March 30th, 2008


Wells Fargo

I've banked with Wells Fargo for a long time, and I have both a credit card and a check card with them. I've never had any problems with them until now, and perhaps I'm being oversensitive but this problem's quite an annoying one.

This evening, I found a good price on a plane ticket to go home for my brother's graduation. I tried to buy it with my credit card and the transaction just wouldn't go through. When I tried to log into my online banking account, it said the credit card account information was unavailable, but my savings and checking accounts showed up just fine. I finally ended up buying the ticket with my checking card, which was really a less than optimal situation for me.

I called Wells Fargo to find out if there were any issues with my credit card that caused it to not go through (terrified of identity theft). The guy I talked to told me that because they "update the system" every day, my credit card won't work between one o'clock and five o'clock in the morning!

Is it just me, or does having a card that does NOT WORK for four hours every day seem a little ridiculous? Not that I'm generally buying things at three a.m. anyway, but one of the major reasons I have a credit card in the first place is for emergency situations, which can happen any time. I almost don't believe the service rep; I might call back to get a second opinion!
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hungry jacks south lake

I haven't had the internet in a couple of weeks (which is a bad service of itself) so this story is a little delayed

so firstly, hungry jacks is the same as burger king almost exactly. the menu is the same, the look of the franchises is the same, they are all part of the burger king brand... the food is a little less greasy though (from the experience of a burger king in Sydney because other than that, all of Oz is Hungry Jacks)

over summer HJs has a stunner deal which is $2 cheaper than a value meal and you get an ice cream (stunner), they just change the burger you get for the stunner every few weeks.

on Monday the 17th I am sure I saw an ad for the bacon deluxe stunner deal on tv. on Thursday the 20th I went to get one while I was moving stuff back into my dads. south lake just happened to be convenient.

I waited in the drive through queue a long time. the queue was moving slowly because a motorcycle group (enthusiasts of bikes as opposed to Harley riders... there wasn't a Harley there in fact) was inside and they also happened to take all the parking bays (and laughed at anyone trying to park). I sat in the queue for about 20 mins.

when I got to the speaker, I didn't see the stunner on the menu, but I ordered one anyway. they said they have finished. I then advised that I had seen an advertisement for them on Monday and enquired when did they finish. the guy said Monday. This sounded like shit to me so I asked for the manager.

eventually the manager came and told me the same thing to which I responded that I wanted to see the company directive that said it was over. eventually the manager and his crony came to me with it at the drive through speaker.

the first paragraph said it ceased on the 20th. the second said what it was to be replaced with so I enquired as to what that was. after 5 mins of arguing they still wouldn't explain to me the offer in the second paragraph. meantime I had not moved in the drive though but I was about to concede.

then I read the third paragraph, that any special requests for the stunner were to be honoured until the 20th.

Hang on. that is today I thought, and I told them.

I spent another 10 minutes arguing this point before they accepted they would make one just to get me out of the queue. they didn't accept that I was right, they just wanted me to move. the crony went inside to make the order and in the meantime the manager followed my car through the drive through until I left.

several months ago I was in the drive through at Hungry Jacks in Innaloo when I heard the counter manager telling the kitchen that they were shit and that they were 'not the manager of shit' and I made a complaint to the store manager later that week and I called the Hungry Jacks head office to complain and I never received a response so I fear my complaint about this incident will fall on deaf ears also.
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Hungry Jacks

Last night, I went to my local Hungry Jack's (COUGHkaringalCOUGH). I think its an Australian version of Burger King or something. Anyway, I was getting dinner for my family, my sisters friend and my boyfriend, so there was 8 of us in total.

It wasn't busy and we didn't have to wait long to order. The staff were taking orders and people were called out to when their order was ready so that they could continue taking orders. I ordered 4 Spicy Chicken Baguettes, 2 Country Chicken Baguettes and 2 Bacon Deluxe Burgers. (ETA: I had vouchers to get them cheaper). I waited around 25 minutes or so, but baguettes take longer so that was fine. Anyway, the lady finally turned to me and says "Here. We didn't have enough baguettes.", and handed me a handful of coins.

That was so freaking annoying. We ended up 2 baguettes short, so me and my boyfriend went without. She didn't think to ask if we wanted something else, or even notify me that she was doing a refund. If I'd known they were short, I would have got 2 Whoppers or something. Not huge bad service, but huge pain in the ass. And, she wouldn't give me my voucher back :( 
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My friendly neighbourhood shoemaker and I have seen a lot of each other because I tend to wear the hell out of my heels. I've taken my boots to him twice times this winter. Once to fix the broken zipper on the right boot, and once just last week, to fix the broken zipper on the left boot, put some rubber or whatever on the worn-down heels, and polish them. He charged me $35 for this.

I remember distinctly showing him the problem with the zipper : part of it was beginning to get unstitched from the lining of the boot, and three of the zipper teeth were twisted in different directions.

My mom picks up my boots for me. I put them on... the left zipper snags. I check, and it's still unstitched, and the teeth are still twisted.

I go back with the boots and tell him that he didn't do the work I paid him good money to do. He insists that he fixed the zipper on the OTHER boot, and keeps up with this story even when I remind him he'd fixed that one months earlier. Refuses to fix the boot he was supposed to, or give me my money back.

He won't see me again. Not that he likely cares.

But I'm really pissed off. I'm a full-time college student; I have a part-time Retail Hell job that pays a pittance above minimum wage. $35 is a lot of fucking money for me. Now I'm out almost forty bucks and have a pair of boots I can't wear.

Bad service is...

Duncan Donuts drive thur on a Saturday Morning (around 10AM)

Hubbins  orders
The voice in the box confirms but had the order wrong
Hubbins repeats order
The voice in the box confirms but had the order wrong...

Rinse and repeat about 6 more times. 

The order taker finally seemed to understand what we wanted and repeated it back correctly.
One bacon egg and cheese on a crossant
one ham egg and cheese on a crossant
one bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel toasted
one medium Mocha Latte

We get to the window 
They open the window and asks us to repeat the order
We do
Hubbins pays
and we wait
and wait
and wait
we finally get the sandwiches
and we wait for my latte.
The counter person opens the window and says "  What you waiting for"
Husband says a medium Mocha latte
The guy sighs really loudly and askes us to wait longer.
We wait and I finally get my latte.
We get back on the road... its now about 10:25AM

The suck
The sandwiches were still wrong
and my Mocha Latte didnt have any chocolate.

Since the Duncan Donuts is off a highway and we were traveling and running late it wasnt worth the effort to go back.  We had left home at 730AM and just wanted to eat and keep going.  I did take down the complaint number and I may call but I doubt it would do any good so venting here instead.
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Does online fraud count?

I recently used intelius. com to use their unlisted phone number search for a family member. It only cost 7 or 8 dollars, but I noticed a charge for 20.00 on my bank statement around a week later. Many online companies have a "no refund" policy, and Intelius is one of them. I noticed that the additional charge was for an entirely different credit monitoring company. I never signed up for this service, so I called the other company and asked them to cancel my membership that I never signed up for. I had to call back several times to get a refund, but I've heard that other consumers were denied refunds. 

The scary thing is that I never saw any fine print about alternate charges or services. Intelius essentially sold my credit card information to a third party company and charged me 20.00 for a service that I never even asked for! If you ever encounter fraud like this, change your card number and contact the company immediately! I was stupid for using Intelius, but I never expected them to sell my card information to another company without any kind of warning!

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