February 22nd, 2008

Citibank/Radioshack credit card woes

I don't have exact dates for this, so forgive me on dates.

I had purchased an Ipod from Radioshack on my RS card early last year and I let it go late. When Citibank started to call me, I went ahead and paid over the phone. The person on the phone told me it would be a $15 check by phone fee, and I was ok with that, I just wanted it payed off. I paid in full and didn't think about it. (Around $250)

A few months later they start calling me again, saying I owe them around $80. I ask why, because that was supposed to be a nice happy $0. Seems that the $15 fee was charged to my card instead of being included with my payment, plus the balance was like $4 that the person who took the original payment didn't include. The CSR tells me that they will clear it off if I pay the $4 and one late fee. I correct my address with this CSR since I wasn't getting statements to my new apartment. I pay 30 something dollars, and go on my way.

This last month I am getting calls from them again, for $80 something dollars. Same $4 balance, with late fees again, and they didn't have my address which I gave last time. The CSR then tells me that he can only clear off 2 late fees with a payment from me. I see what has been happening, the payments I make don't go through before another late fee gets tacked on there. I ask why they can't just fix it, and the CSR tells me that even if it's their mistake, they can only clear late fees with a payment. I tell him that I am not paying anymore on their mistakes, I do correct the address again, and I tell them I would try to call them back. (With the pst/est hour differance, they are open while I work.)

They are calling again, what do I tell them? Does anyone have any suggestions on getting this fixed without paying them more money? I worry that if I pay them again this will just keep happening.

Small suck..

So I was out picking up a few items at the grand ol' Wal-Mart earlier...

One of those items happened to be a pack of pregnancy tests.

The cashier scans them, looks at me, and says, "Uh oh. You poor thing, it'll be ok".

What the fuck!? I was like, excuse me?

She says, "Its ok. Accidents happen."


I paid, grabbed my items, and walked out.

I was just floored. What the fuck gives her the right to say anything like that? How the hell does she know who I was buying those for?


Edit: Unrelated bad_service that I just remembered..

The other day I was waiting for a class to start when one of my friends told me about something that happened to her sister at a popular pizza place the next town over.

Her sister went there for lunch. Everything was fine until she gave her waiter her credit card to pay with.

The register wasn't far from her table. After she gave her waiter her card and he walked to the register, she heard the vary obvious sound of a camera phone taking a picture. She turned around, and sure enough, the waiter had his phone out, taking a picture of something. She heard the camera click twice. She automatically thought, this guy is taking a picture of my card.

After he gave her the card back, she decided to say something for the manager. She told him what happened. He went to the employee, and asked why he had his phone. The kid said that he was waiting on a phone call. The manager asked to see the kid's phone. The kid said no.

Manager explained that he's being accused of stealing credit card numbers. Manager wants to see the phone to clear the kid. Kid still says no. Manager wrestles phone away from him. Sure enough, the waiter had taken pictures of every credit card he ran that day.

There's no telling how long he had been doing this. He was fired on the spot and the police were called. The manager offered compensation, but I think she turned it down.

So..bad service made good...but still..that fucking sucks.
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This happened about two years ago but it still pisses me off.

So my fiance and I collect horror movies. We're absolutely insane about them, especially the really old terrible ones. Anyway, we're at Walmart one day near Halloween and a bunch of movies are on sale. We picked up a few, one of them being the original Hellraiser movie.

So we get home and I'm ripping open the movies and happily checking them all out when I notice something. On the outside jacket of our Hellraiser dvd (the edge you would see if the movie were stacked on a bookshelf) there is a huge, perfect slice right through both the plastic and the cover insert. Right through the title. And now that the tight wrap is no longer holding it down, it's bending up a bit on both sides. Basically it looks ugly. It looks like someone took an exacto knife to it. It especially upsets my fiance because part of having the collection is that it looks so amazing and this is going to look stupid on the shelf with the other pristine dvds.

Maybe we're a bit picky. But that's not the point.

We brougth the movie back to Walmart and showed the customer service rep the cut dvd case. She blithly told us that they don't accept returns on dvd's that have been opened. I tell her that I understand that but I had the receipt that showed I'd bought the dvd not an hour earlier and the product was, in fact, damaged. So she calls the manager. The manager repeats the return policy and I repeat that I've got the reciept and my product is damaged. At some point she actually ADMITS that the cut probably occured when one of the employees was cutting open the boxes to stock the shelves. At this point I'm expecting SOME sort of exchange or SOMETHING because she just said that it was THEIR fault that my product was damaged. But then she comes out with this jem:

Her exact words to me were, "But if the movie plays fine then who the hell cares about the case?"

Now, all sense of who was right and who was wrong aside, what the heck kind of talk is that for the manager of a large department store?

My response was something to the tune of, "Well, part of the price I paid for the movie was the case it comes in, now wasn't it?"

And get this. She walks away. I was absolutely fuming.

Good service to end the story: I wrote to the company who had printed the dvd's and told them my horror story and they shipped a new case out to me a few days later.

Again, maybe we're insane and super-picky, but the way the b*tch handled the situation was totally uncalled for.

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Not really bad service, but really confusing.

I go to an Art Institute school and we have quarters (11 weeks long) instead of semesters (15 weeks long). Next quarter I've decided to take online classes and classes on campus in order to graduate a little early. The online classes are broken down into two different sessions that each last about 5 weeks within the 11 week quarter, so it's basically twice a many classes in the same amount of time. The point of this? I'm now going to need a shitload more money, so it's off to student loan land with me.

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Edit: I sent an email to customer service explaining the situation and asking if there was a way to add my co-signer.

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parking office suck

Backstory: One of the places I work, I have to pay for parking. I buy temp passes once a month when I'm working there. I bought one on the 7th because I was supposed to start work the next day. Late afternoon on the 7th(after the parking office was closed), I was informed that the work assignment had been cancelled at the last minute. It was reccommended that I contact the head of Traffic&Parking to see about a refund, because he was the only person who could approve it. I e-mailed him, and he got back to me the next morning, and was told to bring the pass in to the office, and they'd refund the money.
I went in there on the 8th. The machine wouldn't let them put it back on my credit card, so I had to fill out a form to get a check sent. which was fine. inconvienent, but i understand that machines can get funky. i figure(and am told), that it'll be processed that monday, and i'll get a check in the mail that wednesday(the 13th).

two days ago, still no check.

so i called. enter the suck.

1st attempt:
*ring ring*
*pick up* *SLAMclick*

2nd attempt:
office lady:"______ traffic and parking"
me:"hey, i'm calling because i came in on the 8th to get a refund for my temp parking pass i'd purchased the day before, because my temp assignment was cancelled at the last minute. the machine wouldn't process the refund, so i filled out a form to get a check mai-"
office lady:(*huffy*)"was this medical center or university, because the medical center doesnt HAVE that kind of form"
me:*calmly*"it was univer-"
office lady:"*sigh* OK, fine. what kind of pass was it?"
(note: there is only ONE KIND of temp pass for each side)
me:"it was a one month temp pass. i cant remember all the garages and lots it allowed me to park in, i would have only used it for _____ gara-" (she kept cutting me off before i could finish what i was saying)
office lady:(*withering*)"ok ok. whats your name?"
office lady:"hold on."
i am put on hold for about 4 minutes.
pick up, muttered "ok, i'll talk to her"
other office lady:"ms. *mispronounced last name*...i put that through on the 11th. sometimes they a little slow in processing it, they only do so about once a week.. so if it got there late on the 11th, they probably didnt process it til the 19th. i'll call them sometime soon and see if they got it."