May 19th, 2008

Why do your job when you can be a dick and chat away all day?

Normally, I don't mind my city's transportation system. And really, the only time I've ever been annoyed by them was when I got a driver who seemed more preoccupied with yelling at passengers for stupid reasons than to do his own job (seriously, he threatened to kick a mother and her toddler out because the kid was talking and wriggling around in his seat, and completely missed people's stops, included mine, which made me late for work). But other than that, it has been all right. Until last night, when I got the biggest douchebag ever.

On Saturday/Sunday/Holidays the buses run on a different schedule, and the amount of trips made is cut in half, so you have to wait twice as long for the bus. Not only that, but it usually comes twenty minutes later than it's scheduled. Understandable, since it's probably a lot more busy, especially when there's a huge even going on (in this case, it was the Pride festival/parade). So, I get off of work about ten minutes after eight, and wait another half hour for a bus to come. Said bus is empty, except for a guy standing up front behind the yellow line. I, as well as the one other person at the bus stop, assume this man is about to get off and once the bus comes to a complete stop, we move to one side so we're not standing in front of the bus door and we can let him go through.

This was not the case, though. He was apparently talking to the driver (which happens all the time and is annoying to no end, as these people block the aisle and you have to squeeze around them). And within thirty seconds of stopping, he closes the door. Both me and the other person at the stop are pounding on the door, waving our hands, and screaming to get his attention before he pulls away, but he ignores us to talk with this guy (seriously, when the door was opened I could see and hear them talking, and they were still engaged in conversation).

I was pissed, especially when a trip that usually takes twenty minutes even on busy days took two hours. It was irritating enough to have me file a complaint against the driver of that particular bus. I usually hate being the bed guy, but I'm pretty sure it's against bus rules to have someone blocking the path, with the bus driver being too engaged in conversation to do his job properly. The fact that I see this sort of thing a lot is also reason enough to complain about it.

Wal-Mart greeter lady: do your damn job!

So I'm sick, not really relevant to my story, but a factor in my annoyance towards the Wal-Mart greeter, who, yesterday, after I passed her on my way out with my bag full of tissue boxes, holding it on the side she could see it on, yells at me to see my bag when I'm almost out the door! Maybe if you hadn't been chatting up your damn co-worker while on the clock, you'd have seen it! I don't care if you're bored as a greeter, you're there to say hi to people who enter and to make sure nobody it stealing anything or whatever, not talk to your co-worker who was in the middle of his job as well! Also, all I had in my possession was my purse, slung over my shoulder, and the full Wal-Mart bag, so you had no reason to ask to see my bag, especially since the alarm hadn't even gone off!

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I was reminded of this by an earlier post with a similar theme.

I am 24 but I look and sound much younger. I am really short and if I am in jeans and a tshirt, I can pass for anything from 14-18, but rarely for my own age.

Last summer I was at a kind of touristy spot in P-town in MA and was looking at various knives and such to get a gift for a friend. The cabinet had a big ASK FOR ASSISTANCE sign, so I went over to an employee and asked to be shown a particular knife. She flat out told me "I can't do that." I assumed she meant she wasn't allowed or something, so I asked for someone who could. She then said "Look kid, don't even try it." At which point I told her I was 23 and went to get my ID. She told me she "wasn't taking my shit" and walked off before I could get my ID. After I took it out, I went over to a cashier and asked for the manager. I told the manager what happened, showed him my ID and he told me "That's a fake ID, get out of here."

it was my US PASSPORT which CLEARLY SHOWED MY DATE OF BIRTH (1984). I understand they probably have a ton of crappy kids coming in and being annoying but there was no excuse for treating me that way. He hardly even glanced at my ID.

Obviously I didn't give them my money, and ended up buying a rather snazzy blade at another shop.

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Regina (my daughter) had an appointment on March 26th at 10:30 am. I had to call them (Green Cab) back at 9:20 because I had missed their call previously because the phone was left upstairs. When I called back, I couldn't even tell that the lady had answered the phone with "Green Cab", it sounded like "blahblah" and then she decided to continue a conversation with her coworker for about 2 minutes, one of the words that came out of her mouth was "bullshit"....I'm on the phone, and she hasen't even put the phone to her ear, and she's holding a ghetto convo with a friend with the phone off the hook! THEN the lady said for me to call up the driver to see when he'd be coming to pick us up. I hung up afterwards and he called me a minute or so later, telling me he'd show up at 10:30. Read above. When was the appointment? Oh, 10:30! So I hung up on him immediately and called up Green Cab again......The lady was COMPLAINING about me to the driver for about five minutes before she put the phone to her ear "She ain't even answering the phone!" was one of the things she said. I kept saying "ma'am?" about 7 times before she answered me, and when she finally responded, I asked for her supervisor. She immediately tried interrupting me with some BS about when the driver was going to be there. Nuh uh, lady, you are not off the hook and changing the subject with ME. I repeated "Let me speak to your supervisor.". She said she WAS the supervisor! I asked, "Are you serious?" and she said yes. I immediately responded, recollecting the conversations she was holding in previous calls and how unprofessional and rude she was. I immediately closed the call and called up Logisticare to voice a complaint. Had to leave a message, but anywho...The real kicker is THIS:

The driver called me back 10 minutes later, SERIOUSLY asking me if I still wanted a ride. WHAT? Hell no. I asked him who his supervisor was, and he paused. He responded with "We don't have a supervisor...but we have a DISPATCHER!". what.the.fuck. Should I take him seriously or are they trying to avoid getting the boot? If I insist to talk to the supervisor, aren't they obligated to hand the phone off to their supervisor? Or do people avoid this stuff regularly?


Today Red Cross Wheels was supposed to be here to take Regina and I to her 6 month checkup....The pickup time was scheduled for 12:55. I called at 12:55 asking what was up and why they weren't there yet.....they told me before I stated that I *knew* the pickup time was 12:55, that they were supposed to be here at I said whatever and got off the phone with him....
I waited and waited and at around 1:20 I called up her doctor's office and resheculed the appointment...I knew they were going to be super late and figured hey, if they aren't going to call me ahead of time to let me know they're going to be late..I'm going to let this guy show up without calling him to tell him he had wasted HIS time, just as he had wasted MINE. He shows up at 1:45 (her appointment was at 1:40) and I asked him if he knew that he was almost an hour late...He snaps at me, claiming that the only thing he HAS to do is get us there safely. I started laughing and asked him if he was serious and if he was really going to stand there, 50 minutes late to a pickup appointment, and refuse responsibility for being LATE. He starts getting smart and raising his voice at me and I break the news to him that I had to reschedule....He turns around and walks apology, nothing.
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Yet another bad wax story

This happened last month or so, but I just remembered it because of all the other wax horror stories (as if it isn't a horrific enough process already)

My roommate and I went to a very small salon to get our eyebrows waxed.  There was only one person working, as per usual.  When we got there, she was giving another customer an elaborate up-do for a dance.  We live really close so we offered to come back later, but she told us it would be about fifteen minutes if we wanted to wait.  We didn't mind, and so we sat down and started chatting.  Twenty minutes or so go by, and she is only halfway through the girl's hair so she offers to come and do our eyebrows quickly while the girl waited.  The girl getting her hair done didn't mind, but looked a little confused.

As soon as my roommate sat down, the stylist's phone rang.  She saw it was an insurance agent she had been trying to reach for awhile, and answered it.  We understood, important calls happen.  That it until she started doing my roomie's eyebrows all while talking on the phone.  Then she motioned for me to sit down, and did mine, also while talking through all the details of her insurance claim.  It is kind of unnerving to have someone dripping hot wax on your face while their mind is clearly elsewhere.  I would have definitely asked to wait until she was off the phone if it wasn't for the poor person getting the up do, who ended up having to wait twenty minutes or so in the middle of her 'do as it was.  We paid and left, all while the stylist was still chatting away.  Lame!

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Dear Apple,
Let me tell you about my week of iPod troubles, I bought an 80GB Classic from a retailer on Monday May 12, 2008 from day one It kept locking up, and I never even got to use it. I returned it to the store and got a refund because they had none to exchange it with, so I decided to drive the 40 minutes to the Apple store to get a new one, this was on Weds May 14th 2008. I successfully bought another at the apple store and brought it home, everything was fine for a few days until the click wheel stopped working so today I made the long drive back to the apple store and had an exchange done, as soon as I got home and connected the new ipod to my computer, it was making loud knocking noises, so once again I drove back (2nd time today, 3rd exchange this week) and got another replacement. I am thoroughly unhappy with my experience with your product, and was originally thinking of buying another Apple product this summer, but will be thinking again because of my recent horrible experience with your product. You should really better check your products before they are shipped to stores.

No Love,
Wont Buy your product again

Update on DoubleTree O'Hare.

Update to this post (which I honestly did not intend to start any fights; hay u guiz, iz ok!):

First, I humbly apologise for not staying at crazy-mad expensive hotels every other week and thus not being intimately familiar with every weird little policy they have. We can't all be made of money, y'know. :)

Back to the matter at hand, it turns out that the staff member in question did, in fact, run a full transaction - money was removed from my account, not just tied up. Fortunately my bank was able to reverse the charges on Saturday morning, and everything looked fine until Sunday morning.

That's when it transpired that the guy who was checking me out had NO CLUE how to use the telecheck machine, and kept insisting that he be permitted to put the charge on my card AGAIN. Fortunately, another guy on duty ran the check and it authorized perfectly fine the first time through the machine - but that in no way made up for the 'she's such a deadbeat' attitude that the first guy, and the manager that morning, gave me. Their technological uber-fail != me being untrustworthy or unable to pay. I may not be wallowing in cash, but like many, I saved up for this trip - and the $300+ hotel bill that I knew would be associated with it.

I will definitely not be staying at that hotel ever again. The staff are rude and abrasive, and seem to be very poorly trained on the technology that they are expected to use every day. Apparently I was not the only guest who had major problems with that particular hotel this weekend; many people were filing complaints, both with the hotel and with the convention that had made plans to have people stay there (though I do NOT blame the convention in any way for what happened to me).

Actually, the only person at that hotel who was nice and polite (and received a tip) the entire stay was the bathroom attendant. O_o Well, and the shuttle drivers.
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I was taking a plane with Easyjet in Berlin last week, and I had to check in in person because I had a suitcase. I arrive at the airport 1.5 hours before my flight, which should be plenty of time. 

There are four check-in counters open, and a line in each one, so I pick one and wait for over half an hour. When there is only one person left in front of me (and it is 1:00, my flight is at 1:55), the guy working in the counter says his shift is over and closes the counter, leaving a long line of people there, without options. We start to protest, because there is no way we would wait for another half an hour (I would have miss my flight, since check-in closes 40 minutes before the flight), first we are ignored and finally the other three counters start taking one person from our line, and one from their lines (among the protests of the people in the other lines, which I completely understand). 

Since I was the second, I could check in and left before the protests were bigger, so I don't know what happened next (I didn't have time to stay and file a complaint). I think I may try to file a complaint now. 

Anyway, I don't understand why, if the guy know he has to leave at 1, they don't tell some time before to the people to stop waiting in that line. It is not the guy's fault, since if his shift was over, I understand he had to leave, but they should be prepared for it, and have a substitute or close the line earlier. I guess that's what you get for flying so cheaply...