April 8th, 2008

Horrified Mini-Tracey

Misogynist OMFG!

A previous post about college muck-ups reminded me of this.

I met this girl when I was working for a Coast Guard College. She had gone to the university I was currently attending and told me this story about this particular physics prof. She had been an engineering student and had to take physics from this prof. He was the only one who taught it at the time (small university). Anyway, they'd had this test and apparently 95% of the class had done terribly, so the prof was answering questions after class.

So she's in line, and the prof is taking to the guy ahead of her. Key word: "Guy". This particular guy had flat out flunked the test. She listened to the prof explain a few questions, and at the end of the conversation he patted the guy on the back and said, "Don't worry about it too much. You'll do better on the next one."

So then it's my friend's turn. She hands the prof her test, which she didn't fail, just did poorly and had a few questions. She doesn't get a single question out. The prof looks at her test, looks back at her, and unceremoniously states, "Well it's obvious that you don't belong in any kind of engineering class. Why don't you take a walk down the hall and go check out the nursing department where you clearly belong."

Needless to say, she was beyond shocked. She snatched her paper out of his hand and immediately stalked down to the human resources and wellness department where she promptly bawled her eyes out and filed an official complaint against the asshole.

Soon later she actually did decide to change her program and so she lost track of the complaint. When she told me this story she had since graduated, so I looked into it for her.

What I found was that this prof is still working with absolutely no slight against him on his record at all. I asked the guy at human resources about it and he sighed and told me that, unfortunately, there were many levels to these complaints and that at any time someone who liked the asshole could have swiped the complaint out of the system and gotten rid of it. He said it sucks, and he'd like to see the guy fired, but there's nothing he can do because he's just the guy who writes down the complaint.

As a little bit of extra: I watched that particular professor while I was at school....he taught physics and calculus, and both of his classes had an EIGHTY PERCENT FAIL RATE. Um...WHAT?! And these aren't just any students. As I mentioned before, these are engineering students...they aren't exactly stupid when it comes to math and science. And as a bit of further proof, there are two other calculus teachers, both of whom only have 25% fail rates with the same course material. Honest, I've seen this guy's final exams.....I took Calculus from one of the other profs and made 80's, but I would have flunked this guy's course. @_@ So he's a misogynist AND loves to bash people's dreams and futures. Lovely.

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Irritatingly bad_service from an online video game retailer.

Now, I love RPGs for the PS2. Specifically, RPGs from companies such as Gust and Nippon Ichi - the Atelier Iris series, Ar Tonelico and Disgaea, for example. Unfortunately, because I live in Australia, it is almost impossible to get these games, as they aren't released here in most cases. Hell, normally I sit and wait to see if they'll even be localised so they're released in America! Now, I'll admit, I started off downloading these games. But, I enjoy them so much it seemed unfair to keep doing that rather than purchasing them, so I began buying them from NIS America, who localise the games.

Now the first couple I bought, all good. I pre-ordered one last year and it arrived just fine, about a week after it was released. But this time? Unimpressed.

Last year, NIS America handed their store over to an online store called Rosenqueen. That's been fine with me, and with my previous pre-order there were no issues. But in February this year, I pre-ordered Mana Khemia, a PS2 RPG. I have been waiting for forever for this game to be localised, and then released. So, I pre-ordered it the day they emailed and said it was available. I paid when I ordered, because those are the rules at Rosenqueen. $39.99 US for the game (so much cheaper than games in Australia!) and $23 UD for shipping (USPS Priority International Shipping). Got the order confirmation, my credit card was charged, all good.

The game was released on 31st March. On that day in America, I got an email from NIS America saying that the game was being shipped to retailers across America. Awesome! The 1st of April comes...2nd of April comes...etc. No email saying my game has been shipped. I hop onto the Rosenqueen website and check my orders. My pre-order isn't there. I search with my order number. Nothing found. Perplexed, I emailed Rosenqeen and asked if my pre-order had been shipped, as I couldn't find it on their website. As of today, no reply. Not even an automated one. I popped onto the NIS America forums, as I know that NISA sometimes help out with customer service problems. As of today, 21 people have viewed my post, but no replies. Can't blame them though. People on the forums (in America) are saying they got theirs in the mail already, and didn't get any shipping confirmation, but others are saying they haven't gotten theirs.
Adding insult to injury, I got another email from NIS America, stating that although they have copies of Mana Khemia, their stock is low so you should hurry up and order now. I already have!!

Due to the time difference, and the fact that Rosenqueen's office is only open between 10am and 6pm PST, I am finding it very hard to call them about it. I find this quite poor service - if they are indeed shipping the game without any confirmation, I think that's really lazy. I also think it's really poor that no one has answered my email - especially since on their website it states that their "merchant monkeys are working around the clock". Clearly, they are not.
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