March 25th, 2008


Lousy doctor.

I had a great family doctor for 20 years. Sadly he suffered a heart attack and had to retire. :( He sold his practice to a few other doctors and they opened a "walk-in" clinic. The old receptionist stayed on a while and recommended one of the doctors for me. This new doctor hung around for a year or so and then moved on. I chose another doctor and just dealt with the long waiting times. I continued with this doctor for a couple years.

I occasionally suffer from gout and have a flair up once in a while. If I watch what I eat and exercise I can go many months or a year, maybe longer without a flair up. I can feel one coming on and if I take my meds right away I can endure with little or no pain.

A few months ago I had a huge flair up. My right large toe swelled twice it's size. I started my meds but didn't catch it in time. My toe got even bigger that it ruptured. This was the first and only time that had happened. It was gross! All this liquid & blood oozed out. I went in to see the doctor.
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