April 3rd, 2008

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I just joined and felt the need to share this gem with you all.

1. The other day I was at the Wal of Mart getting bedding supplies. It's a five bedroom house. I need a lot of bedding. I needed 32 pillows. The ladies in the pillow department were excellent. They aren't the reason why I am here. I had around five shopping carts filled to the brim of bedding, pillows, rugs, etc. They told me to go to Customer Service to check out my stuff when I was ready. Cool. Awesome service. I go to Customer Service with my boyfriend and we begin to sort through things. This takes about thirty minutes.

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Many years ago in a grocery store far, far away

Several years ago I was doing my mom's friend a favor and looked after her young son, Scotty, while she was at work. He has Down Syndrome. Sweetest kid you could ever be around. He was always laughing and giggling. Of course, someone with Down Syndrome is pretty easy to pick out of a crowd. They have some rather distinct facial characteristics.

I took him with me to a grocery store one day because it was his favorite thing to do. We go up to pay and the cashier says, "What a cute retarded boy!"

I was so shocked and taken aback that I couldn't even respond for a few seconds. Then I had to restrain myself from punching the stupid girl. I almost started screaming at her but I was so upset I started to cry a little. But I didn't need to yell at her myself. The man waiting behind me in line started yelling at her for her crass remark while I had a chance to regain my composure.

Needless to say the girl was fired and I never felt the least bit bad about it. What is it in this world that makes people think those kinds of comments are okay? I had had some people remark about how they loved to work with Down Syndrome kids but that was the only time I'd ever heard someone call him retarded.


I just got back from picking up my liveliness(cancer) meds!

Oh. I am not amused.

Line wasn't too bad, and all that jazz. Well I'm expecting to see this one tech since she's always there, but she's not today. So whatever.

Finally get to the front of the line. There's about 5 people behind me now.

Pharmacy Tech: Name/DOB
Me: *provides*
Tech: Okay! I have one ready for you.
-Tech goes to get medicine-
Tech: Ooh, you know this medicine makes you gain weight right? That's gonna be hard for you since you're already chubby!
Me: .. . . .
Me: Excuse me?!
Tech: That's one of the side effects it says on here.
Me: Do you even know what the medicine's for? *gives her money and grabs medicine storming off!*
I went to go look for the store manager, since I already know that the pharmacist doesn't do shit.
Of course, the store manager is no where to be found.

Fucking walgreens. This medicine's less expensive at Walgreen's and that's the only reason I've stayed. :\ CVS is too far away.