February 26th, 2008

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A few separate outings.

I think I've really just been saving these up to discover a community like this one. I really feel compelled to share after reading some of these nightmares.

The first one is my favorite.

I was shopping at Macy's because sales are really great when you can find them. I enjoy my fair share of designer bags and wandered around to the Coach area because I wanted a bag for my laptop. One of the sales ladies in the area approach us (I'm shopping with my mother) and asks us if we need any help. I say that I'm looking for something like this *holds up large bag* to fit my computer.

Me: Yeah, I just like them larger.
Saleslady: Oh, just like you? *chuckles*
Me: *shock*

I'm actually not as wide as this bag I'm holding but even if I were, is that really appropriate to say to a customer? 'Cause, I'm thinkin' it's not. I'm also going to go ahead and play the nationality card because this Asian woman had a heavy accent (I'm Filipino-American) and I've been treated like scum before in Asian countries. Maybe I just didn't expect for it to happen here, especially in the city that I've lived for a big chunk of my life.

The second story. It has to do with ignorant Target employees.

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One more, welcome to Johnny Rockets.

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A Question....

How many of you out there have been royally F**KED over by student loans?

I live in Nova Scotia. When we get a student loan here we get a maximum amount from Canada Student Loan, and if they determine that we need more than their maximum then we get the rest from Nova Scotia Student Loan.

Between myself and my fiance we've had more trouble with these people than is even slightly reasonable. Here's just a few instances:

- My second year of college, they wouldn't give me ANY money at all, based on the fact that I'd worked that summer. If they'd paid any kind of attention to logic they'd have noticed that even if I'd managed to save every last penny of what I'd made, I still would have been $1000 short for my tuition.

- My fiance, right from the start in his first year, was given no end of trouble over the student loan forms. The forms require both of your parent's income tax info from the previous year. Problem is my fiance doesn't HAVE a dad. He f**ked off when he was super-young. Student loan seemed to refuse to accept this. He had to argue with no fewer than ten people before they made a "special exception" for him.

- After I finished college I filled out two repayment forms...one for the Canada loan and one for the Nova Scotia loan...to automatically withdraw payments from my account. The one for the Nova Scotia loan apparently got lost or some shit because they didn't start taking payments when they were supposed to. I was also moving and starting a new job at the time so I didn't notice the NS payments (which were very small...$30 or something) not coming out. Four months later I got a letter in the mail stating that I was in dilinquency and if I didn't pay off the ENTIRE LOAN (some $1100) within 45 days, it would be sent to a collection agency. Arguing with a bank rep about this only reduced me to tears so I got permission from my landlady to put off rent for two months and I used my first almost two months pay to get rid of the loan.

- In his second year, my fiance dropped out of the program he was taking as he'd decided he wanted to do something else. He dropped out in January, just as the second term was starting, so basically the college took all the money that he wouldn't be spending on that term's classes and residence fees and sent it back to student loan (about $7000). The following year when he enrolled in his new program and tried to get another loan, he was told that he couldn't get one until he paid back the $7000 he owed them for dropping out of school early. Yes, they tried to tell him that the school had never sent them the money. Almost three months later they finally admitted that they'd had the money all along.

And that's just the start of it. There's also stories about forms that they claimed weren't filled out right, information that got "lost", etc. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Also, I just thought I'd mention this gem because it always struck me as incredibly f**ked up. RIGHT on the form you fill out to request the loan, there is a list of information that you have to have and reasons why the loan might be rejected, stuff like that. One part explains that, until you are such and such an age, or have been out of highschool for however many years, you are considered a dependant and thus your parents' income will be taken into consideration - basically they ASSUME, whether it's true or not, that your parents will be contributing to your school fees. Right next to that section it says that "parental contribution" will not be disregarded, "REGARDLESS OF A PARENTS' REFUSAL TO CONTRIBUTE". Those exact words. So flat out, whether it's fair or not, even if your parents were to call up and say that they hated you and had kicked you out of the house when you were ten and they weren't giving you a damn penny, the status of your loan still depends on their income as though they were forking over their cash for you.

*huff* *puff* I think I'm done for now. >.>
mermaid yay

Perkins can be good service, but not last night.

So last night I was in Memphis to see a show performed by a dear friend, and after we had broken down the equipment and all, there were quite a few hungry band members and friends of the band requiring sustenance! We decided to go to Perkins', a Memphis-local (I think) 24-hour chain that is somewhat like IHOP, so that the folks who had long, long distances to drive could be close to the interstate. Through no real fault of our own, our party of what ended up being about eighteen people showed up in waves - first the band manager and folks, then a group of friends-of, then finally the artists and the people who had finished up the loading.

Now, showing up in waves at a place like that often makes life difficult for the servers, especially when your large party isn't considerate. We let her know that even more were coming when Wave 2 arrived, and asked very nicely if it was all right for us to move tables together, since other than us and one police officer having coffee, the entire place was deserted. She indicated that was no problem. However, either this lady was just having an off-night or she's a very poor server. (I'm willing to bet it was the first one, as she wasn't totally incompetent and it seemed like she had been working there for a long time.)

Food for the first wave comes out right after the second wave has ordered drinks. The drinks for the second wave take twenty minutes to arrive. Twenty minutes. Four drinks, plus a water.
It's not really OK when the food orders are then delayed by ten minutes and  take another thirty minutes to arrive. The eggs benedict looked so nastily overdone that the person who ordered them wouldn't eat them. By the time food arrived, we'd been there about the amount of time I intended to spend there in the first place, but I'm hungry, so I eat. People who asked for meals that included muffins waited forty-five minutes because she set them out and "forgot" about them.

Somewhere in there, Wave Three arrives, with some very hungry, tired musicians in tow. They get drinks, but instead of letting them get their orders in, the waitress decides that it's now time to figure out the bills for the other end of the table, the first wave, none of whom have indicated any need to leave. (Again, if we had had staggered leaving-times, or anyone was asking for the check, that would have been different.)

This is where it got really ridiculous. She kept trying to figure out whose food went onto what ticket. If I had realized they weren't doing separates to start with, I would have asked her from the beginning, but I'm not a native Memphian so I didn't know. Finally one of the people in Wave 1 just pays for their entire group's food to avoid the madness, and lets the other people throw in the tip.

Again, no one has said to this lady that they need their check, need to leave, etcetera. She starts trying to figure out our division of food, which was actually pretty easy - of the six people in our group, one had his meal and drinks for two others who didn't eat, one had her food and drink, and I had my own food and drink plus that of the girl with me.

It took four checks printed and six explanations before she could grasp this. Meanwhile, there are starving artists at the end of the table eating leftovers from the other folks because they didn't get dinner before the show and are now ravenous.

When she finally gets food out to the band, it so happened that the artist I'm closest to had come to our end of the table to eat. I noticed that her hard boiled eggs looked a little funny. One of them kind of had a dent. But I don't eat eggs, so I didn't say anything. Once she bit into it, I didn't have to.

It was moldy. So were the other two in the bowl. And she had bitten INTO it, not just nibbled. The girl sitting next to me commented "That's what eggs look like when you boil them and then put them in the fridge for two days or so." (EW.)

This isn't as bad of a bad_service as it could be, although instead of just comping the eggs the waitress felt the need to accompany the comp with a running commentary on how she's NEVER seen that happen and it's not her fault because she's not the cook. Which, OK, that's valid, but when someone who doesn't eat eggs can look at what's on the plate and go "Those...look wrong" before they're even cracked open, I sort of expect the waitress to be able to do the same. (I would have comped her whole meal had it been me, since she didn't really feel much like eating after biting off half a rotten egg, but since she didn't get particularly P.O.ed, I won't get righteously indignant on her behalf.) I didn't feel much like finishing my own food after getting a whiff, either.

I still tipped her, but not what I normally would on a night when I was with a pack of people. I'm usually very sympathetic to servers dealing with large parties, staggered arrival times, etcetera, but having to whiff rotten eggs makes me less generous, I guess.

Dear UPS

I was mad at you when you didn't ring my doorbell and delivered 400 dollars of tires to my backyard. We live in a duplex, and it was very sweet of you to throw them with my neighbor's belongings so I didn't even notice they were there.

Today takes the cake. There is 5 inches of snow on the ground. Our driveway is not plowed. At all.
It would have been so easy for you to ring the door bell, why, the WALKWAY! is plowed.
No, you wanted to walk all the way to the BACK public door, and KNOCK your heart out! Why, that makes tons of sense!

Too bad I missed three important packages because I thought that knocking was the neighbors fooling around and making noise. (its not my priority, job, or anything, really to pay attention to the back part of the dwelling. The neighbors are lower, we are upper, furthermore, the neighbors have part of the basement. They are always knocking, banging, making noise. There was no reason I would have answered that knocking. Ever.)

Use the damn doorbell. Embrace it.

Hatefully yours,
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To the man at the coffee/snack cart at my college:

The cart has been giving out free hot water (yes, in cups even) since before I began attending this school. I know this because I am friends with people who have been going there since before 2006. You only started working there this semester. You are the only cart employee who has ever lectured me for asking for hot water, and I have known about six of you so far. After today, I'll be avoiding the cart whenever you are working it.

I am sick with that awful flu-thing going around. I'm not going to be drinking caffeinated things until I'm well, because dehydration is not my friend. No, I'm not going to buy any coffee right now. I'm also not going to buy tea. It's black tea. It's caffeinated. And the cart's selling it for ninety cents a teabag when it's freaking Lipton.

Anyway. As it stands, when I politely rasp a request for hot water, the proper response is not to slam a cup down in front of me and say "get it yourself. I'm not getting paid for this. Someday I'm going to start charging." Sir, there are several reasons why that is idiotic:

1) I am not sure where you get the hot water from. I'm not going to go behind your counter and search around for the hot water tap because a) you are getting paid for this, and I am not, and b) I could burn myself or knock something down because I am just that clumsy and then we'd all be in trouble.

2) I don't think you want me coughing all over your counter. You seem to know little about sanitary conditions, which frightens me because you are in food service.

3) I have told you every other time you lectured me for wanting hot water (but at least gave it to me) that I would be more than happy to pay for it. Seriously, I'm fine with paying. I don't think paper cups are worth the ridiculous prices the cart charges for drinks, but if it would hold off the scolding so I can get to class, I'd do it.

Other frustrations I have with you: The cash register computer is there to tell you how much things cost--use it. It's a freakin' touch screen with every single thing anyone can order right there. Don't ask your customers for the price of their order because it's "faster that way." And speaking of faster? Asking three people for their orders and promptly forgetting who wanted what is actually really damn slow. We stand in a line for a reason, you know.

Wheezily and ragefully yours,


P.S. I saw you give that pretty girl a discount on her salad and say "I won't tell if you don't." That was creepy and dishonest, so don't you dare bitch at me over hot water.
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Phone attitude suckage

My mother got a phonecall from a cleaning company two nights ago. It went something like this:

Phone: *rings*
Mother: *picks up* Hello?
Rude lady: Hello, this is X&Y Cleaning Company. Your information was provided to us by [my mother's sister], who is a client of ours. We offer services on a trial basis; we'll come over to your house once and clean everything for you, free of charge. If you like it you can sign up for our packages.
Mother: No thank you, we already have a cleaning service.
Rude lady: *bitch mode on!* Whether you want it or not, we're still coming tomorrow.^
Mother: ... No, I'm not interested. Please do not call again. *SLAMhangup*

Wtf? She was pretty upset by the lady's statement. It puzzles us to no end that my aunt would give our information out, because a) she knows we already have someone who cleans for us, and b) privacy concerns. We're pretty sure my aunt doesn't use a cleaning service either.

But seriously, even if they did get our information from a legit source, it's mighty rude to say that. They didn't show up, because if they did I think my mother would've refused them at the gate (we live in a cluster of apartments, you have to get through a security guard before you're allowed into the estate).

^This line is verbatim.