May 2nd, 2008

White Lady of Rohan

KanPai of Tokyo, Chattanooga TN

My daughter is about to graduate High School. She won a class award at the awards banquet last night, so I decided to treat her to one of her favorite places to eat, KanPai of Tokyo. We have been there quite freqently, but I never eat there. I do not like Oriental food, so I usually just have a drink and dessert while there.

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Bloody Telstra

Another saga. After they cancelled Foxtel (cable tv) three weeks early and refused to reconnect it..(we are moving to a new house), Telstra bloody well charged us for the next month's service. I had to phone and demand a credit.

THEN, the landline that was supposed to be connected, originally on 1st April, then postponed until now not going to happen for another month. No reasons,just incompetence. They didn't even have the curtesy to advise me of this...

So therefore, no phone, which means no internet, unless we can arrange wireless, which costs a lot more for less download and is slower, if we can get it at all in our area.

We run two businesses from home...we have to move because our rental lease is up and we can't afford to pay rent and a mortgage on the new house.

You know what the department is called, that Miriam Sulivan, Customer specialist works for...It's called

Also, this Miriam, who originally phoned me weekly to advise of the situation, now is impossible to contact. I leave voice messages and she doesn't ring back, I've tried emailing and her email it's snail mail, to complain.