May 4th, 2008


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Mostly reposted from my personal journal, having just discovered this group [yay! well, not yay, because unfortunately this crap happens to me a lot]. Edit: Was cut, but now isn't.

So Monday I went in to Lenscrafters for an eye exam. While I was getting my exam [they had to do that nasty puff thing like three times because the technician lady kept screwing it up, I guess. Plus I had to do lots of weird and painful tests I'd never even heard of before, but then again it has been like two or three years since my last exam and my glasses are literally falling apart at this point. That's not my complaint though, I can deal with that.] I found out I had an astigmatism.

So they had to dilate my eyes and do that shiny light thing. The doctor was so, so rude to me. She was yelling at me and reprimanding me about not being able to hold my eye open with the bright light shown in it after my eyes were dilated. She kept saying it was not bad at all because it was on the lowest setting and something along the lines of there being "no reason to be so dramatic", and kept yelling to keep my eyes open - to which, in shock, I could only respond by mumbling something about it just being a reflex, to which in turn she responded, with extremely thick sarcasm, that no, in fact, it was just "mind over matter", and she kept repeated that with increasingly indignant tones. After a few long minutes of this I finally asked if I could hold my eye open myself, not knowing whether this would interfere with her test or not, to which she replied, again in a very rude and loud tone "well you better do something!!!" and so on, because apparently my behavior at having a bright light shown in my eyes after having my pupils fully dialated for the first time ever was just absolutely ridiculous. It certainly doesn't help that my worst phobia is having people touch my eye, which is why it had been so long since my last eye exam.

Also, she got my prescription wrong with her exam, during which I kept telling her that the final lens she showed me [when they do that little "is 2 better than 1? okay is 3 better than 2?" thing] was still extremely blurry and that I would like to continue increasing the strength. She seemed satisfied that I merely could make out a certain line [even though it was always extremely obvious that I was struggling to make out the letters] rather than the fact that I could or could not read them clearly. So she gets me the wrong prescription lenses and after ten minutes of hoping for my eyes to magically adjust to them she gives up and redoes the test with the contacts in. She doesn't have that strength in stock so right now my vision with these little trial guys is at 20/30 and making working at a computer for 10 hours a day extremely difficult.

Yeah after the follow-up appointment I am not ever going back to Lenscrafters, ever.  They make you sign some stupid contract-type forms so it would be a stupid waste of money not to get my contacts at LC once they come in next week [supposedly, their stuff never arrives when they say it will], but I am definitely getting my glasses somewhere else.

So right now my eyes are irritated, my vision is extremely blurry, I have a massive headache and am really dizzy. Blech.

Bad Service Story & Questions

My boyfriend (G) has a Sprint cell phone. Yes, I know all about Sprint but since all of his close family members have Sprint, he doesn't want to change. Anyway, he recently moved from Maryland to Pittsburgh (where I currently live for school) and has had limited funds for the past couple of months.

To make a long story short, Sprint shut his phone off for nonpayment on Thursday. This is not the problem, he forgot and it's totally his fault. About an hour after he realized it was off (around 6 pm), he paid enough to get his phone turned back on and went about his day. Around noon the next day, Friday, he realized his phone still wasn't on so he called Sprint customer service. Long story short, they told him he needed to pay more to have his phone turned back on. He's a little annoyed because usually if you pay enough to put you back under your spending limit they turn your phone back on, but he accepts it. At this point, he knows he won't have enough money to pay for this so he asks to borrow some money from me. I say sure, because a family member of mine was returning some money that they'd borrowed, but it'd have to be tomorrow because that's when I'd ge the money. He asks the customer service rep if he can pay the next day and she says that's fine.

That brings us to today. We're having Mexican night tonight (yay!) so a couple of us go to the supermarket to get some stuff for tacos. The whole time we were out, I'd check my account at some ATMs to see if my money has been deposited yet. Around 3:30 pm, G gets an automated call from Sprint saying that he has to pay the whole amount left on his bill of they'll cancel his service and send his account to collections. What? We're obviously both baffled because the CS rep said that it'd be ok to pay today. So I check my account and find that the money is finally deposited and tell him to call CS so he can pay. He calls from about 4 pm to 10 pm and gets varying messages about not being able to connect, the network being down, etc. He finally gets through around 10:30 and the system tells him his account/phone number doesn't exist. He freaks out for a while thinking they've cancelled his service before calming down and calling again. This time the system acknowledges his phone number and all is fine.

Right now I really don't trust Sprint and I really don't want to give them any money, but I don't want to make the situation any worse. We agree that we'll pay the whole amount but he'll send an e-mail to Sprint about the whole thing and make sure his service hasn't been cancelled.

So, my questions are: Has anyone heard of Sprint threating to cancel service over this? I know about the whole calling customer service too many times thing, but this is new. Also, do you think the cancellation fee would be waived if they did cancel it? I'm pretty sure it would be since they're the ones who decided to terminate it, but G is still kinda skeptical.
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Costco Tires

So, I'm finally a growed-up.  I now own a set of winter tires AND a set of summer tires, rather than one set of all-seasons.   But like any other life experience, this didn't come without a certain amount of pain and annoyance.

I went on vacation in October last year, and my Dad stayed at my house and watched my animals.  He was driving my car, and noticed I needed new tires, so he went to a local tire place and got a nice set of snow tires for me.  (More on this to come later)

Now the weather's getting warmer and I need summer tires for my car.  I got my tax return, so it was the perfect time to make a big purchase.  I went up to my parents' house last weekend (they live about 3 hours away) and Dad & I went to the Costco near their house because Dad really likes the guy who manages the automotive department there.
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So, let's recap this comedy of errors:
1. Local tire place sells my Dad the wrong size tires to make a quick sale.
2. When buying my new tires, find out they're not in stock and have to order new ones in.
3. Despite being told I'd be contacted, I have to call myself to find out if they're in, and am spoken down to in the process
4. Told wrong tires were ordered, and to come back next week. (And there's evidence of other stupid mistakes being made with regards to other customers in the meantime)
5. Have to wait to be served, even though I was there before most everyone else (this one I sort of understand, but taken with everything else, it made me mad)
6. They try to steal the other tires they're taking off my car, despite it being very obvious they're new and still useful.

I called Dad, he's going in to talk to Rick and we're never going anywhere but his local Costco for tires again.

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Ugh I have yet to find an auto place that doesn't treat me like I'm an idiot. Now, I'm far from being a mechanic myself, but I know how to check my oil, change my tires, and tell when something's generally amiss.
There's one just down the street I went to a little while ago and I asked for their General Tune-Up Package Deal 2AXQ thing. Oil change, tire rotation, fluids and break check. I went to pick up my car and my tires had not been rotated (indetifying scuffs/marks). So I asked them why not, as my receipt clearly showed that service listed. Collapse )

Apex Realty

My apartment has radiator heat that gets unbearably hot, even in Winnipeg winters.  So I was pretty surprised to come home to my house absolutely freezing! Apparently it was supposed to be 18C all weekend, so they turned off the boilers for the summer.  Well, I checked the weather on monday, and it did indeed say it would be fairly nice on the weekend.  I checked on Friday though, and the forecast had changed to around 4. With snow. Did they turn the boilers back on? Of course not.  My brother called our caretaker and his wife just said they couldn't do anything about it, no explanation.  So I called her back a minute later and after a minute of me getting very upset at waking up with frostbitten toes, she tells me that they can't do anything about it and gave me a number to call.  I call, eventually get someone on the line who just tells me that the boiler people were called, she doesn't know how long it will be.  I expressed my unhappiness (bad week, so I was a bit more frustrated than usual, but nothing out of line, just a shaky voice on my part) and she replied snottily with "Well it was supposed to be 18 this weekend, you know. That's why we turned it off."  I was too frustrated so I just hung up on her.  Maybe if they had checked the weather every few days rather than once a week, Apex wouldn't have freezing tenants.  I'm going to file a formal complaint tomorrow once the offices are open.

Bad manners, maybe?

My brother and I went to BJ's Restaurant in Roseville today and was served by a waitress, Kati. During our time there, Kati was attentive and bought out our appetizer and meals in a timely manner. After we finished our meals, my brother left to go to the bathroom, and I was waiting for the bill to come so I could pay for it. Kati instead decided to put the bill on my brother's empty side of table which was kind of annoying but I dealt. Our bill totaled up to $35-something cents and I put in 2 twenty-dollar bills. I was to pay the bill and my brother was to leave the tip. We agreed on leaving a $7 tip and my brother was holding the money in his hand.
Anyway after Kati left with the bill and money, she went to the cash register and looked over at our table, not to look at us, but at the table which I assume to see if there was any tip left for her. There was but it wasn't obvious since my brother was holding the tip in his hand. We waited 5 minutes that turned into 10 minutes then 15 minutes, no change.

During the 15 minutes, it was obvious that we were waiting since we were staring out in space and Kati walked back and forth, passing our table, taking quick glances to see if we left and she was also waiting on a few other tables around us. I was a bit pissed off because it's bad manners to not give my change back. We gave up and as we were leaving, I asked the manager what our waiter's name was and Kati was on the other side of the restaurant, saw me, and hurriedly walked to where I struck me as odd because the restaurant is huge and loud and there's no way she could possibly know what I was talking about unless she knew she did something wrong.

She came and interrupted me before I could even complain to her manager. She told me that I left "too much tip". WTF! My brother said what I did was unnecessary but I think I was in the right. I think the waiter was in the wrong by not giving ME my change back. Tips are given to show a waiter/waitress they did a good job not because they're entitled to it which they aren't. I don't know, maybe I overreacted.

ETA: I wrote up a complaint letter and will be sending it to corporate headquarters and the restaurant where I dined.
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bubba the shitty repairman

My landlord is a cheap bastard.

So the apt I'm sub-leasing has absent landlord syndrome - he hasn't set foot on the property in 7-8 years. However, this means that he also hasn't raised the rent in as much time, so I'm 1/3 of a 3-bedroom apt that's rented for $900/month. It's shabby, but it suits the bank account.

Here's where it sucks though: He hires idiots.

The last guys he had in the house had to access the shower piping through my closet and did not replace the board which covered it. This resulted in a giant fucking house centipede hiding in my shirts. This should have been a hint, but I figured it was a minor relapse in attention on the part of two busy guys.

This time, though? Oh, this time.

My room had two large cracks in the ceiling (one of which had become a bit of a hole) and I was told at a tenant's rights Q&A that (in Ohio) I had 30 days to notify my LL of the problem or lose my legal ground - particularly since it seemed to be a structural problem. (I don't notify him, someone falls through, it's my fault.) So with the second rent check I also sent in a request to get it fixed. This was Thursday - my LL sent in a guy (whom I've nicknamed "Bubba") to fix it this weekend. Today, he started work.

What Bubba did wrong:
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To top off all the fun:
- I got 2 hours of sleep last night and was hoping to come home and nap
- I'm allergic to dust. I now feel like shit
- I have a midterm tomorrow
- I now have to sleep upstairs in the loft
- We have to clean the entire house
- We have to repaint the ceiling and a corner of the room (stripes, remember!) because we're sure as hell not letting him ruin anything else

We're probably going to hire a cleaning maid and just bill either Bubba or the LL. I've taken pictures of all the stupidity and damage (particularly the potentially ruined tech) with my camera phone, and I'm thinking of typing up a notice for him to sign that I was not satisfied with his work. (Can I do that?) Also will be asking him for his credentials (which I doubt he has) so I can photocopy them. These last two things are CYA precautions in case the cracks return (or someone DOES fall through the ceiling) and this ends up going to court.

This is also probably going to cost the LL my name on the least come September.

I'm furious, can you tell?
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Your Mother Died? THAT'S HILARIOUS!

This is a small but rather infuriating little rant at a certain council service.

My Mother the other day was calling Brentwood council (s'a place in Essex) which is where her Mother-in-Law lived before dying of a severe heart attack and stroke very recently.

This is what I heard:
"Hello, I am calling to find out about getting rid of some furniture in my Mother's house. Oh, okay."
She gets passed on to someone else.
"Hi, I'm calling to get some furniture removed from my Mother's house. She died recently, and-.. Oh, alright."
She gets passed on to someone else. She repeats the same thing.
"Also, we were told to give back the key on monday, but monday is a bank holiday. ... Uh, I don't know what to do either. Oh, alright."
She gets passed on to someone else, repeat all previous information.
"What am I supposed to do? ... I can't give the key back on a bank holiday! About the furniture... Ugh."
She gets passed on to someone else.
"What? No, she's dead... You're passing me on to someone else? I knew it. ..That's not funny!"
I could hear the woman on the other end laugh her head off.



Thankfully my Mother finally got through to someone who sorted everything out.

But seriously, what the Hell?


Yes, I had to stop there after work to pick up a few things. I know I work at their competitor (W*M) which does not sell the specific items I was looking for. I understand that people look at me 'cause of what I'm wearing but that does not entitle them to glare at me as I'm leaving the store. If it were done to any other customer, all hell would've broke loose.

You get angry when waiters/waitresses roll their eyes at you guys, you get angry when people give you attitude over the phone but yet, when I get glared at for going into a store... it's okay.

All right I'll just start glaring at all my customers and we'll see who's right.

One my wife told me about

This is from before we met. She had taken her car in for an oil changes ome routine maintenance, including a tire rotation. After a long wait, they told her they were done & settled the bill. She looked at her car, then asked about the tire rotation. They told her they had, indeed, rotated the tires. She asked, "Then why are the Pirellis still on the front & the Firestones still on the rear?" Yes, she had different brands on the front & rear, from having had to replace 2, and they still tried to BS her.

Yes, they then performed the service (making her wait even longer.)

EDIT The rears were Eagles, not Firestones. And this happened at a Firestone service center. Another Firestone service center broke something on a vehicle Dad used to have, then denied it. The real irony is that we love the service at Tires Plus, which is owned by Firestone.