April 18th, 2008

Apartment Management- grr.

 I am cheesed off.
 For the last two weeks, the buzzer for my apartment has not been working. My building is under two years old, so I thought it would be easy-peasy to fix.  Not at all.
Now, I own my apartment, so I can't just run off and ask my landlord to fix it, as its well me.  So I call the management group that is in charge of our Strata and such. First time I call,  the woman tells me talk to the apartment cleaners. Thats it , and hangs up. Well, i don't know thier number, and I'm sure as hell not going to wait down in the lobby for them to arrive , plus they are only here three days a week.

So I call back and another woman  gives me an email address , and tells me to contact that person , who will get in contact with the cleaners. 
I write a nice email, and wait.
 Three days later, no reply, so I go through my old strata  letters, and find my property manager, another woman, and email her, being a little snarky this time, because , well its a bitch to not have a buzzer, as i get lots of deleveries or have people  every day.  
I get an email the next day, that is an autoreply, stating that the woman that i tried to contact nolonger works for the company, and that it has been passed on to the new manager. I wait one more day for a reply.  Nothing.

I call again, and get another woman, who patched me through to my manager, but i get her voice mail. I leave a message how  poorly thier customer service is and that I NEED MY BUZZER FIXED!!   no call back that day.
 Next day I get a call from her, saying that she is going to pass on the message to the cleaners now, and that they will contact me by the end of the day. Well the day went by and I still havn't heard from them. 
I'm so livid, with this company, i pay 200$ a month in strata fees and just want my buzzer fixed.  I swear if no one has called by tomorrow, I'm going to snap. 

 And if i hear one more time " excuse me are you the owner of the suite? " in a snotty voice again,  i'll snap too. Yes, i sound like a 14 year old, but Yes, I am the owner, yes I am sure.grrr.
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Advice on ANNOYING service.

I hate those damn credit card booths in shopping centres, airports, malls, train stations, goddamned EVERYwhere.

Normally they are like, AMEX, diners, some credit card that supports wildlife stuff.. other ones I cannot even recall.. the not 'normal' VISA or MasterCard.

WELL ANYWAY! Upon walking through town to the train station on my way to work one day, I decided to be polite, smile to one of the guys &got lured into his speil.

HIS ULTIMATE MISTAKE [&loophole for all future encounters!] was when he asked how old i was. I think at the time, i was 22? Maybe 23? He said 'oh sorry you have to be 25 for this card.'


Every. single. time. since then, anywhere I see any of these places, they try to lure me over, I say 'sorry not old enough!' and keep walking.

Works like a charm.

[Also, try 'I'm a student.' which translates to 'sorry! i has no moneyz!']
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Short  and sweet from tonight -

Dinner out with friends which I haven't done in a long time.  There were only 4 of us and we were ready for a nice relaxing, fun evening.  One of my friends is an accountant and had the week from hell so this was a serious relax dinner for her.

All went well - good food, great conversation, etc.  Being Friday it was getting a little packed but we'd gotten there around 4:45 in anticipation of a busy restaurant.  We were finished with dinner and drinks around 5:45.  The waitress brought the checks, we put our payments into the folder and went back to our conversation.  So far - so good.  Waitress takes the checks - we keep talking.  She brings them back and says in quite a snippy tone, "Here are your cards.  We need the table.  Thanks for coming" and walks off.

o.O ????  No, we weren't planning on staying much longer - just enough to finish the topic we were talking about...maybe about 15 minutes or so.  Yes, I know the restaurant is getting busy but that's no reason to get snippy with us after we all gave you quite a nice tip.

Suffice to say we hung for a little more, got up and then found the manager at the front of the place.  Too bad for the waitress that he's a good friend of ours (one reason why we chose to go there).  We didn't make a huge deal out of it but we did mention it.  He tried to give us some coupons - wasn't the point of the exercise - so we told him to give them to the students we saw eating dinner near us.  

Service is everything - snippy waitressing will kill ya every time....