March 14th, 2008


Not so much bad service as wtf-service

So today I went to pick up my new supply of contraceptive pills, since my periods are getting weird again. I was prescribed them a few years ago because I have fucked up periods. It makes me regular, light, less painful, less PMT, generally makes me happier.

Not a lot of people know this, but the Pill is free on the NHS. You don't even need to pay the prescription charge. But it is, fortunately, true. I went to the receptionist at the GP's and waited 5 minutes whilst she chatted on the phone to someone. (It didn't sound like business talk, tbh.) She finally came to the desk and asked what it was I was here for.
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Eye Doctor

My right contact lens went to crap the other day. It has a big white spot in it. Lovely - cannot see a thing in my right eye. I search, half blind, for my other boxes of contacts, but I can't find them. That day I call my eye doctor (who works in a huge building with all of my other HMO-taking doctors). I asked to set-up an appointment to get a contact lens exam (need a new perscription anyway) and to see if I could swing by and pay for a temporary/emergency pair of contacts until that appointment date, explaining that my one contact was damaged. She said she would have to call me back and see if I could get a temp. pair from the doctor - we did not set up the appointment over the phone. I gave my cell number and that was that.

The next day, I had not received a call-back, so I went in to the office on my lunch break. I explained the situation to the receptionist and we set-up an appointment for an exam on April 21st - over a month away. I sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes while the doctor was found and asked if I could buy a temp. pair. A nurse came out and told me that Dr. So-&-So would not renew my perscription until I had an exam with him. I said that was fine and understandable and that I had set-up an exam for April 21st -- the issue is that my contact is damaged and I need a temp. pair now to hold me over until I can get in to the appointment. She said he would not issue me a temp. pair until I had the exam.

This is where I get upset. I cannot see out of my right eye. My contact is damaged. I cannot buy more contacts from them (or anywhere else selling contacts) because my perscription is expired. The doctor will not give me a temp./emergency pair because he wants me to pay him $80 for an exam that is over a month away. I tell them this and offer to go ahead and pay for a full exam (upfront) and get a pair of temps -- thinking that he was worried I would get the free pair and later cancel the appointment. The nurse says no. I repeat the dilemma - stating that I do not understand. I cannot see. This is dangerous. I simply cannot go around not seeing for over a month. After about 6 or 7 minutes of explaining my case and trying to show the logic in my argument, the nurse offers to put me on their cancellation list, so I can hopefully take someone's spot within the next few days. Unfortanutely, I am going out of town the following day at 10am . . . so it'll be a whole week with blindness -- not to mention I am driving for 6 hours and then staying in a strange/new place. I really need a solution fast. She tells me sorry and walks away.

Psht. Well then.

I turn to the receptionist and tell her to cancel my appointment for the 21st - because that simply will not work. I will have to find another place in town and pay them to do an exam so I can get my contacts sooner. (Found one that took me a LOT sooner, btw.)

The next day, as I'm preparing to leave, I get a call from a nurse at the doctors office saying that Dr.Different-than-last-doctor would not be able to give me a temp/emergency pair until after my exam. I told her I had already cancelled the exam and why: My contact is damaged, I need a new pair fast, I cannot be on a cancellation b/c I'm going out of town, I scheduled the appointment on their EARLIEST date but cannot wait over a month to get a new contact. Basically they just suck (didn't say that). She interrupted, said okay, and hung up.

In what world does that even make sense?! I'll just drive around blind to work and school for over a month so I can pay you $80 for a 10 minute exam (and a 45 minute wait, probably). Meanwhile, I'll probably have been in 15 accidents, killed 2 pedestrians, fallen down 7 flights of stairs, and run my car into a tree . . . because I cannot see a damn thing. Dead patients aren't returning patients who give you money - and neither are dissatisfied ones.
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Well then. Seattle-area folks, steer clear of Ivar's and Kidd Valley.

My original post on 28 January, in which the manager of a Kidd Valley location made an offensive sexual remark to me.

Since then...

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TL;DR version: Manager of small-chain restaurant makes skeezy sexual comment, I complain to corporate, corporate apologizes and offers me gift card, I say okay but please let me know if he continues to work there because I'm not going back if he does, they say sure thing. They never deliver gift card or let me know anything. Five weeks later, I email expressing disappointment in the way they handled the whole thing and get a response from the corporate president's secretary making excuses and offering me bigger gift card, I respond with thanks but no gift card necessary if you guys didn't fire the dude, they completely ignore my email.

Note: I'd even accept a response along the lines of "I'm sorry, we are not allowed to disclose the outcome of our investigation." I wouldn't like it, but I'd accept it, because it would be something other than totally ignoring my request for follow-up, and not being familiar with HR laws, for all I know they really AREN'T allowed to tell me what sort of repercussions he suffered. But as it is, all I can figure is that they didn't do anything about it, which to me says that this company has no issue whatsoever with such behavior.

How to ruin a birthday...

Took my husband, neighbor, and neighbors wife out to a place near our house for neighbors birthday. 

Granted, said place is more a "bar" than "restaurant" BUT...there was no excuse for the CRAP we endured for the sake of shitty steak. 

1.  The salads were boring, I dont mind that.  BUT when you drop one on the floor, then act surprised that I still want're off to a bad start.  THEN the salad you bring to replace had no cheese or croutons, or veggies.  Lettuce in a bowl.  Bah.

2.  Screw up ALL the orders to where all 4 of us get ribeyes...even though NONE of us ordered rib eyes. 

3.  Screw up the prep so those who wanted medium well get medium rare, and the ones who wanted rare get well done (burnt) thus forcing us to rearrange the plates after you sauntered off.    And even so, no one got what they wanted anyway.

4.  Tip MY plate over, dumping my fries on the FLOOR, then using your bare hand to shove the ones that survived  BACK ON THE PLATE.    AND doing this behind my head so I cant see, but the other 3 at my table see.  REAL slick there, bigshot. 

Why didnt we leave?  Well, we were ALL starving, and the beer was ice cold,  the music was decent, and hell, he's my best friend.  It makes for good horror stories for next year. 

I wish every place had feedback forms with your reciept.

I generally take the nature of a restaurant into consideration before I set my hopes to high or complain about anything, but  I would think that a locally owned steak house with folded cloth napkins and ambient lighting would be someplace I could eat for the experience of eating out, not just a meal.

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Your competitor on the plaza had the cook come out and torch our creme brule at our table just for fun - simply because we asked them too. They're about the same type of restaurant as you what with the folded napkins and dimmed lights, just pasta based instead of steak. I think we'll go there again next time.
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Hey "Carl" from gamestop,

When I put down the game I'm buying (you know, giving your store money for it and helping to pay your f-in' check) do not look at it and say "What? We carry this? I heard it sucked so bad that I don't know why we'd bother". I mean WTF? Did you think I was joking about wanting to buy it? How is it okay to insult me and my purchase? I really wish that the other good Gamestop has been open, as I would have left and when there instead.

Full discloser note: The game was Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn After playing, the game is far from the best installment in it's series, but still keep your negative opinions to your self unless I ask you.
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WTF service

I stopped at Chick-fil-A for dinner tonight. Got home with my grilled chicken sandwich and opened the clamshell case ... only to discover the sandwich was missing the top half of the bun.


I'd probably be more annoyed than amused if I hadn't been in a good mood to start with. But seriously, do you know how hard it is to pick up and eat a chicken sandwich that has no top bun??
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