May 14th, 2008


Esoteric store story: My bad?

This happened a couple months ago, I live on a street that's a few blocks from a neighborhood esoteric, store. I was fascinated by this store so I decided to peruse and explore

Now I will admit I am pretty social phobic and aloof around people. I can be seen as odd by most, so I don't know if I actually was being a bad customer and I deserved this. But this kinda what happened

I was in the store it was kinda crowded I was wondering various areas, I had my sketch book with me, now, understand I carry my sketch book everywhere, it's how I catch inspiration, it also fills my hands and I always have to have something in my hands. Normally a pencil or my mini-sketch book

I got to the store for a few days and one day I came back looking at some stuff reading one of the used books looking at druidry kits when the owner beckoned, me to the backroom and I was really freaked out. She started berating me in the back, telling me I was bothering her customers (I wasn't) that I was soliciting portraits (I wasn't) because I had my sketchbook. and I was "causing trouble" I was already gloomy today and that set off a panic attack when she yelled me, I tried to explain that I wasn't doing anything and I always have sketchbook with me. However it came out a choked out sobbing stuttering mess of words. She was nice enough to let me calm down, however I left right away. And I didn't come back for about three months.

Even now I'm only there for about five minutes to get incense and I got my tarot there. But I don't talk to the owners or browse the books anymore.

Now, I don't know if I was doing something wrong or not. I seriously don't know why I was yelled at all. I know was, That store lady didn't like me and thus yelled at me.

Was this my bad?
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Mild deli suck

I was at the Woolworths deli counter today, to order some diced bacon. I had number 35, and they were only up to 29, so I was just standing and watching the staff serving the other customers. There were only 2 people on, so things were going kind of slowly, but they got up to 34, which was a guy standing near me. The guy serving him looked like he couldn't care less, I noticed that straight away. The customer ordered 500g of something, I don't know what, but the guy plonked 430g of it on the scales and asked if it was ok. The customer said it was, and then ordered a kilo of bacon. The guy (while sniffing and snorting like he had a cold) started working on the bacon. He put it on the scales, and it was only 700 or so grams. He then chucked a few more pieces in, dropping two pieces on various other meats as he did so, and it came to 830g. He looked at the customer and asked if it was ok, and the customer said yes. and moved away.

Realising he was going to serve me next, as the other staff member was still busy, I leaned over to my husband and whispered "I'm going to make sure he gives me what I ask for." Because hey, if it's up to 50g under or over for something like a kilo, who cares? But being too lazy to make sure it's even near the mark is not cool. So, I order 100g of diced bacon. The guy meanders over to the diced things, and stares for a moment. "This one?" he says, pointing to the only diced bacon on the shelf. "Yep" I replied. He grabbed a handful, chucked it on the scales, and it flashed 144g, but before I could say anything, he whisked it into the paper and chucked it on the counter, before turning to talk to his co-worker. I tried to look to see what his name was, because if I could find a comment form I was going to say something, but he talked to her for ages whilst standing sideways, so I couldn't see it without looking obvious.

Mild, I know, but it's annoying, especially as the other people I've encountered there have been ridiculously cheerful, chatty and accurate.
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Dear annoying cab dispatcher,

I know that you lied to me. I waited for 90 minutes, in the same spot directly outside the front door, looking for your cab. No cab stopped. I was there the entire time. I don't know if your driver was lying to you or not, but nobody stopped.

After about 40 minutes, when I called back, you tried to start a fight with me, but I kept my cool and asked nicely to send another cab. You knew the address. I told it to you several times. When the cab finally arrived, it was because there was another person being picked up close to my location. This driver wasn't even the same person that was supposed to be on their way to pick me up in the first place. Then you lied to the driver while talking to him on the radio. This is not the first time that such a thing has happened. This is why I avoid using your services whenever humanly possible too.

If your company had any competition in this town, I would have called them instead.

No Love,
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3, How I loathe you...

Argh. I've just gotten off the phone with my mobile phone provider [ETA: 3, for those who asked] (it was time for my monthly call and get my bill fixed conversation), and they still haven't fixed a problem that began in January. Needless to say, I am not impressed, and I'll be sending the following letter off to the managing director:

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I am aware that it's only a small amount, but it's more the principle, and the fact that they're apparently incapable of truly cancelling a pack, 4 months on. I'm also not liking the way that they're saying it's my responsibility to call and fix the bill, when it shouldn't be happening in the first place (and apparently they put a notice on my account so a credit is applied before my bill is sent). I have spoken to supervisors, but they just rattle the same policy bullshit off to me.

Cancelling isn't really an option as I'm on a 24 month contract and I'm not even halfway through it.

At this point, I'm becoming rather frustrated. This letter's getting sent by registered post just as soon as I get the name of the managing director.
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Why you should Never Ever Shop Rooms to Go.

OK, I ordered the furniture back in January, from the store. The first set arrived broken, with nonfunctioning recliners, then it took 2 technicians to determine it couldn't be fixed, two deliveries of the wrong parts, then 3 delivery attempts of mismatched pieces. They still have not made right on it, today the pieces were replaced AGAIN and they still don't match, and I am demanding a refund, and I had to threaten legal action to get it authorized to give me a refund! When it clearly states in the contract that I can have a refund, and the original contract was never honored: I never received the correct pieces in operable condition. Not once.

Today I had to take off work to wait for them, get the manager on the phone while the delivery man was shouting "IT DOES NOT MATCH" in the background so the manager could hear it, the one person who advocated for me this entire process. I even offered to take a picture and email it to him immediately: there was a height difference, color and texture of the leather difference, it was so OBVIOUS. The manager actually said (while he is looking at his computer) that he didn't have an email address I could send it to. I MEAN, ARE YOU HONESTLY TELLING ME YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS? What a bunch of outright liars! The manager said I could be glad to reselect the furniture, which meant getting anything else I wanted in the store up to the cost of the original furniture. I told him this was unacceptable, as they no longer offered what I purchased, and they have no alternative that is acceptable, and that I was done doing business with them. I wanted my money withdrawn from their store so I could shop at their competitors. I was shuffled, and my partner was shuffled to multiple customer service representatives at their Crappy Customer Service Line, and they would pass the buck back to the store, who would pass it back to the 1-800 number. Their "supervisor" basically told me that yes, it was at her discretion to choose not to give me a refund, and that was what she was choosing to do, even though I explained my situation calmly and throughly. Outright choosing not to give me my money back, even though I've been patient 5 months and have done everything right, and it STILL isn't right!

Finally after talking again with the store manager for about the 4th time today and threatening to sue them for breach of contract, lost days of work, and maybe a little more, I told him "Randy, I'm not going to stop. I am not going to back down. I am in the right, and you know it. You've already lost my money, plus probably a ridiculous amount on the delivering of the mismatched items multiple times. I would implore you to not stand to lose even more. I am in the right and I will win the case. MAKE NO MISTAKE, I WILL DO THIS."

Within an hour, my refund was authorized, in 10 days this crappy furniture will be gone, and the week after that the check will be in my damn hand. And if its not, heads will ROLL. Right now I'd rather do just about anything other than do business with creeps like that ever again. Do not get caught in their web of bullshit, trust me it isn't worth your time or cash.
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WTF Dockers and Casual Male?

Most of the guys in my life have always been Big `n Tall guys. I just like to hug tall people, I guess. Runs in the family. So I shop at the Casual Male a lot--so much so that they give me coupons in the mail. So imagine my surprise when I try to shop their website and find out that they no longer carry my husband's size in Dockers. Now, my guy is a person who will wear Dockers as opposed to jeans on a weekend, because he thinks they're more comfortable.

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Mind you, I'm on my 4th `phone call of the day after being thwarted on two websites. I'm kinda livid at this point. No one has told me anything more than "I can't do anything for you". I passive-aggressively tell the girl on the line that I will be switching brands, but *thank you* for your "help".

Pants of my husband's size do not exist. Anywhere. Tomorrow, I'm just gonna take the pants he *has* to a tailor and have them fixed, because it will give him 6 pairs of pants that fit. After that, I'm never buying Dockers again.

mostly just a question

I just ordered online from Papa John's, the pizza arrived quickly enough [right in the middle of the 30-40 minute window] and was correct. However only one of my dipping sauces/parm/red pepper that I'd ordered/paid for arrived. I was missing five of them. It's not a lot of money [$2.50] but two fiddy is two fiddy, righ'?

I call up the store and tell them, and after some hemming and hawing [I think the background may have been loud on his end, or something of the sort] he realized what I was saying, but reluctantly [understandably so] offers to send someone. I told him, no, of course not can I just get it refunded. I don't want them sending someone to my place for frickin' pizza toppings, you know? I would feel silly, and feel bad that the driver would have to do such banal crap for me. :C Also I'd want to tip him, and I used the last of my small cash to tip the driver from before.

The important part is: he says they don't do credit card refunds. I've worked retail a good bit, and I've honestly never seen a machine that couldn't refund money to a card. Does anybody here work at at Papa John's, or else just knows if this is the case? I pointed out the whole retail/never seen that before thing [I was trying to not be snappy, though he only seemed to understand my words when I spoke very crisply so I may have come across as snappish, hopefully not.] and he offered to hand me over to a manager at which point my cellphone had some sort of spaztic fail and I lost the call. I felt too silly to call back AGAIN so I just left it at that.

Anyway yeah, not even bad service per se but was that kid ignorant/putting me on or does Papa John's not actually offer/do credit card refunds?