much guarantees I will never shop there again. I went there with my roommate and the guy I'm seeing to buy a BBQ, a BBQ cover, a BBQ tool set thing, a push broom, gardening gloves and trash bags. We did some major yard work yesterday to get ready for a BBQ we're having today.

They have a sea of BBQs outside with not a single person out there. We find the one we want and go in to find someone. There was one person working in the Garden/BBQ department, on a Friday evening right before a holiday weekend that is known for BBQs and they were busy. My roommate went to customer service and was told that person was the ONLY PERSON IN THE STORE who could help us get the BBQ. So we all split up and did the rest of our shopping while we waited for that person to be available. The boy stayed by the BBQs in case the person became free again, I found the push broom and my roommate got the gloves and the trash bags.

We went back and waited for about another 15 minutes (total wait at this point - about 30 minutes.) I was getting really fed up went to customer service and asked them if there was anyone else they could page because we knew what we wanted, we just needed to get the box and pay for it and go. The girl rolled her eyes, cut me off and said "If you'd stop talking I could page someone." I asked to speak to her manager and she said he was busy and that if I wanted a BBQ I could wait for it. This is where I got really mad, asked her how they only had one person working the BBQ/Garden section on a holiday weekend and got her name. On our way to OSH to buy our BBQ ($10 cheaper and loaded into my roommate's truck for us) I called and asked to speak to the manager on duty. He asked us to come back and offered us a 10% discount, which to me is shit, especially when everything we bought at OSH was much cheaper.

When we had to go back for outdoor bamboo blinds for our yard and some plants yesterday, we went to Home Depot. Usually our first instinct is to go to Lowe's because Home Depot does usually blow, but they were great yesterday.

Menards suck

My husband and I went to Menards (midwest home improvement store, like HD and Lowes) today to purchase a hose and nozzle. We quickly did our shopping, and headed to a checkout. After putting our items on the counter for the cashier to ring up, another Menards employee walked up with another customer. Ignoring us completely, the 2nd employee tells the cashier to run the woman's credit, as she was applying for a store card. My husband and I look at each other like "WTF?" and I actually said "We were here first." Both employees ignored us. The cashier started running the woman's credit, still not looking at us, even though we were standing closer to her than the 2nd woman...

So, after glancing around, we headed over to an open register (of which there were many, and there was no need to cut us off). I said to my husband as we were walking over, "That girl needs to be fired," meaning the 2nd employee. The cashier we were now at looked up in surprise and said, "Which one?" We pointed her out (as she was standing at the front, holding a clipboard and staring off into space) and the cashier said, "Oh, that's our head cashier." (!!!) What?!

I have sent off an email to corporate, informing them of their bad service. Manards used to have such awesome customer service, but it really has gone down the tubes lately.

The one with the bad eye exam experience

I recently went in for an eye exam at The Optical Shoppe, which happens to be inside a Fred Meyer's. I called them and scheduled an appointment for that day at 3:30PM. The woman who took my call seemed generally confused, disoriented, and awkward; several times she asked me for my insurance card and to repeat my name so she could write it down, to which I asked if she'd looked us up on the computer, and she actually asked, "What computer?" I've been going there for about seven years, so I know they have a computer with all customers indexed, their insurance cards scanned and on file, but whatever. I just gave her the information she wanted.

I got there at 3:20, purposely loafing around in Starbucks beforehand so I wouldn't have to wait. Walked in at 3:25, smiled, said my name. "We'll be with you in a minute," said the nice man behind the desk. There was no sign of the woman.

Thirty minutes later, I'm still waiting for my appointment. No big. I ask the man where the doctor is, and he says that he's in with a patient that was a little late. I'm not upset, I just smile, remind him that I'm the 3:30 appointment (in case the confused woman never told him) and he says he knows, smiles back. It's going okay.

The man comes out of the doctor's room, and as he does, another patient barges right in--literally shoving by me. I'm getting a little confused, I voice a slight "Huh?" and was told the patient needed to go in front of me because their eyes had recently been dilated or something. That's fine. A little peeved, it's now 4:15 or so, I'm wondering why they had me come in at 3:30 if it was so jam packed. Whatever--I need glasses and this was fifteen miles out of my way, I'm not coming back with the hour it took to get here by bus so I'll stay.

4:50PM: the woman patient who shoved by me comes out, a weird woman holding her hands. Soon I recognize she's Confused Woman who booked me for 3:30 by her broken English and totally dazed look--she's in her fifties, short, Asian. She looked stoned. I get up to go to the room, when a little kid runs by me. At this point I'm about to groan or storm out, but I manage to swallow, and just ask Confused Lady (since the nice man has disappeared) why that patient went ahead of me.

She stutters, stumbles, then tells me that they were scheduled for 4:30, and they were running late, so she didn't want to anger the kid. What the fuck. I've been here for over an hour, reaching toward two now, and you didn't want to anger the kid who waited ten minutes. I tell her that, and she doesn't even apologize. No, she pretends she didn't hear me. She starts humming to herself while eating chips behind the desk and IGNORES me. Like if she ignores me, I'll go away, or something. I talk to her and she keeps looking away, not even apologizing. It's getting bizarre and I'm tempted to walk out, but I feel at this point I've spent too much time waiting around to just leave.

Finally, around 5:30, Nice Guy comes back, I explain how I was booked for 3:30, he seems genuinely upset I haven't been seen. Then he asks the woman in a language I don't understand something, she shakes her head. He points to the computer--see I knew they had one--and she waves her arms in the air, says something angrily, and walks off. I am confused.

Yeah, so as he explains it, she didn't enter me in the computer. She doesn't believe in using them. And she's the manager of the place apparently. So yeah, I was forgotten about by him, and the doctor had received different patients' charts because I wasn't entered as coming in today. Instead she'd written it on a post-it.

Finally, by 6, about thirty minutes before they closed, I was seen. It was pretty miserable. Getting out, I had to deal with a $10 copay to the Confused Woman which took about fifteen minutes because again, she didn't get that I was a returning customer, had my insurance card in the database, and that I didn't need a receipt (which she had no idea how to fill out anyway).

How does that woman become the manager?

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Ok, I get it. Your job sucks. I'd be pretty annoyed too. I've been there, believe me. It's a holiday, it's warm out and you looked pretty crowded.

However, that still doesn't make it okay to be so blatantly rude, completely unprovoked, to cuss at us.


We were going through a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, and had a simple order. Just a drink (seeing as they were out of donuts, but hey, not their fault.) After sitting at the speaker for a couple minutes listening to this girl laugh and talk with her headset on (maybe on the phone? I don't know. But hey, again, maybe she forgot to turn the headset off. Not a big deal), we make our order and go up to the window. My fiance (driving) gets the change from me and as soon as the girl comes up to the window and repeats the total, in the span of two seconds, he reaches into his wallet for a fiver, she gets this terrible look on her face and says "there's a fucking reason I told you the total back there, have your fucking money ready."

Seriously, what the hell? What the hell provoked that? And who in their right mind drops f-bombs not only in front of a customer, but TO THEM?

I really have to say though, this girl had a deer-in-headlights look when we actually went inside to complain, so maybe she'll change her attitude. That kind of crap is un-called for. And honestly, if we're the worst customers you've ever had, be grateful. Both of us are always polite and prompt, and insanely patient. That's likely why I hardly ever have any bad_service stories to tell. But this was just terrible. It's one thing to talk trash behind someone's back (though I'm still boggling at what either of us did to deserve such a bad attitude?) but dear god, it takes a special kind of jerk to not only do it within earshot of the customer, but DIRECTLY TO THEM. It's not like he was digging through a pile of change or anything -- I handed him the exact coins and at the window after she repeated the total, he grabbed a five out of his wallet. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it took two seconds for the money to get from us to her hand.

Well, whatever. I rarely ever get anything from Dunkin Donuts anyway, and honestly if that's the kind of service there, then I'm sure I can find a new place to go for a treat. It's just not worth it.
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