February 20th, 2008


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Not exactly bad service, but more of what should i do about it

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In short= my real estate and the owner of my house are evil. Should i make them fix stuff and thus having a properly functioning house for 3 whole weeks before my lease runs out, or should i not incase they black ball me for making them use some effort and jeopardise my chances at finding a new and much much better place?.

edited to add: i am in australia, queensland to be specific, now, i know what i can do, contact the RTA and have them issue a breach to the owner and make him fix it, but........i just dont want him or the real estate to be a prick and create problems with me getting a place elsewhere... do i let these things slide, (hey, its already over 2 weeks without a sink... i can put up with anything) just so i dont make waves. or do i fuck them up as much as possible for renting a place like this to ppl who are so desperate... and the next ppl after us will be just as desperate and they are putting the rent up to $230!!!!!! per week

Dear Slumlord

Dear Slumlord I'm Renting From, 

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 I know I've been a doormat with this woman, I tend to be pretty passive with a lot of stuff (which is why I married a very headstrong man -- I can fight with him no problem, and he can confront the stuff I'd personally let slide), but even I've reached my limits.