May 7th, 2008

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So, I ordered three custom-made bags from neighborhoodies. One is for my boyfriend, for our 1-year anniversary on May 10. The other is for my good friend, who is moving out of town in early June. (The third is for me, because... well... I wanted one.)

I ordered on April 23, thinking that two+ weeks would be plenty of time -- on the website, they say that orders ship "within a few business days."

I've been expecting them to arrive for the past week, but finally it dawned on me that I've gotten no "order is being shipped" e-mail or the like from the company, so I tracked down their phone number and called them today. Apparently, the bags were on backorder, and they knew this on the 30th and neglected to e-mail me. The nice girl on the phone said she'd send them off as soon as they came from the factory, in the next day or so. Meaning they won't arrive until next week. Meaning my gift to my boyfriend will be late. Even after I was all careful about ordering early. Grrrr.

At least the girl was nice about it, and said she was sorry they didn't let me know sooner. Still, it's frustrating.

EDITED to fix the rent in the space-time continuum.

My first post here...

Well, g'day, folks. 'Cept it's not, really.

My brother's eighteenth birthday today, so naturally, the family went out for dinner. A new location of a restaurant we'd been to before, Sofia. We'd really enjoyed the other location, and figured that the new one couldn't be too far from what we remembered.

Whoo boy.

(For the record, I'm currently a kitchen hand at a retirement village, and am completing my Cert II in Hospitality - Operations. My mother is Kitchen Supervisor and Head Cook at the same retirement village I work at, my grandfather was a Chef back in his day, my uncle currently works in the kitchens at the Jika (I'm not sure what as; I rarely talk to him), and my aunt was the Kitchen Supervisor at a child care centre until she quit three weeks ago.)

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After our meal, we ate the cake that my mother made. Lah de da, time comes to pay the bill. $349.90. Fair enough, we set about figuring out who owes who what.

Everyone pays theirs, but hold up, there's about $50 missing. We do a re-count, and then a re-re-count.

Then we glance at the bottom, and see "GST". Eh, alright, most places in Victoria add GST to the menu prices, but hey. We figure we'll ask about it when we get to the counter.

So we get there, my mother asks.

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...It just really gets to me that after spending twelve weeks getting "do not, under any circumstances, be rude to anyone in the work place" drilled into my head, a manager goes against the standards that any decent hospitality or tourism industry would expect. Gah.

Also, that manager never did give me his name, or the number of the person who takes complaints. And no, he wasn't wearing a name badge.