March 3rd, 2008

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Suck #1:

Dear United: If you're going to cancel my flight and I have a tight connection, it might be nice to let me know so that I will not get to the airport and discover that my flight has been cancelled and the earlier ones that would enable me to make my connection have already left.

Suck #2:
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Horrified Mini-Tracey

Here's a question...

Why is it that around inspection time, car dealerships sudden lose any semblance of morality and try anything and everything to f*** people out of their cash?

This year my dad went in to Hyundai to get his inspection. I tell him every year that he should come to Midas with me...they treat me right, I've got to say. But he went to Hyundai anyway because he's got this thing about going to the dealer he bought the car from.

So they take the car in, and about half an hour later one of the mechanics comes out with a brake pad in one hand, and the actual brake in the other. Upon seeing the look on my dad's face I stand back and watch with a half-hidden smirk on my face.

"Your brakes are bad Sir," the mechanic says, "You'll have to have them all replaced."

"Oh really?" my dad says, the back of his ears turning red.

(For the record, if you know anything about car parts at ALL, you could see from the parts the guy was holding that there was absolutely nothing wrong with that brake and pad...they were pristine.)

"Yeah, you see-" the mechanic starts.

"Put the brakes back on the car," my dad says.

"S-sir, I can't do that Sir," the mechanic says, "It would be unsafe. I can't allow you to drive out of here with these brakes...they're too far gone."

"Well that's very interesting," my dad says, now grinning like he's going to murder someone, "Seeing as I had all four brakes and pads replaced at this very establishment no less than four months ago."

The mechanic didn't even have time to formulate another lie before my dad yelled, "Put the brakes back on the car right now before I find myself being hauled away by the cops!"

Granted, some people may have seen that last bit as a customer_suck, but I couldn't help but laugh my ass off because really, where do they get off? And it's not like this is an isolated thing. I've seen so many people get ripped off around inspection time that it's not even funny. The Midas I go to are the only guys I've ever known who will actually say such-and-such is wrong, but it doesn't need to be fixed right now if you don't have the cash and the car will still pass inspection.
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Zune Bad Service

My mp3 player died last week. It had a flash drive, and somehow, it got humid enough to lose all my music. I was so pissed as there was a bunch I couldn't recover. However, my parents were made of awesome. They were willing to buy me a hard drive player so this wouldn't happen again.

So, we went to Best Buy to find one. We were told that I could either buy an IPOD or a ZUNE player. The ZUNE was a whole lot cheaper, so I went with that one. I took it home and proceeded to put all my music on it and then delete it from my computer. My hard drive on my computer is tiny, and I can't keep all my music on there.

Then the bad service happens. It turns out that you have to keep your music on your computer or the program will remove it from the player. There is no information on this anywhere in the stuff I was given, and no one at Best Buy mentioned this. No other mp3 player works like this, nor do IPODs as far as I'm aware.I went on the website to complain. It took me almost an hour to figure out how as it is not exactly straightforward. I got a reply basically saying tough luck.

A relatively minor one

I've got a few others, but I'm trying to spread them out a bit. :)

This one: When we moved to this area, I took my truck to the dealership for oil changes & other routine service. I just figured it would make things easier in case of a warranty repair. On one of the oil changes (the last one I got there, in fact, due specifically to this incident,) they said that the drain plug had been cross-threaded, and that I needed a new one. They charged $5 for the new plug (which is ridiculous, too.) Trouble is, they had done the last several oil changes, so if it got cross-threaded, it was THEIR doing. I briefly tried arguing, but was too tired to press it (I was working overnights, and had been up for nearly 20 hours.) I just didn't go back.
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Dear grocery-store cashier,

I know you didn't just put the bloody chopmeat and the hardcover book I bought in the same plastic bag.


No, wait. Yes you did.

Ultimately, no harm done because, when I took the bag, I switched the book to another bag. I'd been packing my own groceries to begin with until I had to go swipe my card and she finished packing things up. And I appreciate that. I do. And maybe I would have appreciated it more if you'd acknowledged my presence in the slightest, especially when I thanked you for finishing the packing. But... regardless, bleeding meat usually gets its own bag. And a bloody book does not make for fun reading.

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Plain and simple in script form:

Telemarketer: Hi this is _____ from crazy johns. i'm calling today to offer you...
Me: Excuse me but is this a sales call?
Telemarketer: no, it's not. i'm calling to offer you $50 off your next phone bill.
Me: we're not with crazy johns, therefore this offer doesn't apply to me. is this a sales call?
Telemarketer: no it's not, i'm offering you $50 off when you sign up to our..
Me: I'd like to speak to your supervisor please.
Telemarketer: *click*

she's been calling back every half hour and when i answer she hangs up. if anyone else answers she tries to sell it to them.

Edit: She stopped calling last night at about 10:30 after i blew my brother's airhorn down the phone. If she calls again today i'll just keep doing it, it's sort of fun :)
I don't know what the deadline for telemarketers here in Australia is, but it was sure annoying.
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Am I miss understanding something?

Ok, I needed to mail something VERY far away. I live in the US and I had to mail something to Latvia for a friend. So I decide I will go before I head to work. Luckily my shift doesn't start till afternoon so since I have a half hour I Head down to the post office, I wait on a very long line which by then I've already wasted twenty minutes. But I really needed to mail this out, so I'm thinking I will go up to the worker, get postage and run to work as fast as I can. So when she calls me very politely I am thinking it will be a pleasant experience. Wrong.

M: Me
W: Worker

M: Hi, I just want a postage on this if that's ok. *Goes through the motions of giving her package.*

W: *Weighs it, tells me amount, then double checks address* Latvia? You're mailing this to LATVIA?!

M: *Startled she would take a harsh tone with me* Yeah...why? Is there a problem.

W: Sweetie. Please...(And here she proceeds to do the neck roll and finger pointing) Let this be THE LAST time you give us something to mail to Latvia. Ok? Because it will just be floating around and around and never go anywhere.

M: *Thinking WTF?* So I can't mail this then?

W: No you can, just don't bring anything here to Latvia again.

I hadn't time to argue since I had to rush to work in less than five minutes, but wtf? They are the post office. That is where you go when you want to MAIL stuff. Am I missing something? Can any postal workers out there tell me why she would tell me that? I am horribly confused. And if she was just in a bad mood I am thinking of reporting her. She made me feel horrible for mailing something to a friend. 
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This morning I went to a free walk-in clinic in my neighbourhood. It had been a while since I'd been, so I wasn't sure how things worked. I walked up to the receptionist and said, "Hi!"

She said, "Are you here for the morning-after pill?"

WOW, THAT'S NOT AN UNJUSTIFIABLY JUDGMENTAL THING TO SAY TO A COMPLETE STRANGER AT ALL. I'm a college-age woman, so I must be a slut having irresponsible sex all over the place, right? EDIT Gah, I didn't realise I was implying that morning-after pill = slut. That isn't what I meant... but that is the impression that the woman gave off.

I told her I was actually there to get a prescription for birth control and she told me I would have to go somewhere else because they weren't accepting any new patients.

At a free walk-in clinic? Really?

It was so tempting to say, "Thanks, I'll come back when I need an abortion!" as I left.

I can't believe that in the 21st century, in freaking Canada, it could feel degrading for a girl to get birth control. Fuck this bullshit.

Edit again to clarify : it was not a Planned Parenthood type of place. It was a regular walk-in clinic. There were people with their kids. I could have been there to renew my health insurance, to get a flu shot, whatever. Which is why I was so upset that the receptionist looked at me and went, "PLAN B AMIRITE?"

A question about potential bad service

Hey all. I'm writing this post to get some feedback on what you all think of this situation. I don't want to jump the gun on this or anything, but I'm not really happy with this so far, so I just want to see if anyone would agree with me.

There is a CD that was released in 1997 from a singer whose work I enjoy. This CD was never actually released in stores, but was available for purchase from the record company that produced it. It's not a big-time company, like BMG or Sony or anything, but still seems pretty reputable in that they've had success with other musicians and their website seems really professional...Anyway. I contacted the company via email in early January to inquire about buying a copy of the CD, and they quoted me a price of twenty bucls. Reasonable, I figure, and so I send off a money order via registered mail. The money order was sent on January 17.

I have yet to actually receive the CD.

Now, I know that, hey, they're located in California, and I'm in Nova Scotia -- and that's quite a distance, and mail can be notoriously iffy (especially when dealing with Canada Post.) But there was a tracking number on the envelope, since I sent it registered mail, and I know that the money order was delivered on February 4 at approximately two-thirty in the afternoon. So I emailed the company again on Valentine's Day, just to check and make sure that the money order had actually arrived as Canada Post claimed, and to check on the status of the CD.

But I never received a response.

I emailed them again today, because at this point it's been a month since the money order was delivered, and I think a month would be sufficient for a CD to get here, even from the other end of the continent. I haven't received a reply to the second email either.

So, I ask you all: Am I being ridiculous in getting sort of miffed here? I think I at least deserve a response, you know?

Problem with the TSA?

i found a complaint site about flying. mostly about the TSA and a lot of the complaints i can relate to. thought i would share it here because i bet some of you have had some pretty shitty experiences with them.
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