May 5th, 2008

Gypsy Eye

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On April 21st, I placed an order with for the Charmed Book of Shadows replica. My daughter loves the show and has always wanted the book, but I’ve never found it anywhere for less than $100, which just isn’t in my budget. However, CafePress had it for $19.99 so I ordered it for my daughter’s birthday (which was yesterday, btw). I also paid extra for expedited shipping, just to make sure it was here by the 4th. I also ordered a couple of buttons and a bumper sticker.
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Baby Kavi

Ebay Mishap

Ebay story/Question:

I'm asking here b/c the ebay comms seem to be a little dead.

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So has anybody had an experience like that? I'm not new to ebay, but i'm always careful about buyers. I check feedback and look for warning signs. I just hate getting cheated! Any advice?

oh and the bad service is: Ebay canceling an auction that has been closed, and allowing it to completely disappear into thin air without BOTH sides agreeing it was resolved with no losses (i.e. the seller saying no item was shipped, and the buyer saying no money was paid). I think they should at least make the info available (for maybe up to 30 days) until that has happened. Where would I be if I hadn't saved my e-mails?