April 19th, 2008

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So I have definitely heard worse in this community but here is my bad service,.

A month ago m boyfriend and I ordered some stuff off the 'net. It was to be shipped UPS (problem in itself is that I live in an apartment complex). Well the first time they tried to deliver no one was home. So they left there little note saying that they would redeliver the next day in between 2pm and 5pm. 5:30 rolls around so my boyfriend calls UPS ( I was on vaca. so he was the only one around). She says the driver is running late but should be there by 615 or 630ish. Around 645 he gives up and is leaving back to his house and the driver is in the next apartment over. He just went over to the truck and asked for hte package.

A week ago we ordered again from the internet. Again, it was being shipped UPS. And again, no one was home for first delivery so the box is marked for 2-5 the next day. Finally at 6 o'clock, the item arrives. I do not know if it is UPS in general or our driver but this is getting tiresome. Once I could understand but twice being late? Bah. And sometimes I can not choose anyone else but UPS so this may be an ongoing thing..
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