April 15th, 2008

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Two of my student loans are handled by ECSI. On 3/15, I made a payment via their website. On 4/01, another payment was made, drawing the money from my checking account without my authorization. I contacted customer service about this. The following exchange was carried out via email. (Primarily because I first noticed this after their office had closed for the evening, so I sent a message via the contact form on their website.)

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ETA: I just got an email from a third person who says "Please provide your cell phone number and work number so I can check the phone logs that day to verify you did not call or no one called from
those phone numbers. I have checked against the number on your account (home I assume) and that number does not appear on that day. We take all situations like this very seriously but until I can be sure that you are not the one who called there is little I can do." Ugh! Why not just take me at my word that I did NOT call you?

YES! And while I was typing the above, I get the following response: "It appears to me that this had to be an operator error where they must have pulled up the wrong account if you did not call to change anything. I don't know what else would explain this situation. I will speak to the rep today to see if they can recall anything regarding the possible mistake." Finally, we're getting somewhere.

Uncle D's will never get MY money

So this has happened twice, and both times my shift supervisor at work paid full price for this outrage. He says he'd complain if he were angry about it - I don't see why he isn't.

The first time we ordered from Uncle D's New York Pizza, it was after 2 AM on a Thursday morning. We placed our order through an online service that lists a lot of local places and their menus. My shift supervisor paid with his credit card.

We waited an hour and called to check the status. Our pizza was JUST going into the oven. Okay, well, we figure, another 15-20 minutes, right? They're busy, yeah? Okay.
45 minutes go by and we call again and they give us some random song and dance. About five minutes later they call back and say our pizza's on the way out to us. Well, our shift supervisor isn't allowed to leave the building so he sent my other co-worker out to pick up the food. I said he should ask for some of our supervisor's money back, considering it took almost 2 hours to get our food to us and they didn't even call to say they were running behind.

He did, and the delivery driver told him (I'm paraphrasing from what he told us), "Well next time, don't order after the bars close!" Oh, so it's OUR fault our pizza is 2 hours late? Also, it was barely lukewarm. I personally didn't think it tasted very good, but the shift supervisor loves it.

A couple weeks later, he orders from them again. I ask him why he'd bother, but he says he really likes their pizza. We order at 1:30 AM (on a Thursday morning again), so the bars aren't closed yet.

Guess what? 2 hours later, we get cold pizza again. Never any call made to inform us our pizza was going to be late or why.

I asked around at work: one of the other supervisors reported a 3.5 hour wait from them, and that was earlier in the week (we live in a college town, so I know Thursday - Sunday is Party Time). I can be pretty understanding; I used to work in a pizzaria. I know they get busy sometimes. But when other pizza places are running behind for one reason or another, they call me and let me know. And I get HOT pizza from them. These people just set new records for their bad service, and I've sworn they won't get one red cent out of me. I'm pondering going in there during the day sometime and letting their day manager know that the night people are terrible.

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When in doubt > Taylor

Cell Phone Bill

Don't remember if I posted this or not (I know it's in my personal journal somewhere) but I'm still fuming about this, almost a year later.

I still use this company (because my sister now works for them otherwise I would've paid the $200 I don't have to cancel my plan).

I used to be on Verizon, which had mediocre customer service in Colorado, but it was my parents plan and since I felt like their personal puppet, I wanted to get my own phone (as well as many other things in my life). I was on an internship out of state though without my car, so I spoke with a coworker about her 'great service provider' and cool phone, and she helped me order online.

I purchased a phone online as well as a service plan for what I needed at the time. I clicked the box for 'unlimted texting' at $15/month and a my favs plan with like 300 anytime minutes. I also chose a WHITE slider phone.

When it arrived it was a silver/grey slider, and (unbeknownst to me at the time) unlimited texting wasn't put on my plan. I let the color slide because I was busy and figured I personally could have missed a minor detail like that.

About 2 or 2 1/2 weeks later a paper bill arrived, with a total of over $500 (mostly in overage charges) due in 2 or 3 days. I'd spent a little bit of time in those 2 weeks trying to make an account online and set up my online stuff but it wouldn't let me create an account (I even had a friend back home try to do it, and a friend at work to see if it was my internet connection at home, they couldn't set it up either). As soon as I got the bill (about 40 pages, front and back) I called _____. Had to work my way through the automatic response system and finally was connected to someone.

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But now I'm left feeling used, abused, and bruised. Everytime I tell them I have a problem with my bill I get no help, and somehow they continue to charge me more and more. I'm not good with these situations and the only thing I knew to do was ask for a supervisor, but you see how far that got me. So I have 2 questions for all of you. You seem to give great advice so:

1) What can I do to improve, when I have an issue, so that I can get results?
2) What should I do about this cell phone bill? I'm thinking I'm just going to pay it, and then fight it if it shows up too much again next month...I don't know.
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