March 10th, 2008

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Yes I'm sure that's my name

A  bit of background: I'm a student, so I don't have supplemental health coverage through my job, but through my husbands.  I'm listed on his policy and can call and request information just like him.
Well I needed to go for physio and wanted to know how much coverage we had.  So I call the 1-800 number and explain to the lady on the other end that the policy is under my husband's name, and gave her the group number (he works for a small company - like 5 employees).  

WOTP (Woman on the phone)
Me: (Guess.... lol)

WOTP: Can I have your last name please?
Me: Auger  (it's prounounced like a combination of o'shay and o-jay) 
WOTP: I'm sorry we don't have anyone with that name listed.
Me: It should be there - his first name is ******
WOTP: No I'm sorry it's not there.
Me: It's spelled A-U-G-E-R 
WOTP: Do you mean **** Auger? (she said it like aw-grrr)
Me: Yes, but it's prounounced (insert proper pronounciation)
WOTP: I'm sorry, but we don't have anyone with (Proper pronunciation) just Aww-grr.
Me: Yes a lot of people do make that mistake, however it is pronounced (insert proper pronounciation)   ***At this point I should have given up and went with aww-grrr
WOTP: I'm sorry ma'am but you keep mispronouncing it and it's confusing me.
Me: Sorry (!), can you tell me what the limit is for physio?
WOTP: No, all I can do is tell you your limit.  (????)
Me: Ok, that would be great.

At that point I had only been married for like a month, so I wasn't used to spelling my last name for people, however I couldn't believe she kept arguing with me over how to say *my* last name!
Star, Star of Life, Life

Other World Computing (aka UPDATE!

So Other World Computing just called... The Customer Service Manager Jeff called us personally, apologized profusely and said that he is going to overnight me my memory... He said the only other time they have had the order automatically default to USPS is when something is being sent to a PO box... So he is going to look into that as well...

Thank you all for your suggestions... I had been talking to Larry, who responded to my post through one of the communities on here, and I let him know that if the issue was not resolved I would be contacting The BBB and The Consumerist... I guess those were the magic words!

Again, thanks for all of your suggests, and shop on people!

Are All Hospital's going downhill???

This has been the worst service I have ever recieved at any hospital.

I am sorry ahead of time for misspelled words.. I am currently very loopy from my meds.

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I am now on Penecillan and Percacets ( again excuse the typos) I can't get into the oral surgeon until Friday but I am glad I am not allergic to either of these meds. They didn't even ask if I was allergic to anything. Just gave us the perscription and walked out. Needless to say, if I need an ER again, I will request Tampa. It's bad when you are treated like idiots over pain that you have no control over and how they kept on and on about something that you didn't even mention. If I can't get to Tampa, I will sure call ahead to make sure that doctor isn't on call.

Edited out the Oriental comment on the nurse. I wasn't aware that putting someones ethincity would be seen as me saying that was the reason for the bad service. That wasn't the reason for the bad service, the bad service was how I was treated. My appologies.
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