May 8th, 2008

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Bagging items.

At the market across the street from my apartment, I swear they have no idea how to bag items.

I feel like all they want to do is cram as much in a bag as possible, and always double bagging it anyway. For instance, I bought supplies for making chili cheese dogs last night: 1 pack of hot dog buns, 1 pack of hot dogs, 2 cans of chili, and 2 small bottles (20 oz.) of soda, and a bag of shredded monterrey jack cheese. Anyone with half a brain cell should know to put the hard stuff on the bottom (soda, chili, hot dogs) and the squishable stuff at the top (buns, cheese). She didn't even look at what she was grabbing before putting them in the bag, it was stuffed barely to capacity but she double-bagged it anyway. (Why not separate it into two bags if you're going to use two bags anyway and it's not even that heavy!)

All she was doing was yaking her head off to her friends while she was squishing my hot dog buns. The manager was even standing right there at the end of the counter, not giving a damn.

This is one of many, many times this has happened. I swear... ugh... it's not rocket science, is it?

and silence fills the land....

Had a weird experience at a restaurant on Tuesday. My boyfriend and I decided to try an Indian restaurant near his job in the hope that he could order from there during his work day. We got into the restaurant and the place was completely empty except for three guys in a corner eating. Apparently, they were the restaurant staff. I felt bad about interrupting their meal, but the restaurant was definitely open.

One guy got up and walked toward us. I said we wanted a table. He pointed at some tables near the front so we sat down near the window. He brought us our menus. I said "thank you" as he handed me the menu and poured me some water. He didn't say a thing. Guy comes back for our order and just looks at us. We both ordered and he walks away. Food comes and he still hasn't said a word. The moment our food was done, he brought the check and put it on the table. We paid and asked for $3 back. He brought the change, put it on the table and walked away. Not one word was said to us the entire time we were in the restaurant.

The food itself was ok but not great. It's the only Indian place that my boyfriend knows of in the neighborhood though. If the service had been a little less cold, he would have ordered from there when at work. Now he's decided he won't be ordering from there ever.

Using cards abroad

I just want to say something to americans traveling abroad, since there's been a couple of incidents at my work...

As most people probably know, there's a lot of card fraud now. Because of that, my company and probably many more in Sweden and Europe are enforcing stricter routines when handling cards. Now, if you do NOT have a PIN-code for your card, I will have to ask for ID. If that ID is from another country than Sweden, I will photocopy your card and save the copy with our copy of your receipt. Really, I'm not even supposed to allow you to buy things if you don't have a PIN or don't have a Swedish ID, but since the card is swiped before it shows that you don't have a PIN, this is the second step of security... I understand that people get nervous when their card is copied, and I'm not completely sure of the whys and hows myself, but I assure you; all records are kept confidental and it's for your and our safety. It is not because the evil cashier wants to steal your money.

I wish all companies would use PIN-codes.
Have a nice summer, and I hope all eventual travels are great.
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Tiffany is getting on my nerves

I was with a friend of mine who was buying a necklace for her mom from Tiffany's yesterday. It's in this really snooty mall where I like going because all the stores have really good service usually. One thing I've noticed about this Tiffany's, however, is that the sales people will not look at you or say a word to you while you're in there if you don't look like you're ready to drop a lot of money. I usually get ignored until someone overhears me mention buying something, which is when they start to pay attention to me.

Lady asks us what we're looking for, my friend describes it, and she gets it out from under the case. She brings out the necklace in a little bag, takes it out, and sets the bag and the necklace down on the counter. She tells us the price as if she's not really sure of it, and my friend said she remembered it being different. The lady says she can check if we want her to, but does it as if she doesn't think we should. I noticed some numbers written on the bag, so I picked it up off the counter and said "I think it's written on here?"

And this is the weird thing. The lady snatched it away from my as fast as she could. Reached out with lightening speed to take this little plastic baggie out of my hands. Then she held it out of my reach and said in this really snappy voice "Well, that's NOT the price." For the rest of the time we were there, she looked really pointedly away from me and at my friend. The hell, woman? It was just a stocking number on a plastic bag, big freaking deal.

I'm really not sure how they train the sales people at this store but I'm really sick of it. It's not like I go in there dressed like a hobo, I'm wearing the same preppy junk as the other girls in there are usually wearing. The only difference is whether or not there's a parental wallet following us. When I was there with my mom, for example, they were all over us because young woman + mom's money = big sale, right?

I like Tiffany jewelery a lot, but I'm very sick of the attitude in there and I'm definitely not going to that one again.
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Bad PO service.

Ran to the post office after work today.

I had a card to mail, a letter I offered to mail for a co-worker, and a small package. There's a lnog line I get in. The manager(i think...) comes out and asks if anyone's using a credit/debit card to pay, and she'll take them to use the automated thing. I know from experience those things are fussy, so I explain I need 2 stamps, and a small bit of postage for the tiny padded envelope I have. She says it's fine, so I walk over there. She has me put the package on first. Asks if it's fragile, and then if it's liquid. I say yes, its an oil based cosmetic sample(which i have sent at least a dozen times before, even overseas). She starts SCREAMING at me that I absolutely CAN NOT send it, at all. Then decides to put it through as something else, and then does my letter, and says I'll need to run it as two transactions and buy at least 2 extra stamps that I don't need to run it. So I go back to get in line, a good 10 places back from where I originally was.

Another customer who'd been in line to use the automated thing came in after to tell the other employees how unnecessarily rude to me the woman had been.