March 22nd, 2008

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Waitress experience at Dave and busters

1. When she came to take our orders she leaned against the empty half of the booth where my friend was sitting - not too sucky but an unwelcomed invasion of privacy - and she said "okay let's get this done with",referring to taking our orders.

2. Friend asked for milkshake no whip cream. She brings it, plops it on the table without saying a word and then walks off before we could tell her there was whip cream on it.

3. She did happen to remember that mistake, so she came back about fifteen seconds later and apologized. Then she picked up the shake and put it on the table across from us which was apparently for a little boy, the parents were not impresseed either.

4. Friend orders burger no cheese. Comes with cheese. Friend says she will scrape it off cuz we have been waiting 50 minutes for food and she was starving. Friend asks for a discount, waitress nods and ends up taking half the cost off the burger.

5. We look at our check and notice two charges for soda when we ordered water. She has the rest of the food order circled and says that the circled part is the bill and to ignore the soda charge and the grand total.

I know the kitchen could have made the food wrong, but if she had paid attention to make sure we were getting what we ordered that would be nice. When the burgers are served open faced its not hard to see the cheese on top. And ya don't take a glass off one table and put it on another, at least not in plain view of both tables. And ya don't tell us to get our order over with. Blah.
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I ordered insulin for my uncle recently. His medications come out of MedCo (which is a requirement from his insurance). This isn't a complaint about MedCo, though I've had a few rounds with them in the past. This is UPS and their messed up driver and response system.
Insulin has to be kept cold or it goes bad fast. They ship 2nd day packed in materials to keep it cold. It arrived on time, no problem. Except the lazy-ass driver that didn't knock or ring the bell, just sat it on the front step, in the sun, and walked away. It's marked as medication and perishable. The uncle was sitting not 10 feet from the door and we have small yappy dogs. Only reason he knew something was going on was seeing someone walk past the window. So he opened the door, saw the package and set it in the fridge.

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So here I am at work, pretty bored because nothing's happening and needing some caffiene to keep me awake. So I walked down to the Starbucks a few minutes away. I usually get fairly decent service here, but recently I've developed quite an intolerence for lactose so I've had to change to soya milk.

I first ask the question if they use sweetened or unsweetened soya, since sweetened tastes like plastic. I get a vague stare and told to use the sugar shaker. I explain again. "No, do you have unsweetened? Because the sweetened milk makes the coffee taste really bad if there's enough of it." Another stare and someone finally someone hands me the carton to take a look at. Oh well. It's sweetened after all =/ I know that if I only have a little of it in, it won't taste too bad, and I can make it less bitter by adding some sugar (although I really don't like doing that, it doesn't take the edge off and just makes it sweet if it has lots of sugar in).

I attempt to order a white coffee made with soya milk. They ask if I mean a latte. Nope. Cuppacino? Nope, sorry. I'm looking at the board trying to work out what it's called and am completely lost. "Put a little bit of milk in the cup, and then add some black coffee to it, so it's white coffee made with soya milk?" They finally understand and ring it up. I know it's kind of my fault for not knowing what exactly a white coffee is called in Starbuckese but it would be nice to have some flexibility.

Get back to the office, open up my coffee cup, and ugh! It appears they have added the milk last. Why is this a problem, you might ask? Well, if you look on the side of most soy milk cartons, it states to add first to the cup before adding hot liquids to it. The milk seperates and goes icky if you don't. On the unsweetened one I use at home, I get a weird oily film covering the top, which is kind of nasty but it can be removed easily. This one though? It's gone lumpy. It looks like the milk has gone off, with thousands of tiny beads of white sitting on top of some black coffee. My cup looks like it has spores. :(


Edit: Because it seems to be causing a bit of a silly argument over "wtf is this girl on" or whatever, I'll clarify a little. When I first went in I asked for "normal coffee with a little bit of soy milk in", but when they kept asking me what I meant by that I said, "a white coffee". It was then that this was understood. ♥
scarlett and rhett

Dairy queen suckage

My husband and I were on a six hour car trip. About halfway into it we were both starving and the only place to stop was a Dairy Queen in a little town in the middle of nowhere.

We go in and discover that we don't have any small bills, and they don't take anything over a twenty. However, there was a large sign on the register that says "We take debit cards with pin numbers". We go up to the register and order our food. My husband hands her the card and she takes it, and slides it through the machine and stares at us. My husband tells her he needs to enter the pin number and starts looking for the pin pad device. She says "Oh, we don't take the ones with pin numbers"

My husband says "But it says right here on your register in large print "We take debit cards with pin numbers". She tells him "No it doesn't, we only take credit cards".

He said that was fine, but they should really remove their sign if they don't take the debit with pin numbers.

She calls her manager over, and the manager looks at the card and says "We don't take these, only credit cards" My husband tells her "ok, but you should really remove this big sign that says "we take debit cards with pin numbers"

She comes from behind the counter and says in a very bitchy tone "Just where is this "sign" that you are seeing. My husband points to it, and she very sheepishly takes the sign down, and walks away.