March 13th, 2008

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Comcast PSA

I am not an 'angry consumer'. I am the "It's okay, mistakes happen, let's just get it fixed" kind of person. Comcast has gone beyond a mistake. I feel it is my need to share my Comcast story.

On December 29th, 2007 I moved apartments. Comcast was in my name, and my roommate didn't want a lapse in the internet and asked me to just transfer the account into her name. We both went down to the office together and had them transfer everything from my name into her name. I had things set up for automatic withdrawal, and asked the guy there if there was anything in particular I had to sign to make sure that it would no longer withdraw from my account. "Nope," I was told, "You're all set."

February 8th, 2008 $66.48 is withdrawn from my bank account from Comcast. I don't notice this withdrawal until February 17th. A Sunday evening.

February 18th, 2008 I call Comcast and fill them in on this. "Somebody must have your credit card number, do you know who it could be?" After about 10 minutes of repeatedly telling her nobody has my credit card number, the service is going to my old apartment, and it's their mistake and her telling me "No no, someone must have your credit card number" she finally says "Oh, oops, we make a mistake." She tells me she'll fill out a reversal/refund form and that the money will be back in my account within 5 days.

February 27th, 2008 - A week and a half later - No money back in my account. I call, go through the spiel again and am told "Oops, it looks like that form was never filed. I can file that for you right now." I'm told 5 times through the various different people they keep transferring me to that they can see on the computer that yes, I did cancel service in my name on December 29th and yes, they did take $66.48 from my account on February 8th. I'm then told that I have to jump through hoops to fax them a copy of my bank statement saying that they took the money from me (didn't you just say you saw it on your computer?) and I'll have the money back in my account within 3 weeks. I'm also told they can't get my money back to me any faster because I don't have an account with them. Funny how my lack of an account prohibits them from giving me back my money that they wrongfully took from me despite my lack of an account. I'm on my lunch hour at this point, so I just fax it over and get back to work.

I call back that evening after work and ask to speak with a manager. "Okay! Let me just ask you a few questions so I can make sure you get to the right department. Is this in regards to your cable or internet service?" Look bitch, I don't have any service. You're taking my money illegally and I want it back. I tell her the whole spiel, and that quite frankly, I'm starting to get pissed off. "I completely understand that, ma'am." Don't placate me. If you completely understood you would have said "Damn, that sucks. We're a shitty company. Let me fix that for you right now." Finally I get transferred over to a supervisor. After many, many, many apologies from her she says she can "cut that time down drastically to 5 days!" Yeah, whatever.

March 6th, 2008 - 1 week 1 day after the last '5 day' promise. I call again and get some guy who says "that could take up to 3 weeks. I guarantee it'll be there within a week."

March 10th, 2008 - 1 week 5 days after last '5 day' promise. Speak with the supervisor I spoke with on the 27th. "I don't know why it's not back in there! I sent it as a priority e-mail! Let me send another e-mail and give you my direct number."

March 13th, 2008 - One week after the "one week" guarantee. Two weeks, one day after the second "five day" promise. Three weeks and four days after the original "five day" promise. STILL no money in my fucking account.

Jackie the supervisor will be getting a very angry call tomorrow.

Xposted in my journal and every other place I can find to get the news out to. Do not use comcast!
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sucky management at an event but with a less sucky ending

Almost two weeks ago, I went to this event to see DJ Trei (listed third) at a well known nightlub in my city. Where I live, on Sundays and public holidays, liquor licensing laws state that alcohol isn't allowed to be served after a certain time - I think it's around 1.30 or 2am. This event happened to be on a Sunday that was also a public holiday, haha.

Everything was fine until 3.30am when Trei's set was due to start. He got thirty seconds into his first track and then - nothing. The club management cut the power on his set, and everyone in the club was told to leave. There was no explanation, no apology, no mentions of refunds - they just cut the power on an international DJ and everyone had to leave.

It turns out that the management had decided that, what with the liquor licensing laws, they wouldn't be making money from alcohol but would still be having to pay their staff, so when the event promoter left to take the headlining act back to their hotel, the nightclub management decided to shut down the rest of the event. I know myself and my friends as well as many other people had paid $50 for a ticket to see an act that we couldn't, and there was no statement from the venue and no chance of a refund.

So I Collapse )

So! Even though it was still a sucky experience and I would rather have seen DJ Trei, it was good to get some form of compensation from it! Especially seeing as I didn't expect it :D