April 29th, 2008


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I just had the most ridiculous service at a coffee house. I ordered a soup and a hazelnut amalfi (seltzer water, hazelnut syrup, and a little bit of cream to make it a creamy italian soda) and when the super-nice waitress brought it the drink tasted... off. I couldn't figure out what it was. It was somewhat chemically, so I explained the problem and she brought me a new one. There was the exact same problem, I even tried it four separate times just to make sure it wasn't just me, and it wasn't. I explained this to her, we tried to figure out what was wrong, and she offered to comp it for me. I told her I'd rather get a latte to go and asked where my soup was. She told me that they had run out of soup and that she asked another employee to tell me that on his way out, apparently that other guy hadn't bothered.

She comes back several minutes later looking frazzled and slightly terrified, apparently the bartista refused to make me another drink because I sent back the previous two chemical concoctions, and insisted the poor server comes to tell me this news herself since the barista refused to that as well. I break down laughing at this, since to me it seems like the coffee shop has started to conspire against me to make sure I'm completely unable to consume anything. I go up to the bar and a manager I know is there, so I beg him to make me my latte even though by now the place is closed, and he agrees. While this is going on, you can hear the server chewing out the barista for being such a bitch.

At this point another customer comes up and asks if my drinks tasted like soap, and I realize that yes in fact, they kind of did. He informs me that sometimes the dishwasher doesn't properly complete the rinse cycle and that will occasionally ruin small clumps of drinks, and he's complained about the problem on several different occasions. I'm guessing I'm the only person who could tell because my drink was water based, and most of the other drinks in those types of cups are beer, which is rather hard to overpower. This whole time the barista is walking in and out of the back room and refuses to ever look at me.

At this point my head explodes, I take my free latte, profusely thank the manager, stuff a few bills into the tip jar for the awesome waitress, and leave.

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A year ago we took out a 2nd mortgage on our house with National City bank. We had not touched the money until about a month ago when we hired a contractor to fix our bathroom.
Yesterday we get a letter stating that because of how the housing market is these days, they do not feel that our house is worth what it was appraised at a year ago and they will be cancelling our mortgage two days from when the letter was dated. The kicker, the letter was dated April 23 and we received it on April 28th!!!.

Needless to say we have thousands of dollars of checks out there that are going to bounce. I'm so panicked and stressed right now I have no idea what I'm going to do. The absolute gall of these people!! Did they think that this wasn’t important enough information to warrant a phone call??!!? Or how about a letter that would reach us in time, is that too much to ask?

We contacted National City today and are appealing the cancellation. I can only hope that they at least relinquish enough money to cover the checks already out there and to get the bathroom finished.
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You know how telelmarketers are calling everyone all day long every day? thats bad_service in it self.
well they call my house and my fiance's cell phone all day long. sometimes within minutes of eachother.
the latest they've been calling is around 9:30pm. last night took the cake, they called at 11:30PM...
i can't stand it anymore. im on the "do not call" list and complaints go unanswered.
every time a number calls me, i google it to find out what industry it's from. some are cleaning companies, some selling magazines, one i even found out who the president of the company is and where he is located, did a search and got a home phone number. if the calls don't stop, im going to call the president at his house at 11:30pm and see how he likes it. i wake up at 3am every morning to take my fiance to work, and im 8 months pregnant... i just want to send dog poo in the mail to his house!

if anyone else wants to be put on the "do not call" list -----> https://www.donotcall.gov/

but make sure to make complaints when a telemarketer calls you. there are probably just as many unanswered complaints as there are answered complaints.

i just don't know what else to do other than this. i can't afford a lawyer to anything, but im tired of getting atleast 20 calls a day.
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Bad Service is almost as bad as no service at all

I live in a neighborhood that can't decide which suburb it's a part of. As a result, there is only one air conditioner repair company available, and only one cable company.

Every single year something goes wrong with the A/C. We got one of the units replaced last year, and it's already broken down. We have two units in the house (one for upstairs, one for downstairs) and if it isn't one unit, it's the other. Every single year. And we can't do anything about it.

The cable company--well, all I have to do is say the word "Charter" and that pretty much explains it all. Can someone please explain to me how having a wireless router correctly hooked up to your cable modem can somehow prevent said modem from working AT ALL half the time? I can sort of understand having difficulty connecting to the Internet via the router. But when I try to connect from the computer that's directly connected to the modem, and the cable TV is working, I had better be able to connect! I do the unplugging the modem trick--sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. More often than not, the latter is the case, and at the price we're paying for cable Internet, it doesn't make sense for our connection to break down literally every other day.

There should be a law banning local monopolies...

Gentle Dental...

The previous post reminded me of this:

I have been having tooth pains, so I figured it's time I go to as dentist. I can not afford to go to my regular dentist, as my grandpa's evil wife decided they didn't want to pay for my dental care anymore(my grandpa had been before he married her).

SO, I call up Gentle Dental. The receptionist schedules me for a check-up and says she scheduled me for a cleaning. OK.

I go in for my appointment, and they give me a form to fill out. One question asks why I'm here, any problems, etc. I say I'm here for a cleaning and check-up and have been having tooth pains and have been grinding my teeth at night. Another questions asks what is important to me and has examples such as white teeth, financial considerations....so I said financial considerations, cause, well, I'm poor.

They call me back, and take a bunch of x-rays. They ask how long it's been since I have been to the dentist, and I tell them, "a while...probably like, 4 or 5 years..." the Dental assistant says "Oh well, that's not too bad, we get people who haven't been for over 10 years!"

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ugh...sorry that was so long.

St. Elizabeth's in Boardman, Ohio.

I was getting ready for work today and suddenly, I started getting pain in my stomach. I have some unknown problem with my stomach. I'll get very bad pains and get physically ill. A few years ago, it was so bad that after every meal, I'd lose what I just ate. I lost nearly 70 pounds. But I'd never had pain THIS bad. Very fast, it turned into excruciating pain. I ran to the bathroom as the first wave of really bad pain hit me and I fell into the toilet and now have a bruise. I stayed on the bathroom floor until I got a ride to go to the ER. I was in so much pain that I could barely move, I was crying. I went to the Saint Elizabeth's building on Market Street past the mall.

I got registered and then was taken to triage. It was 3:30 PM. They took my vitals and asked me how much pain. (Scale of 1 to 10.) I answered honestly that it was the worst pain I'd ever felt, so 10. I was put in the lobby, where I laid down on a couch and eventually passed out and slept. I didn't know that two hours had passed. A lot of the pain passed during that time but I was still in a lot of pain, my body was exhausted and I was starting to get muscle aches from the pain making me tense up. I was going in and out of semi-consciousness.

I stayed in the lobby for five and a half hours. I didn't see a doctor, or a nurse. I just curled up in a ball and cried. I got fed up and told them I was leaving. I was going home to sleep off the rest of the pain and they told me I was next to get a room. Fifteen minutes later, I got into a room. A nurse threw a stained gown and sheet at me and told me to wait. That was the last person I saw. No doctor, no nurse...nothing. For an hour. At 9:30 PM, I got tired of waiting around. I wasn't in nearly bad pain, couldn't tell them where it hurt so it was pretty much useless to stick around.

Six hours without seeing a doctor or a nurse other than the triage nurse. Six hours without food or drink. Six hours of pain. Pain so bad that I was crying and curled up. (I usually try to hide my pain.)

My mother's writing a letter to the editor of our local paper and my boss says to tell the higher ups. I probably will.