May 15th, 2008


Siete. Sept. Sieben. Sette.

I understand that many businesses require their employees to "upsell". I understand that many businesses require their employees to be very enthusiastic with upselling. I understand that many employees' bonuses depend upon their upselling.

However, during a five-minute shopping trip in a very small Helzberg diamonds with only two employees, both of whom have heard the entirety of the other's conversation with me, I should not be asked the same question seven fucking times. Four of those times were more or less in a row, as well.

When I say I don't want your $30 warranty, I don't mind at all. When the other employee asks me if I want the $30 warranty, I don't mind too much. When it gets to the point where you sound like you're grovelling, and then you start in with the "Okay, this is your last chance", it's not cute or excusable anymore. It's just obnoxious. I came in, knew exactly what I wanted, had one employee open the case to get it for me, then took it immediately up front to check out. It actually started to feel like some really uncomfortable date-rape prelude after the second time. "Oh but please" "Oh but you should" "Oh why don't you just" "But it's such a pretty thing" "It would be such a shame if" "I really think you'd like it better that way"

On the seventh time, I was so completely baffled that I looked him right in the eye and just said, "Wow" and blinked. He shut up after that.

UPS Drivers

Maybe I'm sensitive because I have anxiety issues with this sort of thing. I just think there are things that a person who is representing a company (UPS in this situation) shouldn't say and I don't see why they think these things are okay to even joke about.

Keep in mind I am not chummy with our UPS driver, I know that some people develop a bit of a bond with delivery agents. I have one with my truck driver, he's awesome! We bonded over our love for Vince Vaughn and sick sense of humor...

UPS driver thinks the following things are okay to joke about:
1) What I'm having for lunch.

I don't appreciate people noting that I'm eating to begin with. Let alone what I'm eating. Though the cake is taken when I hear this for the 100525th time "Oh I wish I could afford Subway. I have to bring my lunch."

2) The fact that my car isn't washed. I am not the sort to spend my weekends washing my car. I'm driving it or sleeping on my face. Stop it.

3) My bumper sticker for XYZ candidate in my window. Now I know that politics and making it shown who you support brings on the critics. However when you are representing a company, you should have more restraint. Is that too much to ask or too crazy of idea?

4) The idea that I should do your job. I do not need to hear "So you're going to load this today?" or something similar.

5) The amount of items we're sending out. Believe me, if I could find another company to send stuff with I WOULD. So SHUT UP, that's 3 grand of shipping, that's what pays your bills. That's like me bitching that people are buying our stuff "Why you gotta do business with me, sob sob sob into my pile of money."

These to me are all the cashier's equivalent to "If it doesn't scan, it's free!"

I had to get these out of my head and if there's a better spot, just let me know and I'll grovel I promise. :(
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Irritating, borderline service

Dear USPS:

I know there are lots of things that can prevent an update. But I've been waiting for a package a while now. I have the tracking number. I plug it in over and over into your little tracker. Yet it's been the same information since the morning of the 13th. It should not take nearly 3 days for a package to get from Colorado to here, especially since it took that long to get from Cincinnati to Denver. It is an 8 hour drive from my front door to the big stadium when my brother drives.

But I can live longer without my happy little present.

Just, please, when you say information updates every evening, can you try actually updating it?
Bruins - shadow

Hello rudeness.

My computer is broken. What happened was, my son spilled milk on my laptop and shorted out the motherboard, caused the battery to melt itself to the computer.. the whole 9 yards.
I get a call from Best Buy to call them back and let them know if I want to accept or decline the service order, because it will cost $1100 to fix and I can just get a new one for that price.
So I call back, and I tell the Geek Squad guy why Im calling.
This ensued: (M= me, GSI= Geek Squad Idiot)
GSI: "Oh, you need to talk to the service center not us."
M: "This was the number left in the message"
GSI: "I know, but I cant help you. Hold on.
M: "Oh, um. Okay."
~puts me on hold for 15 min~
GSI: Can I have your phone number that you left when you dropped it off?"
M: ~Gives phone number~
~Starts to tell me what happened again, and because I didnt have the accidental service program its not covered blah blah blah and THEN!!!!! says
GSI: Should I be talking to one of your parents? You sound really young.

EXCUSE ME?!?! Ive been speaking to you for the past 20 min. Ive given you all the information that youve asked for, and Ive even mentioned that MY SON spilled milk on the computer.

Not the worst service in the world, but what the hell? I thought that was so rude, and I needed to share :(