March 18th, 2008


Pizza Hut

This is from about 8 years ago, give or take a year. We ordered a Pepperoni Lover's pizza from Pizza Hut Delivery near our apartment. When it arrived, there was grease dripping from the corner of the box where it had soaked through. We both LOVE pepperoni, so this wasn't the first time we'd gotten this kind of pizza, just the first time they left it swimming in grease. When my wife called to complain, the manager got really bitchy, saying "It's got a lot of pepperoni. What do you expect?" When informed that we'd never had one so greasy, she asked, "What do you want us to do? Mop up the grease with a paper towel?"

We never ordered from that place again. We drove across town to another of the local Pizza Huts (or went to other pizza chains) instead.
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I'd call this the ultimate in Bad_Service...

Wrong kidney removed from Methodist Hospital cancer patient
A surgeon at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park left the cancerous kidney intact. The hospital apologized for the "tragic medical error."

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Okay, I know a bit about kidney disease, as my hubby has had a kidney transplant. And from what I know, I know that renal cancer (especially renal cell carcinoma, the most common type)can be VERY aggressive. Caught early, while the cancer is still localized in the renal rubes, the survival rate is decent with surgery. But considering they deemed it necessary to remove the whole kidney, rather than cut our the cancerous area, it seems it's gone further than that. If it has metasticized or reached his lymph nodes, ths poor man is, more likely than not, GOING TO DIE. Because somebody got careless and made a TYPO on his chart.

Edited for typo. Notice however, that my typo didn't kill anyone.
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Neglected Washrooms = Bad Service!!

I remembered writing an old posting in co_workers_suck where my former manager at the A&W NEVER bothered to call the plumber to fix one of the busted toilets. No matter how many times customers and other co-workers complained, he still didn't do it. It was not until I finally stood up to him and angrily muttered the two words, "bad service."

That kinda got me thinking about businesses that NEVER bothered to fix their washrooms. Have you ever came across that?

I did. This one time I went into a restaurant in Richmond, a suburb just outside of Vancouver, Canada. After I finished my meal, I had to use the washroom. After I opened the door, it was NASTY!! The floors weren't clean, smells like shit, the faucets were leaking, and the toilet is >_< never been fixed (and it looked like days.) Angry, I complained to the manager about the washroom. However, he shrugged it off and said he'll "get to it."

Well, he didn't. A few days later, my dad took me to that same place and once again, I had to use the washroom. Guess what, it still wasn't fixed and the place was still left as is. (Really, I'm not kidding.) No one even BOTHERED to put up an "out of order" sign on it. Again, I complained about the washroom.

Sure the food was good, but the commodities are neglected and nasty! I'm not sure if the manager had followed up on my complaint.
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Dental Rant, and a quick bus suck (that sounds dirty!).

Things I expect when I go for my first cleaning in 4.5 years are pain, bleeding gums, and a cavity or two. I also don't mind when the appointment starts 25 minutes late; stuff happens. I expect it maybe to take a while (they gave me the appointment at the end of the day, I did not ask for it), and to have to remind a few people that I have a latex sensitivity (they wrote it all over my chart, so BONUS, because I've had DOCTORS give me problems because they weren't arsed to look).

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AND when I walked out of the office, the bus was actually at the stop (I thought I'd have to wait in the rain). I was literally three feet from the door, about to say "thank you" before boarding, when the bus driver, who was NOT looking at the road in front of her nor at her door she was closing, but to her left, pulled away. Apparently waving and yelling are not things that she would notice. was your day?