May 13th, 2008



The prior eyebrow post made me remember this.

I was having family photos taken and decided to have my eyebrows shaped. I made a last minute appointment at the place I always went.

When I arrive I was taken immediately. I sit in the chair and the process begins. It doesn't feel right, but I figure everything is Okay. It hurt more than usual but I just figure my pain threshold was lighter then normal given my hectic day.

When the woman finished she hands me a mirror and I see blood under my eyebrow. I am in shock. I go up to pay and am in tears. The manager who was working the register has me pay, and I leave after giving the woman a small tip. To this day I do not know why I tipped her. I call my husband and tell him that my eyebrows are horrible. They are uneven and I am bleeding. He says go back and talk to the manager.

I go back and speak with the manager and tell him I paid because I did not want to cause a fuss, but my eyebrows are crooked and I am bleeding. He looks at me and says I noticed that. I say I want them fixed, but do not want the first woman to touch me. He gets all snippy and says it was the woman's first time doing a wax alone . Eventually he allows a second person to fix the first persons mistake. As the woman is fixing my eyebrows the first woman looks at me, sighs and rolls her eyes at the woman fixing the problem. I leave and haven't been back.

Guess it isn't a horrible suck, but had I know it was the woman's first time I would have stopped the waxing as soon as it didn't feel right.

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There's a Wendy's in brief walking distance from my office, so it's a field-trip regular destination for us.

Dear Obnoxious Cashier,

On three separate instances I asked for two 10-pc chicken nuggets. THREE. ALL three times I got something different. First you gave me one 10-pc meal. Then you gave me two 5-pc. Then you gave me ONE 5-pc. I don't understand how you can be so dense as to not GET it.

And if you're going to screw up my order repeatedly, you could at least have the decency to STOP SCOWLING at me! It's not my #$&*@ing fault you hate your job! I treat you with respect, you can have the courtesy to do the same.


No Love,
The female you keep calling "sir"

I have total respect for anyone in the food service industry - I did all sorts of types all through college (catering, barista, quick-service, sit-down, etc) - and there is never any reason to be just generally grumpy like that. It makes my experience extremely unpleasant when you make it so blatantly obvious that not only do you hate your job and your life, but you also hate me for existing...

Bad service at the Post Office

I picked a bad day to go to the Post Office - the line was 15 people deep, and it seemed as if everyone had complicated transactions. Two windows were open - a woman was standing at a third window looking disgruntled, but there was no employee there.

After about five minutes, the woman went over to the second window and said, "Excuse me, but do you know what happened to the man who was helping me? I asked for stamps 10 minutes ago and then he vanished."

The employee paged him. Another few minutes go by and he didn't appear. The employee paged again. Magically, the man returned to his window. I was just about at the front of the line at this point, but I couldn't hear what he said to the woman. I did, however, hear her say, "You had to go move your car? Are you kidding me?"

Apparently, it's OK to ditch a customer in the middle of a transaction to go move your car. Who knew?

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Gym cancelled membership without authorisation. According to them my Mum cancelled my membership. I'm 23 years old, my mother does not have Power of Attorney, she had no letter of authorisation, nor did they have any form of confirmation from me that it was being cancelled. Add to that the fact that my mother never cancelled my membership - she did cancel hers though. Their policy states that cancellations will receive written notification when direct debit payments cease. I've not received that, either.
To top this off, I went to the gym tonight where an employee who has been less-than-polite in the past attempted to refuse me entry, was unable to provide documentation they claimed to have stating that my mother had cancelled my membership as it is apparently at 'head office', nor did she obtain a manager when asked to (no reason given, just no attempt made). I informed them at this point that my mother had no authorisation to cancel my membership as I had not given her a letter of authorisation, nor had I given them verbal or any form of written consent to cancel my membership. The employee then asked, in a tone implying she thought I was lying, how old I am when she still had a hold of my license. I know I look younger than I am, but younger than 18? I think not.

[Edit}: For those who didn't clue in, I am Australian, and I use Australian spelling. So I appreciate that my spelling is not the same as American spelling, but there is no need to be a smartarse about it because that's how we spell it on this side of the world (generally the use of 'Mum' instead of 'Mom' is a good indicator.)
Coffee Cup

I wanted some Thai food today.

I went to my usual Thai place, because  most of the people there know me and the food is outstanding.   


I went in there and told the lady who was working that I wanted to place a to-go order and that I was ready to place it.  She seemed to be working the place by herself, but not all that busy.  She shoved a menu into my hands and motioned to me to sit down.  There were only two tables in the whole place who had customers at them.  She let me sit for half an hour and ignored  my repeated polite attempts to get her attention.  

Twenty minutes into this half hour, a group of workmen came in to pick up a to-go order they had placed half an hour previously.  ONLY THEN did she start cooking their food!   I was on a bit of a time schedule, so that didn't really jive with me.  

And the final straw was this: 

She was cooking the food, taking money, cleaning tables, and waiting tables ALL WITH THE SAME PAIR OF LATEX GLOVES ON. 

I've taken Microbiology and work in health care.  That's as bad as not washing your hands, and is also a great way to get an infection.  I tried to get her attention to give her her menu back, but she ignored me again.  So I placed the menu where I had been sitting and went somewhere else.  

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