March 11th, 2008

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3 Hours for take-out, yay!

[[Yep, I'm a newb, nice to meetcha all here. :] I've been lurking for awhile, but only recently observed a truely horrific case of Bad Service. I hope it qualifies!]] 

Okay, so I like to order out from this small take-out place, almost entirely run by students. I've been ordering out several times a week for the past several weeks, because I'm totally sick of my college's cafeteria food. (Not easy on the wallet, but it saves my palate!) Hence, while it's more expensive than my dorm food, I like ordering there because A) they have nicer food, and B) I like supporting fellow students in their business enterprises.

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So, three hours later, approximately 12 hours since I've had my last meal, my food arrives... sans my drinks. It couldn't arrive correctly, right? Murphy's Law, and all that. The delivery boy seems as confused as me, since the only order HE recieved mentioned nothing about drinks. Funny thing about paying $3 for soda, I sort of actually WANT TO DRINK IT with my meal! 

Needless to say, I'm finally eating my food, although I'm very dissapointed with the experience overall. As my roommate pointed out, at the point that my food was two full hours late, they should have probably offered a refund, or even a partial one. Or some kind of cupon. Or something! Instead, I get my three-hours-late food for full price, and not all of it is even there. What the hell kind of service is that? I want to support my fellow students, but I don't want to support them THAT much.