February 28th, 2008


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My mom decided she wanted to buy a new closet for me. Great, because I got the old one when I was 5 and I'm turning 21 this year.

So, my dad and I went shopping one saturday. Because my dad hates IKEA, we went to a local furniture store. I'm not sure if it's a chain, but the furniture is pretty and the prices are reasonable.
We entered the store and started looking. Didn't take us long to find something I like, so we went to find a salesperson to order the closet. It took the guy a few minutes because he was still talking to another customer. Not a problem, other people want nice homes, too.

He finally comes over and his greeting was, "Thank you for saving me from that woman!"
The WTF? look must've been written all over my face, but he ignored it.
He also had some not so nice things to say about another stores he thought was oversized, telling us every little detail he thought the owner of said store had made a mistake with.

At least I got a nice closet and my dad a discount for paying cash...

Just to make it clear: The woman he was talking to was calm, not doing anything inappropriate, screaming or being a sucky customer. She was a perfectly nice customer who had one problem: she couldn't make up her mind on something for her new kitchen (I think). Which seemingly made him think it was okay to tell us that women can't ever decide on anything, followed by a story about the new 2000€ AC he got for his car and how he's not been sick since it was installed and finally the comments about his competitor and "well it was his own fault, he wouldn't have lost everything he had, had he not designed his store the way he did" etc
And even if she had been a sucky customer: as long as she's not yelling across the store, I don't think it's appropriate for a sales associate to greet customers with "thank you for saving me from that woman!"

Edited because I obviously can't spell or explain things tonight.