March 4th, 2008

Bad_Service turned Good_Service turned Bad_Service again

I want to post this here as a warning to any artists that might browse around here (I'm also crossposting to the eBay communities; so if y'all want me to delete this, let me know).

On Jan. 29th I bought and paid for a Wacom graphics tablet from seller saltomer (link here: As you can see, the description says 'New! In Retail Box!'

What I ended up receiving from the seller was a repackaged (the sticker had very VERY obviously been peeled back and replaced), refurbished unit. Though it is a refurb, the seller had taken a scrubbing pad and scrubbed off the refurbished stamp and the serial number (though, not very well, I can still see most of it there).

I contacted the seller and he denied sending a refurbished unit, claiming that Wacom had sent it to him in this condition (?! my bullsh*t meter was on full alert at this point). I offered to take a picture of the stamp that was scrubbed at, and he said he "didn't need it." He stated I could get either a full refund or a partial refund. I opted for partial and received back $20 (shipping + $4). His auction clearly states items in working order will be subject to a restock fee, and I didn't want to have to deal with that. Plus, I got a pretty decent deal; if he hadn't lied, I would actually have been extremely happy with it.

So a couple days ago I get around to leaving feedback for everyone, and left a very honest neutral stating that he was a friendly seller, but I wouldn't buy from him again because I got a refurb, not a new item, but that I was happy with the partial refund. He, in turn, left a fat lie of a negative, saying that I returned the unit (?!) with a used one (again ?! I don't have the kind of $ to go exchanging things like this - I generally can't even afford shipping something to someone).

So, big warning against this guy, in case you're in the mind to get a Wacom tablet. ): If he hadn't gone and given me a negative and lied, I wouldn't be bringing this up.
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Sorry, I didn't order a side of "Please hit on me annoyingly" with my coffee.

Hey, I'm new *waves*.

So about a week ago, I was going home from college to visit my boyfriend, who was sick and in the hospital. I missed my train by about .2 seconds and I had to kill some time while I waited for the next one, so I went 'round the corner to my local Rachel-Ray-endorsed coffee chain with the intent of ordering my usual hazelnut iced regular and sitting in the corner with a book.
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Very bad Greyhound service.

This was told to me by my mother. She and my sister were taking a bus to come and visit me.

The bus is stopped in either Baltimore or DC (I cant remember which) and the busdriver (BD1) tells the passengers that if they are continuing on toward the city where I live, to stay on this bus. My mother and sister decide against getting off to stretch or get something to eat because my mother's foot had been causing her a large amount of pain and walking was slow for her, and they didnt want to miss it.

A few minutes later, another driver (BD2) comes on and tells them they have to get off, that another bus was taking them. My mother told him that BD1 said to stay on, and he said no, that they had to get off. So being confused, they collect their luggage and go over to the desk to find out for sure which bus they are supposed to be on.

BD2 was standing by the desk also. He heard my mother try to clarify, and I think she also mentioned that he had told her that it was a different bus. he began getting very annoyed at my mother for trying to clarify, and began saying things like "I TOLD you..." Which made my mother be annoyed right back, as you can imagine.

And then BD2 tried to hit my mother, and had to be held back by another employee and eventually made to go in the back.

Of course, my mother is LIVID. She demands the corp. phone number and the name of that driver. The woman at the counter says she doesnt know, and my mother tells her to go find out. So she does, and appears a few minutes later.

Woman: He won't tell me his name, he has his hand over his name badge.
Mom: Well then whats your name?
Woman: I'm not allowed to tell you my name.

I think eventually my mother did get the woman's name at least. Im not sure what happened in regards to the bus situation, or what happened when my mother tried to call.

I dont care how rude a customer is being (and my mom wasnt trying to be rude, she was trying to make sure she was on the right bus!) there is NO justification on trying to hit a customer.
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Thanks ever so much. Really!

[first time poster here]

Thank you 'Not-Based-in-the-US Internet Web Hosting Company' for giving me a whole 10 minutes warning via email that you were going out of business and closing down all of your servers. No thank you. Really. I didn't need the chance to make a last check to see if there might be anything on my web site I might need to pull off that I may have forgotten to do over the last couple of months. Yeah. Silly me. I didn't need those files anyway.

Considering the email came in at 0300 my time and I didn't see it until 0730 my time.

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yoyeurs at H&M

Today I went shopping at H&M. I picked out a few things, and headed into the dressing room. There was no attendant in there to check my items so I just went into a dressing room. I start to change, and as I'm pulling off my sweatshirt, shirt, and bra, and am standing there topless....I drop a hanger. I go to pick it up, and what do I see? A MALE worker (I can tell by his shoes, saw him walking around before)...standing on his tippy-toes...right in front of the door...trying to peek in through a hole to look at me.

I am too stunned to say anything to him...(should have said something like "enjoy the show?!"), so I don't. I am too disgusted to try on anything else, and leave the fitting room. I ask to speak to a manager, and I explain to her what just happened. This scuz ball of a dressing room attendant has just seen me pretty much naked, was peeking in on me...and what does she say? "I'm SURE he wasn't trying to do it intentionally! I'll talk to him about it". ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

I'll be calling corporate tomorrow.

EDIT: I called corporate, and told a customer service representative. She was shocked, and horrified at what happened, which really makes me justify my anger. She thanked me for telling her, and she filled out a report that she will be submitting to the district manager, the store manager, and I think she's opening up a country-wide investigation.

Thank you all for your advice, and help!
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Post Office woe's

Hey guys, this is an update to this. in which I was mailing something to Latvia for a friend and the post office worker said not to bring them anything to Latvia again because it would never get there...well...

I sent it out on Tuesday of last week, and guess what? My friend e-mailed me today (Tuesday) saying she got the package. So it took ONE WEEK exactly!  There was no waiting, it didn't take six months and this woman yelled at me for it! I am happy she got the package so fast, but I hope to god I never have that lady again. Thanks to those who listened to my rant.