April 21st, 2008

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Oh where do I begin. There's too much stupid for one paragraph alone. Let's start by releasing Guitar Hero III on the Nintendo Wii. The product has some major glitches in it in some versions, so they issue a mass refund or replacement (your choice). But before when I called in prior to them announcing a refund, they acknowledged the bug I had, but "sucks to be you" was the response I was given. They did nothing to actually solve the problem or to make good with me for their mistake. Where is the Activision quality assurance department again?

So when I found out they did mass refunds for GH3, you bet I was game. They ask you to send it in by UPS. It took a whopping 3 days to get there. They apparantly mailed the check out March 20th. Over a month later I still don't have my check. I call them up and they the lady tells me she would issue another check but it would be another 8 weeks before I would receive it, and was extremely rude (and it was obvious she didn't care about solving customer problems). She did about everything she could to get me off of the phone whether it was telling me that a supervisor wasn't available, or that the longest time she could keep me on the phone was 2 minutes to try and get me to call back later, or to put me on hold for extended periods of time for no reason while she looked up my information.

My point is, stay away from Activision, or if you really can't help it, buy the game used, but be very forewarned that their customer relations really blows hard.


Also to the person a few posts down who had issues with Charter...

Yeah, they really suck here too.
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Blockbuster suck..

I usually don't go to the Blockbuster here in town. There's a Movie Gallery that is much closer and the prices are cheaper. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago (March 3rd, to be exact), my boyfriend and I wanted to rent a particular movie so off to Blockbuster we go. I had a fee from some previous movies so I paid that and also chose three other movies. Two days later, March 5th, I returned the movies. I simply put them in the slot. I thought I was all good and hadn't really thought about the movies when yesterday I received in the mail a bill from Blockbuster stating I owe them $24.56. I was pretty confused so I decided to call the store...

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I don't get it. How can they not credit my account?! I returned the movies for Christ's sake! I can't wait until I can call tomorrow. I keep worrying that if I don't pay the fee's, that they'll send my account off to collections and it'll show on my credit report? Is that possible even though my sure they don't have my SS number or anything? 

Any advice on how I should deal with the situation?
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