March 15th, 2008



Since I got my Nintendo DS for Christmas, I've been a semi-regular customer at Game Stop (every few weeks or so). The last time I went in, they offered me one of their discount cards and told me I would get some percentage off (don't remember how much) every time I used it. Sounds great, how much? I think it was $13 or somewhere around there.

I went back in a few days ago and picked out two games. I handed over my discount card, and the guy just looks at it blankly.

Him: What, do you have a store credit on there or something? (Huh?)
Me: Um, the guy last time told me it was a discount card.
Him: You have to have a sticker on the back of it
Me: ....

So he pulls his own out of his wallet and shows his own to me, and says I can bring in a magazine (that I got a subscription to with the card purchase) as proof and they'll honor it. That's fantastic because it's been over a month and no magazine.

I understand that the guy couldn't honor it, but I'm really pissed at the person who sold it to me in the first place and didn't give me a stupid sticker, and that I wasn't able to use it on my $50 purchase.
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