April 4th, 2008


Bus Drivers can be total assholes/bitches!

After reading a few posts at customers_suck about fucktard passengers, I thought I would make a post about asshole/bitchy bus drivers.

I remembered reading an article in a newspaper a few years ago where a mother was kicked off the bus just because her kid constantly kept dropping his bottle of milk and crying. After accidentally dropping the bottle for the umpteenth time, the asshole bus driver had enough and demanded the mother to get off his bus. Of course, that REALLY made the other passengers very very angry and told the bus driver that what he did was wrong, but he kicked the mother and her friend off anyway. Thus, he left the two mothers and their kids waiting in the cold, Vancouver rains for another bus.

God, what an asshole! The mother did her best to try to calm her kid, but that didn't sit well with the bus driver.

There was also a bus driver who won't let a mother climb into his bus in Maple Ridge (another suburb outside of Vancouver) just because her stroller was big. Get this, the front of the bus have a lot of room and there was no other stroller or wheelchair. As the mother tried to climb on board, the bus driver actually kicked the stroller off and left. That really made the mother very angry.

I don't know what's with those two bus drivers. I bet they NEVER have kids themselves.

Both of the mothers had sent their complaints to Translink (BC's public transit system,) but I had forgotten how it turn out.
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The hell... (super short)

Setting: I call restaurant to see if they deliver, guy answers and says "Yes" and I said I'd call back later.

Lady at Restaurant: "Restaurant"

Me: "Hi, I'd like to order for delivery (insert phone smile)."

Lady at Restaurant: "We don't do delivery."

-- 2 second silence --

Me: "Hello?"

**click** She hangs up on me.

-- dials again --

Lady at Restaurant: "Restaurant"

Me: "Hello, yes, I'd...

Lady at Restaurant: "We don't deliver"


-- dials once more --

Lady at Restaurant: "Restaurant"

Me: "Yes I spoke with someone earlier and they told me you do delivery."

Lady at Restaurant: "...Hold on please"

---- end ----

I mean seriously, if you're new, at least ASK someone if you do delivery, don't hang up.

EDIT: I spoke with the first guy after that and got my delivery, that lady was a twat :\.
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