March 28th, 2008

Chicken is not turkey

Small bad service suckage but still very annoying.

I go to Subway on my lunch sometimes. Every time I walk in there I get waited on the same older guy. I order what I always order: a footlong turkey breast on hearty Italian. First encounter with this man he starts grabbing chicken and putting it on my sub. I I gently tell him "Oh, I wanted turkey" He stops what he's doing, looks at me and tells me "You SAID chicken". I reply "Oh no. I'm sorry. I said turkey. I always get turkey" and then he very obviously rolls his eyes and says "OHHH, Well I guess I must have to get my ears checked." I'm a little hurt as I was being as polite as I could to him and did not make a big deal out of it at all while he's treating me like this. But I carry on an leave. Second time I go to Subway and deal with the same man, the same thing happens. And then a third time! Practically word for word too! It's driving me nuts. One time is excusable but 3 times is ridiculous. 

I couldn't figure out why this kept happening but I figure I should just say Turkey instead of turkey breast because I'm guessing he hears the breast part and thinks chicken instead. So I'm going to see what happens when I try that.


I'm so irritated about Paypal's little "oops" moment. Recently I set about doing oodles of research on a violin brand (Gigla), and was referred by a great little forum of violinists to a San Francisco online shop. Chris from that shop has been great to deal with, and I was finally ready to make a purchase.
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Maybe I'll just get a money order written up. :/ Apparently paypal is having a blonde moment, and I'd love to get the violin in time for lessons. (It would be ridiculous to show up for lessons with no violin.)
paul rudd in glasses

a year old? seriously?

So my personal guilty pleasure soda is Vault Zero. About a year and a half ago, I'd guess, my school stopped carrying it in the dining halls. I was sad for about five minutes, but life goes on.

Yesterday, I'm grabbing a few drinks to bring home with me, and find a few bottles of Vault Zero! Awesome! I grab a couple, pay, and stick them in my backpack for later. I didn't open one until well after I got home. I almost spat it back out - it tasted horrible.

After a check of the date, it expired in May 2007, nearly a full year ago. The dining hall apparently stuck a bunch of the bottles of the old stuff in the cooler; I'm not sure why. I know that expired soda (while it tastes incredibly bad) isn't dangerous to you; then, I did a simple Google search to find that the reason my school stopped carrying the brand was because it was recalled for containing Benzene.

Selling me year old recalled carcinogenic* soda! Thanks, dining hall! I sent an e-mail off to someone, but have yet to get a response.

(* No, I don't think I'm going to get cancer or anything from it, it's just the point that it was recalled for health reasons a YEAR AGO. Why was it on the shelves and sold to me YESTERDAY?)

Visual Profiling

This is bad service on my employers part, and I needed a place to rant about it.

I know I need to quit... ethically I should not be here, but right now I'm not in a financial situation to just up and leave a $9/Hr. desk job. After the panic attack I had today, I think I'm going to look for a different job over summer break when I don't have to drive 70 miles round trip to school each day... that way I can put the proper energy into interviews and such.

The suck is:

My boss is xenophobic. She, for the most part appears to be a very sweet old lady, but she's afraid of "foriegners" and will refuse them service. She'll tell them we're out of product, or overbooked, or "bashquote" them which means to jack the price up so much they'll just go somewhere else instead. I know this is illegal, I know it's wrong... I don't like it AT ALL, and I refuse to do it. She has the brains enough not to try and force me, but today I got into a situation where I was afraid I'd either get fired, or walk out.

This lovely young lady came in last night to pick up the product. She didn't have a reservation, so I made one for her. There were two problems: She wasn't old enough, and she didn't have the minimum authorization balance on her card. She had cash, but we can't take cash. I tried anyway, but the computer said No.

Her birthday was today, and that would make her old enough, so I told her to call her credit card company and see if they'd let her do a transfer from her bank to the card, then come back tomorrow and everything would be just fine. There was NO REASON we could not rent to her, so long as she got the card balance taken care of.

She was a very beutiful mix of latino and black. Her boyfriend was black. Both were very nice.

Then I remembered that if she came in before I got there, she'd have to deal with my boss. I felt sick... I just knew my boss would try to get them to go away, and considering that I'd just promised her everything would be okay, I didn't want to let that happen. So I told her to please come in on my shift, because I'd delt with her credit card problem personally and would be best to follow up. I worried about it all night.

Luckily, my boss did not work today after all, but the young lady got there just before I did. I saw her walking out as I was walking in, and she smiled at me and shook her head. I was very upset; I went in and asked why she'd been refused service making no effort to hide that I was angry, and my co worker told me that the card still hadn't worked, and she wanted to use her boyfriends; but her boyfriend is not old enough to rent the product so he couldn't take it. My co worker is not racist that I know of, so I believed him... but the fact that I had to worry for them in the first place makes me really sick.

Should I have told them my worries, or would that have just made things horribly worse? Because it was my co-worker and not my boss who refused service, should I turn it in? Is there someone I can call for a STING, since I've never seen her do it myself, even though she told me she does?

What should I do? 
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