May 25th, 2008

Loaded Quill

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I've only just found this place, so here's a few bad services I've ran across in the not so distant past.  Cut for length.

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Seriously, a lot of this stuff is common courtesy.  I learned this stuff as a child.  Why do so many people seem to assume that it's okay to disregard common courtesy in their day to day interactions.  And, no, I'm not going to leave a tip when the service is godawful, so if I find that the bill charged to my account is higher than the cost of the food/drinks/tax on my receipt, yes, I'm going to call and throw a fit.   I don't reward poor service, and I don't look kindly upon those who steal from me to try and get a reward when they don't put in the effort.  (It's a local place, and the manager was very upset it happened and tried to make things right, so I don't feel okay with putting the name in here.)
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Getting Sick Twice from Two Different Locations?

On Thursday, my coworker asks me if I'd like to go out to lunch with her to Pita Pit. I've never been there before, so I agreed, thinking it would be fun. I ordered:

Philly Cheese Steak (No cheese, I know it's odd) on a white flour pita with onions, mushrooms, lettuce, alfalfa, and tomatoes

About three hours later I was violently sick and spent the rest of the evening in bed. Flash forward to Saturday when I was helping some friends clean up a room on campus. Dinner was bought for us from the same place (albeit different location) and out of curiosity, I ordered the same thing to see if the first time had just been a fluke. Once again, I was ill only a few hours later.

I'm not allergic to anything and have never had an allergic reaction in my life. So what happened? Was there something that just wasn't cooked properly? Bad produce coming in to both locations? My friends are recommending I call and complain. No one ordered the same thing I did, I was the only one who ordered alfalfa sprouts on mine.