April 17th, 2008


Charter Cable

I wake this weekend to my internet being out on Sunday. I am not surprised, Charter seems to be good about random outages so I ignore it and go about my day. I would say six or more hours has passed, go check to see if it is back up and we get nothing.  I go through the whole unplug the modem and router routine and still nothing so I finally give up and call the tech line.

First off, yes we were late paying our bill. We had dropped it off that weekend but they were closed so it is sitting in the drop bin. I don't see this as an issue considering that Charter decided that one month, with no notice to double bill us saying that from now on instead of paying for the month of service we just used, we will be paying the bill early for the month we are about to use. Technically we are paid up for this month, the late bill is for next month.

The tech person though decided that once she pulled our account up and notices the late payment that she had to talk to billing about this. Um, excuse me but I am calling tech support, I want the service that has already been paid for repaired and I was not happy after five min of holding that the tech person comes back saying that the billing department says to go ahead and fix the problem.  Wtf....*headdesk*

My annoyance at that though was not to be compared to the annoyance at the fact the first thing the tech does is tell me to unplug my modem and turn off all our comps for one min. Fine, these things are done and I let her know as she requests. I find this only signals her to go off about asking if we like our service, cable, what package we have and yadda. It has been over 3 min by this time and I ask if it is ok to turn on the comp and stuff since she said to leave it off for a min, the tech says leave it off a few more min and then goes into this sales pitch to upgrade our cable plan and asking if she can make the changes to it so that we have a package we don't want..

Excuse me but when does calling tech support for a problem of their service mean that I have to sit on the phone for 20 min dealing with getting permission from billing to fix the problem for service already paid for and then having to tell the service tech no over and over again about upgrades that I don't want!

 I just want the service I have fixed, that is all!
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Bad service, followed by good

So about two years ago, I was in a car accident. It happened late at night (around 10:30) as I was coming home from a babysitting job. Two kids (about 18 or younger) decided to run across the crossway while I had green light. I didn't have enough time between seeing them and being where the were to stop, so I ended up hitting one of them. He hit the side of car, smacking the driver's side of the windshield and the driver side door. I stopped and pulled over to make sure that kid was alright. Ended with me in shock and calling the police and ambulance for the kid. Turns out I hit the second kid while the first ran away ('cause that is totally the type of friend you want when you get hit). I ended up have the car towed and getting a ride home from my mom. This is not the bad service.
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In short, claims rep who I could never talk to directly and problems getting the car fixed, ending with the rental car needing to be fixed countered by a super nice local agent who fixed all my problems and the nice rental car people who were able to calm me down and get me another car.
I finally got my car back about a month after the original accident only to have to repeat the process almost a year later when I got rear-ended. I am not lucky when it comes to car, but luckily my car is strong enough to handle it.
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