May 10th, 2008

restaurant woes

Last week on my lunch break I went to eat in the restaurant. (I work at flying J in the Cstore and went to the restaurant part).

Ok, I understand that I normally do not eat but you should treat me the same you do as a regular customer. And besides, when I do not eat, I sit at an out of the way table where you do not see me anyway. This time I sat at the bar, without opening my book waiting for someone to acknowledge me. I waited about 5 minutes then I asked one of the waitresses passing me for a menu. I looked it over, decided what I wanted and put it down. Another 2 or 3 minutes go by and no one asks what i would like so I go hunt someone else down to tell them what I wanted to order. My food gets done and it sits there for a few minutes. I have to again ask a waitress walking by if they will hand me my food. They do but sighed before grabbing it. I have to get my own silver ware and I needed some more honey mustard so I went to the kitchen to get my own because who knows how long that would have taken to get someone to ask for something else.

I usually do not have that much trouble when I do eat there but if i were a regular customer I would have left and now i understand why so many people complain about the restaurant to us in the store.
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Local Safeway

The people at my local Safeway range from really friendly to almost making me not want to go there.

Last week I went to pick up a six pack of bottled beer. While I was paying, the bagger kept picking up a bottle out of the pack and dropping it back in over and over and over, while looking bored. It was kind of annoying but no big deal. He finally dropped it to hard and it broke. When I asked him politely to get me a new bottle he sighed, rolled his eyes and stomped over to the beer display.

Then last night I went to pick up dinner. The guy ringing me up did nothing but talk to the bagger about another employee in the store that they didn't like and how he was going to get her fired. Very irritating. Then the straw that broke the camel's back. I had a package of frozen garlic bread, after he rang it up he threw it across the counter. Not just tossed, but he chucked that thing as hard as he could. I was just coming home from work and didn't want to waste my time with complaints, but when I got home my bread was broken into pieces.

Some of the other employees are really nice and recognize me when I come into the store, I try to get them whenever I go in but I don't want to have to plan my shopping trips around who's working.
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passport? what´s that??

Reminded of this story by this post:  (and yeah, I know how to a href it, but spanish keyboards are confusing)

So I´m on a Greyhound heading to Chicago, where cigarettes are like $7 a pack.  We stop at a place in Kentucky, where they´re more like $3.  I try to buy a carton, but had recently lost my driver´s license.   Had been carrying my passport around for situations just like this. 

me:  Hi, I´d like a carton of Camel Lights, please. 
attendant:  You have ID? 
me:  Sure, here.  -hands passport-
attendant:  what´s this?    -holds it like it´s covered in anthrax-
me:   -resists urge to point to the word ¨PASSPORT¨in no less than three languages on the front.-  It´s a passport.
attendant:  I don´t know if we can accept this.  Don´t you have a driver´s license? 
me:  I lost it, that´s why I´m carrying around my passport. 
attendant:  (in a tone like she´s caught me in a lie)  Then you´re driving without a license??!
me:  No, I´m taking the bus.  the Greyhound.  -points to parking lot-
attendant:  Well.  Ok, where´s the...
- I help her find the page with my terrible picture and all the info-
attendant:  This date isn´t good.  It says 2007, you have to be born in 1990 or earlier. 
me:  That´s the date it was issued.  Do I really look a year and a half old to you?

Ok, I can understand not having seen a passport before.  Even the idea that only driver´s licenses are kosher, if you only ever see driver´s licenses and in Kentucky everybody who´s not  destitute or disabled drives (and even some of them do, the public transport system in the South is so terrible), even though it´s a lot easier to fake a driver´s license than a passport.  But seriously, 2007 is my birthdate? 

Key Foods

I used to live in NYC. There was a Key Foods right across the street from where I lived, but I tried to avoid shopping there because about 95% of the staff was dense to the point of it making it difficult to successfully purchase items.
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And then another time...
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Last week, my mom and I went to starbucks around 8:20 AM.
We entered the drivethu, but we had to wait 25 minutes before we even got to the window and recieved our order. My mom informed them about how long we had been waiting, they apologized and said they were understaffed, cool, whatever.
Then the barista handed us our drinks and the receipt and says "Sorry about that, one of those hot cocoas is on me!"
Uh, no it wasn't. As we pulled out I took a look at the reciept--we had paid for the order in full. We didn't expect anything but who lies about something like that?

From Pizza Hut (the hell you say?)

First time I've had to post here in awhile.

I'm in the process of moving and wasn't really in the mood to do anything but pay someone else to bring food to me. So I called up the local Pizza Hut with a seemingly simple request: Medium single topping pan-style pizza with a side of breadsticks.

I was quoted a delivery time of about an hour. Expected, as it was a Friday night, I'm on a military installation and they're the only place in this town that delivers on base. The person on the phone varified the order and that I was cool with the wait time. Sure. It was only 1830 afterall. 1930 dinner would be right about normal. Hung up and went on about my business.

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That being said...if you're ever in my area and have a craving for pizza, don't get it delivered from the local Pizza Hut.

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