April 16th, 2008


Foxtel and Telstra

I am so damned angry at the moment...can you see the steam from where you are?

We are moving house, and tried to arrange to have the new phone connected with Telstra. (It's a new build)
They arranged for 1st April. Then phoned and said they couldn't do it until 2nd May.

So the changeover of Foxtel which we had arranged for 15th April, had to be changed to the same date.

I rang and cancelled my changeover from the 15th to 2nd May on 28th March.

But guess what. Foxel took no notice and cancelled our service from the 15th anyway.

When I rang to point out their error, they told me that it couldn't be re-connected.

So guess what FOXTEL...I will be cancelling my service all together, and going with AUSTAR.

And I won't let it lie. I will expect some sort of compensation.
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Semi-Bad service?

Every time I call an customer service line, whether it be Bank of America, or a credit card company, or EVEN a store line, I have to call via an online relay. I'm deaf, and you know, those in customer service would at least figure out that hey, they might be getting a call from an relay service, right?

Nope. I'm on hold AGAIN because a customer service rep HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN after the relay person explained that there was a deaf person on line to talk to them.

You'd think large corporations would at least figure out something, eh? I know they have a phone line for the TTY users, but I don't even use a TTY. It's ancient. None of the deaf people I know use the TTY anymore. We use a video phone, or online relay services if we can't use a video phone. And I still get hung up on when I call via the video phone! Ugh.

Sorry, had to rant. Yay for 20 minute hold now.....still on hold.

P.S. - I'm new...but I've been reading the comm for a few months now. Just joined today to post this bit.
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