March 8th, 2008


Bad Service - Used Bookstore

Hello, long time listener first time caller...

I've been to lots of used and/or small indie bookstores and service varies from store to store. And when it's bad, it tends to be horrid.

Recently I was dropping off a few books at a used bookstore. Among them were some ex-library books, bought from public libraries selling off tomes that hadn't been checked out in years, decades even. Others were bought at used bookstores years before. I've brought old former library books into shops before to sell with no problem. I don't see why it should be a problem. (Edit: And to clarify, they were all marked as discards and such one way or another)

I took these books out, about a dozen old paperbacks, some of them ex-library copies and a few ex-library copy hardcovers and the next thing I know the clerk behind the counter is staring, scowling even at the ex-library books.

"What are you trying to do here?", he snapped at me.

Bewildered, I said "What?"

The next thing I know, I'm getting a nagging lecture about how dare I try to turn in withdrawn library books, blah blah blah, it's so unethical blah blah blah and I can't get a word in edgewise at first, then I try to explain these are former library copies but he won't hear a word of it. The manager comes over and I end up wasting 5 or so minutes trying to convince this guy I'm not trying to fob off stolen library books on them. So I do end up selling the books anyways, and I leave the store in a huff. It just galled me that such a simple transaction ended up being such a hassle. The worst part was the prissy condescension coming from the clerk, twittering on and on and lecturing me like a toddler caught with his hand in a cookie jar.
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Meds And Other Bad Service

1) Do these people not understand what medicine actually means?

When I ask a waiter for water right away so I can take medicine, I mean right away. Not with the other drinks, not ten minutes from now, not even five minutes from now.

I've learned my lesson; asking for water in a resturaunt is tricky and unreliable. Sigh.

2) I was told by a governmental employee to get needed paperwork from an office at a certain intersection. Every single possible way this employee could be wrong, she was. Location, address, city...the closest she came to actually being right was that the place has records...from six months ago (and on). And she knew the records were less then six months old.

I know, kind of confusing (maybe) but the astonishing levels of her being wrong just boggled the mind.

3) Potentially fatal bad service: The local police department (non-emergency) is incapable of figuring out where a certain middle school was based solely on the full name of the school. Not only is it next to the Public Works office, it is an official hurricane evacuation center (not to mention being full of hundreds of kids most of the year). -I- had to tell them the address, using Google Maps. So apparently the police department doesn't even have access to Google.

4) "We'll come get you when the computers come back up." Never happened.
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Okay I can see how this can happen but comeon

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I now have to wait till Tuesday evening to try and replace my order for any of the items I can't find on ebay. If it is this frustrating ordering overseas in the age of email I have great respect for folks who lived overseas and could only order via catalog.
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Happy ending my ass!

Well it looks like my battle with DirecTV hasn't ended yet!

Today (Saturday), the techs are scheduled to come between 1:00pm-4:00pm to install the HD dish and the DVR box. They get here and state that they cannot install the new equipment because the work order is incorrect. They need to be authorized by corporate. My fiance calls Corporate who tell them that the work order is what we wanted and that they must do what the order says. They refuse to do it. Scott calls the contractor and they refuse to authorize the work until they hear from DirecTV directly. Scott calls direcTV and they try to call Halsted but Halsted doesn't pick up. Scott continues calling back and forth and eventually gets on the phone with Terry Halsted himself, who is still refusing to authorize the work and doesn't believe anything DirecTV says. By 4:00pm, the techs curse out my fiance and drive off. We notice, however, that they have pulled over about a quarter mile down the road (two techs came in separate DirecTV vans) and are just sitting there. I took a picture just for posterity.

I just sent an email to The Advocate at the TU. Scott's hitting his third hour on the phone. w00t.

ETA: The Tech Supervisor is personally coming down from his home in North Creek and stopping in Ballston Spa because APPARENTLY THE PEOPLE WHO CAME DID NOT HAVE THE EQUIPMENT ON THEIR TRUCKS WHAT. He's going to supervise the techs (who are apparently coming back, yay) while they install the dish and if they don't do it will do it personally. The president of the company (Halsted) is fuming pissed.

Can you believe this?

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I am one of the few people who shop at Gamestop/similar places enough that I really didn't mind paying extra for a membership card, and I actually do preorder a number of games early, because I want to have a copy guaranteed. So, it'd be kind of nice if an employee knew that this game was going to be released in a month (seriously, the website has it slated for April 22nd). I've asked several times in the past two weeks about Persona 3: FES. I seem to always get told the same thing: "The game is a Japan-only release, it won't be coming to America." The game's US release had been confirmed a while ago, and it's for sale on the website. Isn't Gamestop supposed to be notorious for shoving pre-orders down unsuspecting customers throats?