March 16th, 2008


A first in a long time for me

Usually on the weekends, me and my husband order delivery. Of course most people do in the United States and last night he was just too tired to go out and pick anything up.

Our delivery usually consists of two forms of food, Pizza and Chinese Food.

Only three places deliver pizza to us and one place does Chinese.

Hubby wasn't in the mood for Chinese food so by process of elimination, it became pizza.

Neither of us were hungry so we decided on something sorta small.

Two of the places that deliver pizza have lost us ordering from them. One would deliver the food half done, the other would deliver it way past time and cold, and always the wrong order.

So..begins the nightmare of the pizza joint.

Also, hubby got new cell phone, which meant phone number was changing.

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I just want to make a payment!

So I go into Sears today to make a Discover card payment for my mom. I have the cash and the tear off part of her statement that has her account number on it. Not only did I used to work at this Sears store but I've taken numerous payments there for her after I stopped working there so I know they have no problem processing payments this way.

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