March 23rd, 2008

[disgaea] rage

Applebee's somewhere in the Buffalo area

So, this week is spring break for me and probably several other schools. I had to stay in my dorm until today since I don't drive and both of my parents were out of town.

So, my dad came to pick me up early in the afternoon, and then we had to go to a city an hour away to pick my mom up from the airport as she'd been on vacation last week. Given that dad had been away from home for several hours, just about everything on campus was closed so I was pretty much running on junkfood and mom had been on a plane all day, we were all hungry. So we decided to go to Applebee's, since they were actually open.

We walk in and get seated pretty much immediately, and a couple of minutes later our waitress comes by. We all make our drink orders, and she goes to get them, supposedly. It being Easter, the restaurant was not very crowded at all.

So we waited a bit, chatted, and after ten minutes (yes, watches were checked, not exaggerating) we are starting to feel forgotten. So dad gets the attention of a hostess (as we're seated quite close to the station) and says kind of jokingly, 'Hey, did they forget about us or something?' She apologizes and goes to find our waitress.

The waitress shows up a bit later and says, in this "I'm going to pretend like I'm confused" tone of voice, 'Um, was there a problem?'

'We were just wondering where our drinks are. :)'

And immediately she jumps on the defense. No "sorry, I'll be right out with them" but instead, 'Well, I only JUST put the order in, coffee takes a minute to brew and if you'd just wait TWO SECONDS then I can get them out to you; these things do take time, you know.'

And as she's walking away, dad is glaring at her, which I really can't fault him for but I doubt she saw.

In any case, we sat around for another minute and all of us were obviously uncomfortable, and before she got back with our drinks we decided that we really weren't comfortable staying there and ... ate at Taco Bell. :/

We unfortunately did not complain to management; there wasn't anyone at the hostess station when we left or else something would have been said, and by the time we decided we should have stayed long enough to say something we were already down the street.
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bad ER service

when i was 19 weeks pregnant (im 28wks now), i was walking out of work at 10pm to go to my car. even though i was careful, i still ended up slipping and falling on my stomach (it happened so fast i didnt have time to fall on my knees). i started freaking out and crying, i called my fiance and told him im going to pick him up on my way to the ER because i didnt want to go alone and needed him to drive the rest of the way. i was so scared something happened to my baby, i was shaking.
The wait wasn't long to get into a room. first they checked heartbeat... 146 so its good. then i waited 2 hours for an ultrasound to make sure nothing was ruptured and see how the baby is doing.
at one point i saw my baby moving its little hand and fingers up to its head and i got excited cuz to me thats a sign the baby might be okay.. but the guy doing the ultrasound snapped at me "we're not here for the anatomy!".. i wanted to punch him in the nut sack... excuse me but ANY sign that my babys okay is going to get me excited because i had just waited hours for this ultrasound and spent the whole time crying and wondering if my baby was going to live!

i didn't complain about him because i understand people have a bad day.. and i figured maybe it was my hormones getting riled up about it. but after time elapsed, my boss, my family, friends and my fiance (whom witnessed it).. told me to complain about him because hormones or not, he should know better since he works with pregnant women. for the past 9 weeks, it's still been eating away at me.
when i was 18 (im currently 2 months shy of 25) i was told that i had issues with my ovaries (something all my female cousins on my moms side have), and that i would most likely never have kids, and the longer i wait to have any the less chance i have.. (only 1 cousin was able to have a child when she was 17 before removing them at 19). its in my charts that i have this issue... but the fact that i was only 19 weeks along caused much concern. if i lost this baby, i may not have the chance again.. so ANY sign of life on the monitor helped calm me down. well come to find out, my placenta hadn't move.. and still hasn't.

is 9 weeks too long to make a complaint?