April 7th, 2008

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TV Update :(

Well, my patience has finally worn out with Circuit City.

This post about them "rescheduling" me for getting service on my TV was originally amusing, but now this is ridiculous. The same woman called me again this morning while I was at class and said the technician would now be coming on Wednesday. No "please call us if this doesn't work for you," no mention of "we're sorry if this has inconvenienced you," nada, zip.

Of course I actually have classes all day Wednesday, plus a midterm tomorrow night. Wednesday is a no-go for me. When I called back I admit I was almost entering customers-suck territory, since the guy who answered the phone obviously wasn't the original lady who called and rescheduled me the the first two times. I hope I wasn't too snappy with him. :(

Now the technician will supposedly come next Tuesday, a full 2 weeks after the TV stopped working.

What irks me the most is that my parents bought me this TV as an amazing Christmas present, and it's not even 5 months old yet. They know what's going on and feel somehow responsible for it, which makes me feel worse. It shouldn't suddenly turn off for good after being on for only 15 minutes last week. And furthermore, I'd expect slightly better repair service for a $700 TV plus the oh-so-super $150 "5 year advantage protection plan." For that amount of money, I would think that the customer could either...

a. Choose a date that works for them, instead of Circuit City giving them a day to be home,


b. Know in advance what time the technician is actually coming. I've learned that they call you between 7 and 9 that morning on the day of service to tell you when he'll be there. When you're a student, this is absolutely impossible to work around sometimes.

I've never actually complained to a company before, and I'm not sure if this is common practice. Any advice would be helpful. :(

But for anyone else who happens to buy at Circuit City, don't bother with the advantage protection plan. Even if it adds 5 years to the warranty, this service doesn't make it worthwhile at all.
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Short post about a long wait

A post in customers_suck reminded me of this (about people complaining over wait times at restaurants.)

A few months ago, a group of us went to D&B on a Saturday night and decided we were hungry, but didn't want the everything-fried-and-greasy D&B food. So we wandered around the shopping center it was in for a while trying to find a restaurant whose wait wasn't atrocious. What's up, Saturday night dinner crowd?

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A review I just left on hotels.com about the Hilton Garden Inn that is located in Nanuet, NY. The uptight jerks. 

"The people at the front desk are rude. Just because we don't fit in to the stereotype of the other guests doesn't mean we can't afford to stay there. I also don't appreciate the visible reaction of disgust when asked a simple question just because I don't look like you. This is a reoccuring theme because after moving our entire house across country in Dec my husband stayed there for a night and they actually asked him if he could afford it.  The only reason hotel service got a 2 is because there was someone there every time we went through the lobby.

We both have great jobs, and yes we can afford to stay there, but we are taking our business elsewhere."

Granted, I look like a bum. I can't wear makeup or jewelry to work so I just wear my wedding ring and my husband looks "scary" with his full length leather trench coat and his goatee that he has been growing out for a year, but come on now. This time it was for our wedding anniversary and we never get to see each other because of our work schedules so this was important to us. 


APU Frustration

I've received bad service from a collage before, such as the teacher that told me to leave his class because I couldn't pay for next semester, or the teacher that failed only me in a class that is designed to pass (hmm, I have a lot of problems with teachers).

But this...takes the cake.

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*huffs* I just want to learn, dammit!

(Note: My major is history with a minor in archeology/anthropology...I should have predicted this)
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Dell Woes

I am pretty sure people have heard some horror stories with regards to Dell and their out-sourced call center's retardedness. I really need to vent though, so bear with me.

Last week, my boss finally approved my "company expense" laptop, and i proceeded to buy it from Dell, seeing that i can somewhat customise it to play games too. There was nothing wrong with it, so i only changed 1 component, which was the sound card. The promotion running at that time was a bonus 2 year XPS premium services (something like a warranty?) and a printer.
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Full Service

I was driving through New Jersey with my boyfriend. For those that don't know, they have full service stations only. My car was acting a little funny, so we pulled over to check on the oil level. We had nothing to wipe the oil stick with, so we figured we could just get it checked at the station while they fill up my gas tank. No big deal, I've done this before without a fuss in a similar situation. I was wrong.

I'm waiting for a free lane at the gas station. An attendant, lets call him Bob, says "Hey baby, let me show you something. come on baby, back up, back up, back up." Apparently he was trying to get me to switch over to another lane. Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand people calling me "baby" like that. Rude, but I thought I should let it slide.

I ask Bob to fill my tank on regular, and to go ahead and check my oil level for me. He agrees. I pop the hood, but he's looking at the car like he's never seen an engine before. After a couple of minutes of standing there like an idiot, he calls someone else over to help him. Another employee checks my oil level. Bob then comes over to me to remind me that this is not a shop that would be charging me "by the minute" (as in hinting that I'm obligated to leave him a fantastic tip for his "service" despite his total ineptitude.)

Bob drills me on what kind of oil to put in my car, how much, etc, and I say "I don't know, however much it needs." And he says something to the effect of "come on baby I gotta line of people waiting for me". At this point he starts getting into an argument with my boyfriend. Bob tells him to get out of the car to take a look at the oil level to see for himself. He finally adds oil in the car after 10-15 minutes (it should have taken less than 5 minutes to do this) and comes over, hands me my card and receipt. I take it and Bob says "excuse me, can i see that?" practically reaching into my car. At this point, he was starting to sound a bit hostile. I don't know if he was pointing to the cash sitting next to me or the receipt to point out how much the total was and how much I should be tipping him. I finally hand him $2 and told him to please go away. I rolled up my window and left.

I wish I got out of the car and handed the cash to the other employee who knew what he was doing instead of Bob.
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Just a heads up

Hey all! I just wanted to give you a heads up about a phishing scam my fiance and I just got called for... Our caller ID showed a local number with a blocked caller ID... He answered and the person on the other end claimed to be from Sprint. He offered us a free phone and cell service if we paid up front for "monthly line rental" He tried to get credit card information from us for said 'rental'. As soon as my fiance mentioned that we are already Sprint/Nextel customers, he hung up... My fiance is on the phone right now with Sprint's faud department talking to them about it...Just thought you guys might appreciate the heads up!
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In honor of me realizing it has been 4 months now that I've been dealing with my necklace saga, I thought I would post it here.

Part of the saga, I'm willing to admit, is my fault. Work is crazy busy, and I'm not following up nearly as quickly as I should. The item in question isn't mine, so it's pretty low on my priority list.

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1 month later, still no necklace. I only thought of it now because my mother just reminded me again. With any luck, I don't have to work this weekend, so I can make yet another trek down to the pier to bug the owner. Part of the problem is that if the owner isn't there, I can't do anything.