April 14th, 2008

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interesting restaurant goings on

Ok, this is part query, part bad service. NOTE: I have been both server, and manager in food service, I know and understand what's expected, and fully understand 'bad days' Rule 1 though is "Never let them see you sweat" Collapse )

TL;DR - when did it become SOP for managers to ask what the customer wants in compensation?? Is it a case of too many customers being EBs? Gah! now i have to think about that too.

and can any current or former TGIF servers/line cooks tell me what cut of steak the flat iron is?? *custom cut for TGIF* is all I'm getting.(there may have been confusion on flat irons tonight)
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I'm wondering if the members of this comm can offer me some advice on something that happened to me this morning. Trying to decide if I should do something about this....

Just to be clear, the following is maybe 'peripheral' bad_service? It wasn't 'witnessed' bad_service because this actually happened to me personally. On to the specifics:

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ETA: Wow - thank you guys for the support and what is clearly the prevailing sentiment here. I know this may be an over-think, but I'm just really not a 'try to get someone in trouble'/'take it upon myself to pass judgment on other people' kind of person. I just don't operate that way. This situation clearly demands action, though, I agree with that. So...I just called the company and left a message for the guy's supervisor. So far, so good - it was their personal voicemail, and the name matched what the grocery worker gave me. I'll try to edit this again when I hear back, because now I'm wondering what the response will be....
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This is a pretty old bad service rant but one I just remembered while cruising through this community.

A few years ago I was at Supercuts. Now they aren't my first choice but I was (and still am) very poor and I just needed a trim. Before this my mom had always paid for me to get my hair cut and I had NO idea you were supposed to tip them. Not my fault I didn't know. Anyway...I go in and in confidence I tell the woman doing my hair that I think my hair may be falling out, I am VERY self conscious about myself in every aspect and I found it very embarrassing to have my hair falling out (I found out later it was due to stress) and she checks my head, nice as anything and tells me "No you have great hair! I wouldn't worry sweetie" She seems nice, we chat, etc. Then I get up to pay. She hands me back the change and looks at me. Me still not knowing I was supposed to tip her. I smile and say it was a nice conversation I had with her and I hope to have her again next time. I go to leave and soon as I reach the door she shouts:

"Your hairs falling out!"

In the nastiest voice I have ever heard! Making the other customers and one of the workers chuckle and look at me. I turn, go back to her and ask her to repeat herself. She does not, claiming she didn't say anything. Then I ask to speak to her manager, manager does NOTHING, saying her co-worker did NOT say anything to me. I was f-ing FURIOUS. There are people in the lobby LAUGHING at me! I wrote a seriously horrible letter to the company which was NEVER answered and even though it was years ago I still feel upset when I think of it. What gave her the right to say that to me? Because I didn't know I was supposed to tip her at the time. I know tips are optional but I still felt  like I was a douche  for not giving her one when I found out I was supposed to tip her.  But to  make fun of me in front of all those customers?  Urgh!