April 5th, 2008

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Haha, what???

*phone rings*

Lady: Hello, I'm calling from Circuit City.
Me: Alright.
Lady: You have an appointment with a technician for your television on Tuesday the 8th?
Me: Yes ma'am.
Lady: Alright, the technician will be there between 11 and 1 on Monday the 7th.
Me: ...what?
Lady: 11 to 1. Monday the 7th.
Me: But I scheduled it on the 8th.
Lady: Yes, and he'll be there on the 7th between 11 and 1.
Me: But that's not when I- oh, forget about it.
Lady: Have a great day!


Originally posted in a different community, but someone suggested you guys might get a kick out of it too. I consider it more hilariously_stupid_service than bad_service, but eh.

I didn't argue because I'm pretty much home all day on Mondays and Tuesdays anyway. :x
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Ummm okay try again

My best friends fiance is in town, he flew in using Skybus on Thursday and is leaving Sunday night get home for work. Sky bus with no forwarning to those travelling went out of business. There is no number to call to try and get back, they aren't offering any help with any other airlines to get travelers back home, only having people contact their bank to get refunds.

So now he's stuck in town, he has no way to get back home on sunday night without spending nearly $200 on a one way ticket. Very sucky. He doesn't even know who to call to really refund the money back to his card for the money spent on the return flight. He's called other airlines and they basically are laughing at him for using skybus and as they have no affiliation won't let him have a lower rate.

This has been a long time coming. I flew on skybus this summer and while the rates were great it was a three ring circus getting onto the plane. My return flight was cancelled and they don't offer alternatives or refunds right away. You just had to go to the kiosk and pay for the next flight (the next morning) and hope it wasn't canceled. When I asked for a number to the call, they didn't have an 800 number just a very angry woman at the counter. I don't mind the fact they tried to sell you things on the flights, or that you had to pay for everything, but ye god. If one thing goes wrong on your trip, you're shit out of luck and on your own. One person was two minutes late getting to the gate and was refused to be allowed on. Pretty much "Too bad for you, you can't fly now, no no you do not get a refund"

Sucky service at a local restaurant...and a bad LJ comm

So the customers_suck comm indeed itself sucks. Apparently it's ok for the other, more "seasoned" members to make posts about their rude attitude with bad customers but if an "omgz n00bez" makes a post with her "rude" attitude, it's like the worst thing that has ever happened. Oh, and the mod is a total bitch.

EDIT: Seriously, you all have to stop. I can't breath cause I'm laughing so hard. You all should really consider becoming comics cause all you c_s kiss asses are HILARIOUS! XDDDDDDD

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