February 21st, 2008

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Ah Sprint, let me vent at you

It started 4 weeks ago, I sent a picture mail to my roommate.  After weeks of him receiving the same picture mail over and over again and 4 calls to Sprint and me flashing my phone, Sprint agreed that it was their fault for bombarding him with 200+ text messages to view said picture mail.  This was last night.

The person informed me they would delete and then recreate my sprint vision account which would disable my text messaging and my wireless web and that would be the end of the bombarding my roommate with the same message.  They do the reset, I am told it will be 24 hours before everything is back and functioning, in 20 minutes my text messages are working again and I notice the web isn't, but I figure I'll give it 24 hours.

I get a call back informing me that they have now looked at the account and that only 2 messages had been sent to my roommate so that it's his provider's side... huh, odd I think... odder still he hasn't gotten a single message from me since the reset... but no whoop, it's stopped...

About 6 I notice I've had several phone calls and no messages... on a whim I decide to check my voicemail as occasionally I do not get a notification about it - my voicemail box containing 4 rather important voicemails has been deleted... I figure, eh, I remember what's going on I can get all the info from these tomorrow when I'm at work.  Been nice if Sprint would have told me my voicemail would be gone.

8am today comes, it's been 24 hours, web still isn't working, I call up Sprint and talk to a woman who wants me to do a couple of things on the phone... since I am on the phone I ask if she can call me, she says yes, I give her my phone number and hang up... no call... ever.  I thought for a second perhaps she wrote down the wrong number, but she never called me on the sprint line either...

9:30am I call in and talk to someone who tells me their entire system is down... she asks if I am a store or if I am a customer, I tell her I'm a custoner, she says "oh sh**", I laugh, tell her what happened and she says for me to switch my phone over to sprint provisioning and that everything will be better in 2 hours and she's taking care of it.

11:30am comes and goes and my web doesn't work, I call again and talk to another sprint person who tells me that I have to unlock the pri in order for provisioning to work, so I unlock the pri sign on, bam it works.

1 text message = 8 calls, about 2 hours of talking to people... a day without web, 4 voicemails I needed gone, Sprint fails at making me a happy camper..
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Important Message!!

I really think it would be easier if Charter, instead of leaving a message on my machine saying to call them "for an important message," to simply leave the message on the machine. They say that it's a "courtesy call," which is a euphemism for "wanting to sell you something." I'm not sure what it could be, since we already have TV, Internet, *AND* the phone through them.

If it's such an important message, maybe they'll realize to just say what the message is instead of repeatedly telling me to call back. Oh, and my account is current, so that's not it. They wouldn't call for a late bill, anyway: they'd send a letter.

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This happened quite a while ago, but it infuriated me so much that I still remember it.

My family lives near Chicago, but my dad is originally from Virginia. We drive out to VA once a year to visit his family. Since we've made this trip so many times, we're quite efficient. We now always do the trip in one day. One year we drove out for about a five day vacation. We couldn't leave until the afternoon, so we decided to split the trip into two days. The first day is uneventful. We arrive at the hotel, sleep, and get up early the next morning to take off. Only to find that the power steering on our minivan is broken and my dad can barely turn the car back into the parking lot. we call Chrysler and they come to tow our car to a nearby dealership. My dad goes with them, and the rest of us go back to the hotel, where the people are kind enough to give us back our room while we wait.

A few hours later my dad returns with the car, saying it was a simple error that they fixed. We're all quite happy, and take off. After driving for about two hours, the power steering breaks again. We pull off the highway and stop at a little gas station. Once again we call Chrysler. They inform us they're sending out a tow truck, and it should be there pretty soon. After waiting for an hour or so, we called back. The person on the phone informed my mother that the tow truck should be there any minute; it's in southern Illinois. Um, what?! We were in Pennsylvania! My mother tells the woman this, and everything seems to be corrected. More time passes. The gas station closes. we decide to call back again, since we're beginning to worry we won't be able to get the car to a dealership before it closes. we are informed that the only way they can get a tow truck to us is if we have a zip code of where we are. No, the exit of the highway and nearest towns won't help at all. they need a zip code. Of course, we have no way of finding the zip code! The side of the road has no zip code marked on it, you'd think ROADSIDE assistance would know that.

My parents stay on the phone for ages, getting shuffled from person to person. By this point it's about 6PM, and we're really worried all the dealers will be closed. My mother tells this to the woman on the phone, who says, "why would they close so early? It's only 3!" Yes, in California it is only three. But we're in Pennsylvania. Finally we just give up and find a different tow truck company to tow us. We ended up making it to Virginia the next day, but we missed seeing one of my uncles who could only come in town for one day.

Possibly the worst service of all was their reluctance to reimburse us for our tow. (our car was still under warranty). It took an 'angry lawyer letter' from my dad for them to send us a reimbursement for the tow and the hotel (since the car should have been fixed the first time we took it in). I understand that shit happens. Cars break down, your family vacation gets shortened. It happens. But sending a tow truck to the wrong state, and then refusing to send one to the correct place because you have no zip code on the side of the road? bad service.
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Sprint is spelled S-U-C-K

I apologize in advance if this is a TL;DR for some, I just need to get this out

*le sigh* I will have had Sprint for four years this upcoming May, and had only had perhaps one or two minor issues. I couldn't use the website to change my mailing address to a different one that wasn't local to my phone number. When I had called Customer Service about it, the guy on the phone tried telling me that I had to change my phone number to a number local to my new billing address. Ummmm... I'm going to go with negative on this one. Whatever. I had called back and talked to someone who knew what they were doing who switched the address for me. This person also caught that I was paying too much for my unlimited texting because I had the PCS Vision plan as well, and she adjusted it. HOORAY! That was back in early 2005 I believe.

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As of this moment my account is currently $320 OVER the $200 spending limit ($520). Which means I'm obviously getting back charged in roaming. Not to mention I can't access damn near anything else in my account online. I'm probably going to call them tomorrow and raise some hell until I get some straight answers.

I've checked my husband's account online, because we both have separate accounts with Sprint. There's no problems with the site, and he hasn't been back charged for anything yet. I thought that maybe it was because my contract had expired? Nope, my husband still has another year left on his, and they have started charging him roaming as well. So after they take care of the roaming charges on mine, I'm telling them to discontinue my service. We're also planning on discontinuing his as well. *sigh* Guess Sprint has to shaft everyone, they just hadn't made it to me yet.

EDIT: as of 0330 February 23rd Alaska Local Time my total bill is $560... notice how I have NOT used my phone in a week due to it being shut off.

EDIT: So at 0400 February 23rd I called Sprint again, and got my phone turned back on again. So right now my total on my spending limit is $150. That is about all he could do for me on that matter, however he did get the site working for me again. ^_^
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