March 26th, 2008

Work (DLM)

Really, this is just a bitch

Oh, Einstein's Bagels, what have you done with all your sandwiches?

First, you eliminated the Ranchero panini from your menu, and I cried. But I love the Spinach & Bacon too, so I survived.

This morning, I'd been running crazed and hadn't managed to get anything to eat. A panini at 10am will usually fix me up for the rest of the day. I drive down to the Einstein's (it's the opposite direction from work), treat myself to a Spinach & Bacon to-go and then get it back to the office.

To find it loaded with mushrooms. *sobs* I can't eat mushrooms. Did you change the recipe on me? And now I have nothing to eat. I never expected mushrooms to randomly show up on something I've always received mushroom-free.

(Note: I will be taking it back and probably won't receive bad_service when I do that, but probably can't get out of here again until 1pm or so. So, I go hungry.)