April 24th, 2008

Allied Cash Advance Suck

So, occasionally I do payday loans, generally only to pay bills because I get paid every other friday and sometimes that's a few days after something like, say, my car insurance is due. I'd rather pay a $45 fee and pay my other bills ontime then get charged a $35 overdraft fee or have my payment be late.

Anyway... right now I have a $255 loan out from Allied Advance.

It was due Monday, but my paycheck got held for five days (yay wells fargo...) So I called Allied and explained this to the young lady who answered the phone.

I told her that they were holding my check, and I'd like to get an extention.

She said it would not be a problem; in fact May 1st would be just fine to come in and pay. (10 days extra o.O)

I thought, awesome! I get my financial aid check on the first, so that's one less thing to worry about until then. Yay! 

I thanked her for the wonderful customer service, as I hadn't expected them to extend it so far or agree so cheerfully.

It was too good to be true.

Today, I get a very unprofessionally toned message about how my payment was due on Monday the 21st, and it's now the 24th and they haven't heard from me, and where am I, and what's going on... and they'd like to know what's going on, so to please call them back.

Um... okay... some wires must have gotten crossed...

So I call to speak to this person, and let her know that I was given an extention until the first by the lovely young lady I spoke too the other day.

"Well, I don't know who you spoke too, because I'm the only female who works here" (thats a lie, I've seen 2 women in there several times when I go in. Theres a young blonde with a really neat british coin necklace, and an older woman who has gotten snarly with me randomly before... I'm pretty sure, by voice, this was the older one.)

So, she tells me that they don't --do-- extentions and that now that she's gotten ahold of me, if I don't come in and pay tomorrow, they'll deposit my check anyway. I told her this would overdraw me because as far as my bank is conserned, that money just isn't THERE until the bank my boss uses verifies it: I'll get a bunch of fines! Her exact words were "Well... that's unfortunate." in this totally snotty,"sucks to be you" tone.

Fucking what the fuck...  I asked her if the fact that someone had told me I could pay later counted for anything, knowing this was going to overdraw me. Nope.

So I spoke to the manager, who I've known since he was a new hire... and he tells me that he's sorry, but that's just how it is, and yes it's a NEW POLICY... but it's because they weren't making enough money, because people would keep promising to come in later and later until it went to collections, so if he doesn't start enforcing it his job could be in jepordy. 

Oh hell... how do I argue with that? Poor guy... but still...

So he and I worked it out that I can come in and "spoof" a re-loan: I pay the $45 fee, and he makes it look in the computer like I just reloaned the full ammount.

This is going to cost me an extra $45, and it's against policy which will look bad on both of us if his supervisor finds out.

What makes -that-a suck, is that this place has been audited recently, and fined $9,000 for misconduct, not sure exactly what... but this is certianly not giving me any impression that they were wrongly accused.

Anyway... I'm having to borrow the $45 from my room mate until the check clears, when I was told I could come in later. This is BS. ARGH!!!

When I pay this off, I'm going to ask them to close my account for good.

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Blockbuster Update..

Update on this entry.

Thank you all for your good advice. I called the GM the next day and she looked for my movies. The night before the cashier there had said he found BOTH of my movies on the shelf, well the GM said she only found ONE. She said she would remove the fees for that one movie and encouraged me to look at home for the other one. I was 99.9999% sure I returned all three movies so I told her they wouldn't be there, but that I would look. Before she hung up, she said if I did find the movie, I should keep it as it had auto-sold to my account and they couldn't credit me (which as you guys said was bull..). 

I wasn't really happy with this outcome either, I mean, yeah she did remove about $15 worth of fees, but now I still have to pay $10 for a movie I know I returned. So because of this I called their 1-800 number. I spoke with Macy who said she would open a case for me and have a DM in my region. So now I suppose we wait. I don't think i'll get the final charges removed. Take it as a lesson learned; don't rent from BBV.

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