April 11th, 2008

Adventures with Microsoft

I suppose it happens to just about every tech - something comes along they can't fix without Microsoft's intervention, thus they embark on a quest that crosses desolate and poisoned lands only to be smushed by a goblin king and sent home. Okay, perhaps my quest wasn't quite so epic.

Let me paint some backtory: I am a computer technician that often performs free or discounted service for family and friends. One friend asked I recover his data, then reinstall Windows. Data recovery went very smooth however reinstalling Windows was another story. His laptop has the Microsoft Product Key sticker and the OS was reinstalled using discs from the manufacturer. This is all software that came with the computer. When it comes time to activate Windows, Microsoft states there is a problem with the product key. Oh no! It isn't valid? But its on the laptop, and the software was provided by HP. Buh...?

I call customer service and am greeted by a computer. No sweat! I can understand it better than the outsourced techs in India (no offense to outsourced techs, you guys are great but the accent is a bit of a barrier). The computer determines there is also a problem and transfers me to a live person. They say, without giving me a chance to explain, that the product key is invalid and I must call another line. He gives me the number and I roll my eyes. Already this is becoming a nightmare.

I call the line and hear "Welcome to fee-based personal product support!" Sorry, but I'm not the one who screwed up here. Microsoft's databases think the key is invalid, and while someone may have cracked it years ago it doesn't change the fact it is genuine for this computer. I contact HP support and they state, in no uncertain terms, I need to buy a new copy of Windows.

Furious that I am being told to fork out $150 for something that was rightfully paid for already, I hang up and decide to search the web. In five minutes I found an activation crack, implemented it, and escaped the tangled web of Microsoft sub-par support. No wonder people are pirating this software left and right - people who paid for it fairly are being plagued by awful support on every front!
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Locally Owned Repo XD

I'm making payments on a really cute sectional couch from McMahans. They're really strict with their payments, although there's really no reason... I actually had to get approved for credit. (The other two furniture stores boast "no credit checks" and I would assume they'd be strict because it's high risk, but not this place.)

Yet, payments are due on the 1st and they will start calling... on the 1st at 5pm. If I'm not home to answer the phone, they leave 3 messages a day until I come in and pay. A phone call to tell them I'll be in on the 3rd (I'm supposed to have a 10 day grace) isn't good enough... they'll note that I called but until the cash is in their till, they call and call and call.

If that wasn't annoying enough, someone rang my doorbell at 9AM one time and woke me up. When I answered the door, it was a rather large man wearing a McMahan's shirt. I asked him what he wanted, and he said he was "here for the couch."

Excuse me?! I'd already paid the bill... like a week ago... I was current and had the receipt. I asked him to wait and went and dug it out of my wallet.

He looked at the receipt, then called the store on his cellphone. I was standing in the door looking sleepy (it was the one day I get to sleep in) and listening too him tell his co-worker how this was unprofessional and  he didn't want to get slapped with harassment. I agreed.

I asked him, because I'd never had a repo-attempt before, if they would have taken the couch if my room mate had answered and not known what was going on. He honestly said he didn't know, but he'd personally put notes in my account saying never to take anything unless I was home.

So, the suck wasn't him... the bad service was the people at the office who didn't process my payment and set me up for repo without calling me (I was home all morning)... when they have no problem calling 3 times a day when they want money. I guess at this point, I've paid more then half of the vouch off, so it's more profitable for them to take it back and keep my payments.

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Okay, this is admittedly a pretty small suck. But sometimes even a small suck can be big time irritating...

There is a locally owned restaurant in our town that my family and I really like to go to. We like the food, the atmosphere, etc., etc. In a lot of ways, it's really our favorite restaurant. There's just one thing we don't like so much...

We've been going there for years. We especially like to go there for breakfast. We're breakfast nuts, and they serve breakfast at all hours of the day (I mean ALL hours--they're open 24/7). I happen to like coffee with my breakfast, and I happen to like it sweetened. And I can't use sugar for medical reasons. The same thing goes for my husband. That's not usually a problem, because most restaurants these days have at least two, sometimes three kinds of artificial sweetener out on the tables. Not this place, though. The only thing on the tables there is the stuff in the pink packets (Sweet'n Low), which is saccharine based and has a nasty, sort of chemical aftertaste. No offense to anyone who may happen to like Sweet'n Low, but I just hate that stuff. I'd rather skip having coffee than have to taste that bitter aftertaste.

But that is not the suck.Collapse )

EDITED to add: I didn't think to identify exactly who the two people were that I talked to about this issue. Since people have been assumning that I was complaining to the servers, I want to set things straight. The first person I talked to was actually one of the owners. (It's a family owned, ma & pa kind of place, and she was "ma," or maybe "grandma.") I think the second person was a manager, but I'm not 100% sure about that. It's hard to tell; they don't wear name tags or anything, so it's possible she was a hostess. But I never even raised the issue with a server. It's a policy matter, and I know they have no control over that, so I made my comments up front when we were paying the bill. Just wanted to clarify that!
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Bad medical service

I am kind of peeved. The more I think about it, the more angry I get. I wasn't planning on saying anything to my doctor because the tech was very nice (and because I don't like to hurt nice peoples feelings), but the situation was stupid and down right dangerous.

I went in to have an MRI on my knee done yesterday. Although I have been injured an umpteen amount of times, I have never had an MRI done. I kind of knew what to expect from looking up info on the internet (and was quite happy when I saw it was an open MRI).

The tech was really nice, she acted friendly and helpful. I had filled out paperwork and one question on it was, "Have you ever had an MRI?". I checked "no". She read it and sounded flabbergasted "You have never had an MRI!?!?!?". This should have been an indication to her that I had no clue how long this was going to take (it took over an hour) and she should have told me so I could have told my husband, who insisted in waiting in the car, to go get something to eat or go somewhere for a while. I get undressed, put on the gown and go into the MRI room. She has her music blasting which is cool since I know the MRI's are loud. She tells me they are loud when I get on the table and says "You may not notice it since you will probably be rocking out to my music!". Cool, I think, music to help this go by.

About 3 minutes into the scan, she gets on her cell phone (and at this time, her back is to me because the computer is against the wall) and gradually turns down the music till it is a faint whisper, so much for rocking out. She was on the phone all but the last 5 minutes of the scan.
The sound of that thing made me go stir-crazy. If there was a window I think I would have jumped out of it.

So the whole thing finally ended (yippee) and she got me water for my cough and I went into the changing area to get my clothes back on. When I came out, all was quiet. I went to the waiting room, the lights were off, the business office was empty and locked. I looked into the MRI room, her stuff was gone (including her I-POD and I-POD player) and her chair was pushed in. I waited a minute or two and she didn't come back. I was left alone in the MRI office and I was there for a freaking LEG injury. God help them if I fell down and got hurt, again. Granted, they are part of my doctors office but they are way down the hall from him and I doubt anyone would have heard me screaming seeing as it was a quarter to 6 and probably no one was in his office either.

I am seeing my doctor next week to go over the MRI, I am going to say something to him. I don't think I would have had as much of a problem if she had said something to me about leaving. It's not like it took me 5 minutes to put my clothes back on.

Medical suck

So this is a minor suck that happened during finals week at my college.
I started having major tooth pain on the left side of my mouth. It got so bad that I had problems opening my mouth and my cheek got very tender. So off to the health center for me. I get there almost as soon as they open and my mouth is so sore that I can barely talk. I get check it okay and then wait for a few minutes before I see an actual doctor.
Now I understand that my teeth are bad, as I haven't had dental insurance for a few years and have had bad experiences with dentists in the past (one had me flat on my back and got annoyed that I complained of discomfort) so it has been awhile since I last saw one. She comments on this as she is poking around in my mouth. As she is pressing on a tooth, she pokes me in the cheek which hurts like hell. I cry out to which she says "oh did that hurt?" No, says my inner monologue, I randomly cry out in pain for no reason. She asks me if have any insurance beside through the school, which I don't. She then tells me that I have to see the dentist and that she will schedule me an appointment. I am practically in tears due to pain as she calls a randomly selected dentist office. Here is what I heard of the conversation before I left to get happy pain pills.
Yes, because i want the dentist to think that I am one telling you yell at the poor receptionist as he is poking me with very sharp tools. She then tells me that she made an appointment for me, without actually asking me what time/day worked for me. Needless to say, she scheduled an appointment for the next day for a time in which I have a final.
I went home and spent the day taking pain pills and watching Law and Order. I also canceled the appointment with that dentist and have since scheduled an appointment with another dentist.
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