March 5th, 2008

RP Head shot with hair

What I eat is none of your business!

So, the other day someone brought REALLY yummy jellybeans to work, and I had a few before everyone else gobbled them up. I noticed which kind they were, and today I went to buy a pack.

I brought to the register:

1. A pack of really yummy jellybeans
2. Pringles, as they were on sale and I haven't had any for AGES.
3. Soda, since I haven't had 7Up for a long time, either.

Remember that, please.

My mum rags on me that I don't dress up nice enough. I'm a t-shirt and jeans, no makeup, forget about styling my hair kind of gal. Today, I DID dress up, since I felt like it, and to show her up. I was wearing a dress and heels, makeup and a light open jacket.

The older man at the register said when I put down my things: "that's a real healthy lunch you got there."

I was so dumbstruck I didn't say anything. Who the hell was he to tell me what constituted a good lunch?! I also have a sneaking suspicion, that, had I been dressed as I normally do, I would have gone without social commentary.

I must have given him a nasty look because he started babbling about how I'd gotten some coupon for some beauty products since I'd used my club card enough to start racking up stuff, and he hated it when he got those, because he was a man, and therefore didn't do beauty products. I just grabbed my stuff and lit out of there. What a jerk.

Cheap-Ass Micky-D's

First, let me say that I love this community. Reading the posts makes me mad, but also relieves me that I'm not just crazy when I get pissed off at what I see as bad service.

That said, this happened yesterday and totally got under my skin.

So, I don't know how far this trend goes, but around here a big thing at McDonalds is that people get McChicken sauce for their fries instead of ketchup. It's fat as hell, but totally delicious. The thing is, apparently there's no set standard with corporate over it because some places will have packets of it, some will squirt it into little containers, some give it away for free if you ask for it, some charge you extra for it, etc.

The McD's near my house always had packets and gave it away for free if you asked for it instead of ketchup. It's been this way for years now.

Yesterday I ran over to said McD's and picked up a meal each for myself and my fiance. He wanted a Big Mac, I got a McChicken. Upon recieving the food I asked the girl for some packets of McChicken sauce. Her response?

"We don't have any McChicken sauce."

Um...okay...what did you put on my McChicken then? I wasn't sure if she meant there were no packets or no sauce so I asked just to make sure.

"Well of course we have the sauce, but we don't have any packets."

And apparently that was case closed because she immediately turned and walked away. Okay, whatever, she assumed that was that. But I tried again just to make sure. I swear I was being polite as sin and I called her over again and asked if there were any way she could get on of the kitchen staff to squirt some into a container for me or something because my fiance won't eat the fries without the sauce (it's true...he's retardedly picky about it).

"No, sorry, can't do it."

And she walked away again! At this point I'm getting a little annoyed because she's being rather rude about it. Granted I might be a little bit of a sucky customer for pressing the matter, but it just seemed like she was trying to get me to go away.

So just before I left I noticed a manager walking by and asked her, just to make sure, if I couldn't get some sauce in a container. HER response?

"Can't, sorry."


Neither of them so much as gave me an explaination as to why I couldn't have any sauce, and BOTH of them walked away before I'd even had a chance to ask.

My fiance pitched a sh*t-fit when he found out they wouldn't give me any sauce and said if he had've been there he would have handed the food back and demanded a refund. I'd be embarrassing as hell and would probably end up on customers_suck, but I honestly kind've would have liked to see that.

DirecTV contractors, with a happy ending

Update to this post.

The crappy contractor set up another appointment for today, after 4pm, to install the HD dish and the DVR box. My fiance, Scott, gets home around 330, and notices he has a voicemail from the company. They left a message at 2pm and asked where he was. He calls them and said they had scheduled installation for after 4pm for the HD and DVR. They THEN said he had no appointment that day, he didn't order the DVR and HD stuff and it wasn't in the work order. He calls DirecTV who confirms the 4pm installation for DVR and HD. Um, right.

He then has a three way conversation with DirecTV and the Contractor and they fight it out. Scott calls them out on the companies lies and shenanigans. DirecTV tells the contractors to stop lying to us about the installation. They get the contractor off the line and DirecTV says they are certain that the contractor did steal the DVR box. They then credit us our first bill in its entirety, give us free HD and our extra channel package for a full year and take $10 off the monthly bill for a full year. They then tell us that when the contractors come to install the dish a team of specialists at DirecTV will call us and have us supervise the installation, and speak to the tech if the tech gives us any grief about being unable to install the services we need.

Success! For now. :p

USPS, I hate your cashier.

A very specific cashier who drives me absolutely INSANE.

I hate to post to Bad_Service twice in one week, but this rather deserves it. @_@

This may seem minor, but the fact that it happens every single time I have to use her as a cashier/postal monkey DRIVES ME NUTS.

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