April 13th, 2008


Lousy service from overseas & USPS

I have an addiction. It's pretty heavy, and I spend a bunch of money trying to keep up with it. What's my drug of choice? Handmade bath products from a company called Lush. Now recently, Lush UK had been having "Retro Races" basically, a bunch of discontinued products are put up on the site, and if enough people order them in one week, the product will be made. A bunch of people from the Lush forums, both North America and International, decided on one week to place mass orders, as to get the maximum amount of products made.

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I didn't get an email response, so I figured, that's the end. This morning however, I was pleasantly surprised to be awaken by my mother placing one of their distinctive boxes on my bed. I open it to find a second batch of replacements, wrapped neatly, with an accompanying surprise - one of their wrapped gifts, worth almost $26. So there was a good outcome, but it was not fun to have to deal with all the issues.

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last night i had to go to walmart to get some much needed groceries, but as i was walking in, my 7 1/2 month pregnant self suddenly needed to empty my bladder to the point where i thought i wasn't going to make it

i had worked at this walmart a while, but stopped when i became pregnant and had moved an hour away, and will go back after my little girl is born and i move back up this way. so i know how things work...

when i get to the restroom, a sign on a piece of cardboard says "cleaning, please knock". so i knock, no answer. i hear someone in there shuffle to the door like they're holding it shut, and i knock again. a woman (i know who she is, only day shift female janitor they have... and she's always moody) says very rudely "go to the back, this one's closed".
i reply "the sign out here says to knock"
she SNAPPED at me "well I didn't put it there!"

i was tempted to take it off for her since she didn't put it there... i KNOW that at that store, when they're cleaning the bathroom, if a customer or employee needs to use it, they HAVE to let them. im going to call and complain later, i would have last night but i had had an all day baby shower and was running on 4 hours of sleep plus played ball with my 8 yr old cousin... i was exhausted to no end and still had to look forward to an hour drive home.

..just so everyone knows, im not mad that i didn't get to use that restroom, i mad at the fact that she snapped at me! im not psychic! i didn't know she didn't put the sign there. and whether she did or not, the fact that someone who worked for the COMPANY put it there to warn people to knock there. and if she was cleaning it, then why wouldn't SHE put some sort of sign there?
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Not horrible service...

But definitely not good service...

So I went to my local chain grocery store today.  Got my cart of groceries and headed to the checkout.  When I got there the girl (a student at the local high school) proceeded to completely ignore me for the entire transaction.  She didn't even respond to my "Hi" when I got up to the register.  See the problem is that she was too busy chatting over my head with the cashier on the other side of me (another high schooler) about how they had been out drinking the night before and how it was like sooo wild and they should like totally do it again and like bring her older brother along because he's like 21 now.  (Seriously, almost every other word was "like"... my brain was melting...)

1.  Don't ignore your customers.
2.  Don't be carrying on conversations with coworkers over your customer's head.
3.  Particularly if they are conversations about non-work appropriate things such as alcohol and drugs.
4.  And definitely don't talk about those things if you're underaged!

*sigh*  This store's service has definitely gone downhill lately.  Unfortunately it's the only grocery store in my town and is about 3 minutes from my house.  The next closest grocery store is a Super-Walmart about 20 minutes away.
BMB Drama


Dear Everyone,

When you have an email address associated with your work that will be given out to people in order to contact you, try, I don't know, answering it.


I shouldn't have to wait a month, email you again, wait another month, email you AGAIN, then finally call you (when you're not there, because you're never there) and leave a message to get you to FINALLY ANSWER MY EMAIL.

Email is not phone-activated.

Thank you.

(P.S. I suspect it's about to happen AGAIN...with a completely different person. What is wrong with people? I'd understand if your email was down, but it's obviously not because as soon as you heard my message you hopped right to it with no apologies about taking three months to get back to me. Didn't bother calling back, either...just the email. In response to the email I sent...about a month ago. So it's not like you didn't get it. There are no excuses.)

(P.P.S. I know it's my own fault that I work nights, and you just happen to come into the office at noon when I am sound asleep snugly in my bed, but when I finally go to the trouble of calling you in the afternoon when you are there, it doesn't help that the office closes at 1pm and I can't reach you for the following 6 hours, though you are supposedly in the building. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO. I DON'T HAVE YOUR SUPER-SECRET PAGER NUMBER/BAT SIGNAL.)